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I think I might be suffering from Jazz III syndrome too. Picked up a yellow Tortex the other day and my right hand had no idea what it was doing.
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Originally Posted by Emperor's Child
I think I might be suffering from Jazz III syndrome too. Picked up a yellow Tortex the other day and my right hand had no idea what it was doing.

And this is why getting too comfortable with one thing is a bad idea, haha; as much anything else I advocate being able to play under any circumstances to at least a passable standard and if you're too reliant on one kind of pick that's not going to happen.

I switch up my picks every so often just to make sure I'm still good, I'm actually using the Tortex yellows right now. Sounds more like Paul Gilbert too!
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Originally Posted by Dave_Mc
i like the dunlop gator grips. However, I started using them when there weren't many other alternatives for things that had a bit of grip. There are more alternatives now, but I'm so used to the gator grips I just stick with them. I also like how they don't serrate as quickly as some other picks. With some other picks I could kill a pick inside one playing session.

I just got some of the Gator Grips .96 and they are decent....however; I really feel in love with the Dunlop std 4420 1.0 mm blk when I stumbled across one in my gig bag. I have been missing out on these for years. I love the feel....
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Dunlop indeed
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i'm pretty particular to the dunlop nylon .73 picks myself, although i've been thinking of moving up to .88's

i find them pretty grippy, never really had to worry about them slipping all over the place due to sweaty hands or anything
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Fender 351 Heavy. I like how it feels how it sounds, everything. I tried some picks with grips, but it seemed like the grips wore out quickly, and then they were worse than picks without grips.
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I dont play guitar, but my son does so I browse the forums looking for pertinent information I might pass along to him. He uses black Dunlop Gator Grip 2.0mm
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Originally Posted by allthatichug
These guys.

Hands down. +1 to this.
I usually go with the yellows
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im using planet waves picks

they are good to me
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Dunlop Tortex Sharp for me
I use 1.35mm at the moment but I think I shall swap to 1.5mm
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this company dava picks has some really awesome grips on their picks, check out http://www.davapick.com/ they have some pictures there. Not too many shops carry them, so like someone said before you don't want to get too dependent on one type, especially if it's rare.
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I use Dunlop Tortex .88mm. I find them grippy enough but i've always used bog standard picks. I used to use .73mm but I find that now i've put thicker strings on, .88mm goes with the extra "heaviness" better.
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I've used the nylon Dunlop picks .73mm for probably most of my playing life but after picking up one of my vocalists/guitarists Tortex 1mm a few weeks ago at a gig I got hooked. It had a more solid attack so I bought a pack of .88mm Tortex earlier this week. Sort of an awakening of how flimsy the nylons were so I'm trying these out for now, the more I use them it's taking a lot to get used to the pressure it puts on the pointer finger, then again could be my shitty picking.
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I only use Jazz IIIs. I'm not sure if the regular ones are the small ones or not but I always use the small ones. Never do they fall out of my hands and they barely shift during my playing either. Best picks IMO.
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My Last Words
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Standard Jazz III's here as well, although I'd like to use some alternate versions like the Ultex or the bigger Jazz III's.. Too bad my shop doesn't sell them, and I'm too lazy to order them.
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Steve Vais Ibanez picks 1.12, i like the form and great texture so it stays comfortable even with sweating fingers
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