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Hi Everybody!
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Hi all i am newbie..
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Hello Jake,
Thanks for the invite!! My first time on this forum and my third time on Ultimate Guitar.com...
Great site!
I do have a question,,, Why are the apps for sale? Is there something about them that's better than just going to the site?? Thanks for any help you could give me.. I think it's awesome to read from new (1 yr/2yr players)!! Take care,,,,

Originally Posted by jakemac
Hey guys...
Rule #1: No looking at a thread and deciding to say something totally irrelevant to the actual thread. That's spam.

Rule #2: No posting porn. Pretty much no nip or slit.

Rule #3: DO NOT under any circumstances decide to post the Lol wut pear. If you don't know what it is then google it.

Rule #4: Do not create more than one account. That's multi-accounting. Perma ban offence.

Rule #5: No flaming people. Basically don't be violent, nasty or abusive to other members.

There are loads more if you read the FAQ and the rules but they are some key ones. Also I wanna welcome you guys. Don't forget to visit the electric guitar forum if you're a guitarists or the gear building and customizing forum if you're a hands on person. Also you could go to the riffs and recordings section where you could put songs you've made onto and also in the classifieds if you want to buy some gear or an instrument or look for a band member. Also there is the site feedback forum so you can give feedback about viruses you've encountered on the site and suggestions for things to improve the site. You could also take a look at the songwriting and lyrics forum for help on writing lyrics and to join in lyric writing competitions. Also there's the musician talk forum for theory boffs. Then there's the band's and artist forum where you can talk about bands in/or your favourite genre. There's seperate acoustic, electric and bass guitar forums and also guitar & bass basics for questions on guitar and bass. Then there's the guitar gear and accessories forum for when you want to talk about effects pedals, amps, plectrums, straps, leads anything!
There's loads more like the promote your band thread so check them out.
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Hello, everyone!
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hey i just joined!!!! i 'm not that great at playing guitar but i love music so i'm learning. my musicals obsessions are Ed Sheeran, Sleeping at last, Florence and The Machine, Christina Perri, My chemical Romance, The Killers, Fun, Paramore, any type of musical, and the wonderful people featured on the Twilight soundtrack(just to be clear i'm not saying twilight, just the soundtrack) ummmm thats about it for musical obsessions. i also love TV and dancing, and singing in the shower(even though i really can not sing).
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[B]Hello everybody I'm new here. My name is George and playing the guitar is my biggest passion.

I love all genres of music and would be lost without my ears.

I have been playing guitar for two years, but I've never taken a lesson once.
I have learnt to tune my guitar by ear and enjoy messing with different tunings.

I am not very ' financially able ' so struggle with obtaining equipment and instruments.
Right now I have a Hohner MC-03 classical 3/4
And I my favorite thing to play on it (or try to with only 12 frets) is Paul Gilbert's- the curse of castle Dragon.

I hope everyone here is good and well, introduce yourself and feel free to add me.
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Hi! I'm a noob I don't play guitar :O I play the uke or ukulele! Investing in a banjolele and electric. I currently have a Luna Concert Ukulele, which I love <3
My name is Alyssa, I'm 13, and I have been playing for 8 months, and not to be conceited, am entering the "advanced stage" :P I also play piano for 8 years, and was ready to pick up another instrument. Still being young, I have small hands and can't play guitar, I have even tried a baby Taylor. My goal is to learn 4 or more instruments. I also have MD, which limits me to instruments, but am super excited to explore this amazing web site! Thanks for reading

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Ante Škifić
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Hello everybody!

I am from Croatia, I play guitar for more than ten years, and I think it is the coolest thing possible on earth Currently playing in a band...

Love music, recording and playing...

I am here to learn new things, and to if I can in any way - to help others.

Nice to be here!
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I'm Erik, new to the UG forum but I've been using UG for years now and it's about time I signed up! I'm excited to spend some time on this forum and learn as much as possible from other great musicians!

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HI everybody, nice to be here i

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Hello i wanna play rock
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Hello everyone!
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Hi im Sam big Metalcore/Post Hardcore/Nu-Metal fan
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Hello!!! I'm new here! I'm Gray and I love playing acoustic guitar... hihi that's all.
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