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^10/10 would read again definitely worth the bump
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Why, griff, why?! If you keep doing this, I'm going to divide by zero...

And then no one will EVER have any fun, ever again.


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Lurker post. I usually enjoy reading crazysam's input, but this thread really sucked.

Personally I've had to quit/cutback drug use because my body simply doesn't agree with it. I seldom get drunk; have a couple beers and I'm happy. There most certainly is something to be said about a couple of stoned musicians sitting around having a ball though. On more than one occasion smoking a little bit of marijuana has been the catalyst for a really fun jam in my experience.

Obviously I'm not a businessman, but I'd much rather get blackout drunk than listen to more lackluster, market-hungry shenanigans. After all, "Professional" musicians really are just *****s. Robert Fripp reference for you there, a very much 'sober' musician. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of drunken lovemaking here and there. I will say I become absolutely atrocious with instrument in hand after passing that happy buzz threshold.
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Professional musicians are no more *****s than any other professional. It is only society that has somehow decided that the work of professional musicians should be done for free.
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Originally Posted by griffRG7321
m8 dis 1 tym me n da lads got fookin smashed m8 yer get me wuz fookin trollied off triple VKs at wethurspoons n den we get to da club n i knock bak about 5 jagerbombs n den dis burd was givin me the eye lyk n so i fookin got ma geetar out n played sum ****in sweeps n shit n she wer lyk propa luvin it n l8er on i tuk 'er bak to myn n smashed her bk doors in yer get me n den i pluggd in my strat and playd eruption at twice da normal speed wifout any mistakes u jus aint got wat it takes 2 be aswel as me wen ur drunk m8 pro tip jus dont drink if u wana play geetar 2 get birds bruv no wat im sayin?

n den dat bish txt me sayin she got da clap n i fort o well at least i got 2 clapta dem cheeks amirite?

Is it sad if I can read and understand this?
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I've played music drunk before, and it's definitely harder. I haven't performed in front of people while really drunk though.
However, I have performed in front of many people whilst high on marijuana and acid (I think 2C-I). I was fine all of those times. On acid, I did some pretty cool things. On marijuana, it was nothing new. I play after smoking weed all the time.
Acid, however, doesn't inspire me to play all that much. Yeah, I did some cool things and my playing wasn't sloppy, but I just wasn't FEELIN it. I've performed in front of people on acid once and just played on acid about 4 times, and in each instance, I wasn't feelin it.
Now, on psilocybin mushrooms, I would eat those and go up on a stage. I took an eighth of shrooms one night and recorded myself playing for three hours (then stopped recording and played for another three hours!) and damn, that was absolutely amazing. My playing wasn't sloppy, twas awesomely creative, and when I was playing, I forgot multiple times I was even holding a guitar. I was just walking around my room to the music with my head flailing and making weird ass faces with my music. It was absolutely magical. I didn't even need to look down at my guitar once.

Moral: Don't drink and play, use natural psychedelics
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I'm just a beginner guitarist and I haven't actually tried guitar and drugs combo BUT I do have a good deal of experience in psychoactives (drugs) and it really depends on your personal chemistry, the psychoactive that is taken and te dosage that was taken among a few other minor things. For instance, uppers like caffeine, amphetamine or cocaine will turn me into a super beast at nearly anything, I learn faster, am more confident, react quicker, pick up things faster, practice longer and harder, at the right dose I am generally better at everything however if the dose is even slightly too high I will begin making wild mistakes although ill do better at the task in general I will make some outlandish mistake that doesn't make sense. In essence I am just to push myself too hard too fast to handle. Too high of a dose will probably lead to bad technique amd hellish frustration when youcant get something right really quick. (might amash your guitR) but a low or medium dose would probably be beneficial if you can do it safely and use your had about ROA and things such as contaminants and the associated risks especially with coke and its cardio toxicity, just things like that but that's a whole different discussion. Taking downers such as alcohol, Xanax, and opiates will make you more confident, more relaxed, which is a huge plus. Too high a dose however and you'll become uncoordinated, unmotivated, uncaring ect. Psychedelics can have shit tons of varying effects, if you even remember how to pick then you'll probably sound and feel like a damn guitar God and sometimes you won't even remember what a guitar is. It's just so variable but the poster above sounds knowledgable on that point. You really meet know how you'll feel on psychedelics or how you'll react. I don't care to even discuss green cause I'm sure you've all done tried it, haha.

Anywho, I can't wait till I can pick with some skill then throw down a handful of caps, buttons or microdots and see where the musical magic takes me.
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