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the problem i have with gp6 is that sometimes i'll save a tab and it saves as .gp5 instead of .gpx for some reason but then when i try to reopen that tab it has a loading error. All of my tabs on this site are wrote in gp6 and i feel that nobody really has it and that's why i don't get a lot of tab views. Probably should stick with powertab or gp5 since those seem to be what everyone has
1/256th note = demisemihemidemisemiquaver o.o rediculous!

me: Can you help me find a chord to go after this?
friend: ok! this is a 1-2-4-(5)-7-#9-#11-b13
or rather maj7sus2sus4(b13)+11+9
me: you're banned from suggesting chords!
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The real sound bank is a neat tool to have, I'm not sure how much it goes for so I can't say if it's worth the money.

What I've been doing for the songs I've been tabbing out lately is using a a file I got off here as a template. It's from the same band (even the same album), and the tab sounds downright amazing. So for the other songs off that album I've been trying to tab, I've been using that file for reference, as far as the real sound bank goes. Picking the same guitar, amp, pedals and settings. It helps out a ton.
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I have a problem where some notes have suddenly switched to zeros for some reason, but only in Guitar Pro 6, not in GP5. As far as I can tell it's only affecting notes that are 25 or higher.

It's really strange. I just reinstalled my whole computer and it's still like this

So am I missing something?

Thanks in advance
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Probably because guitars with more than 24 frets are pretty rare ?
I agree that this is a bit dumb, but that's understandable.
A tab with frets that go higher than what most guitar can do is pretty useless to most people, no ?

Or this is not supposed to be played by a guitar. Which would mean that the tab hasn't been created properly (at least as Guitar Pro expects it : it's a guitar track with the sound changed to sound like another instrument). The problem is that GP6 is more strict with the track types and prevents you from tabbing impossible notes for the instrument supposed to be playing the track.

If you have access to the GP5 file (because in GP6, it's too late, the notes are lost), you should change the track type and set it to the proper instrument (you might have to create a new track and copy/paste all the notes, I don't think you can change the track type).

In GP6, you can go to File -> Preferences and check "Notes out of range" in the "Show score errors" section. It should display the notes in the standard notation in red.
If it does, it means I'm right.

If it's really a guitar that plays that and you think GP should allow frets higher than 24 on guitar, you should submit a bug report (or feature request ?) on their website.
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I ticked in "Notes out of range" but it didn't help. The track that has problems has the instrument "Synth Lead (Classic)" tied to it, so it's definately no guitar. If it was determined as an error it should say so instead of just switching the notes to zero. I'm thinking it's a bug rather than a feature since I don't recall I had this problem before in GP6, maybe it's because of a newer version of the program? I don't currently have GP5 installed but I'm gonna give that another go.

Anyway, the tabs I have problems are these ones:


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I ran into a problem with GP6 not launching a week ago (Mac OS 10.9.5, GP6). The GP6 splash screen appears, but the intro guitar jingle doesn't play. The program just hangs and then crashes.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times using different methods with no luck. I have also looked on the GP website for fixes, but none have worked. I searched this forum as well but found nothing that helped. As a side note, I also tried tuxguitar and that program did not launch either.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a fix? Or is anyone familiar enough with Mac OS that can guide me to a solution.

Thank you
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The screen is very small in guitar pro 6. A lot of times I write in paper the notes and I have to be very near to the monitor of computer to see the numbers. It would be good if we could make smaller the tools windows of the left side
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I love GuitarPro, it is a great way to put my mind on "paper" (digital paper?).
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