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Why does everyone want some reincarnation of the band Megadeth was 20+ years ago? We all know it's not gonna be the same. Even if it's the same people making a new record... they're really not the same people, because they've all grown older, wiser, crazier, more domestic, and/or have different priorities than getting high & playing as fast as possible.

I think the Daves they should find some badass new blood who can help reignite Megadeth & seriously take the band to the next level. Seriously over the whole idea of getting Marty & Menza back or having Lombardo come on board. **** that. Everyone does that these days... even Loomis in AE (which is actually kind of cool) but still... Dave needs to amp up on the Megadeth game... either that, or settle the **** down & do solo albums that are more dynamic & emotionally expressive that what Megadeth is known for.
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All the other thrash founders are still around, I don't see a reason why Megadeth should be the first to go. Plus, many "major" breaks have occurred before. He'll find some other fret board wizard and the band will be back together again. Also, you guys hear about his mother in law? They found her body. Forgot how she died specifically but she had dementia and stuff, not like she was murdered.
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I'm happy with the new blood idea, as long as Dave allows him to compose. I really want to hear Megadeth come up with some riffs from a new musician, so I can rest assured that Dave isn't the only one with musical abilities in the band.

No Marty Friedman. He's written my favourite solo of all time and I really respect him, but I don't see him coming back to thrash after Jpop. I want some really thrashy lead guitarist, who will remind everyone which genre Megadeth originally belongs to.
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Originally Posted by Brutal
Forgot how she died specifically but she had dementia and stuff, not like she was murdered.

Alzheimer's, I believe. Sad, sad.
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if both Drover and Broderick left the band at the same time, during a very difficult (even insensitive) time for Dave, Im pretty sure its because they both tried to input their ideas for the band and dave said no. Brodericks "hired guns" comment was pretty absolute. Any new blood likely wont get past the writing solos part of songs.

I like the idea of new blood, but we have to remember that its been done before in Megadeth twice now(you can argue that pitrelli was well known at the time). If we are to get a new guitarist, Id like him to have enough creativity to write solos that monopolize the attention in a song much like Martys solos often did. If not I think getting a previous band member back in would be great.
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