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Originally Posted by ali.guitarkid7
GG, positivity isn't the same as bland agreement. I love it when people like the same film I watched for entirely different reasons. Also I remember when discussion was raging in this thread after we all watched only god forgives. Disagreement might cause discussion but it's not the same kind. A

You did not understand a single word I said, dude.
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Originally Posted by suckersdream
I'll suck your dick

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Shitting on stuff is way more fun than praising it. What's everyone on about
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Sorry, Diamond Dave ( I think that's your name ) I didn't like Gallipoli. At all

It has nothing to do with the fact that Mel Gibson is one of the people I despise the most in cinema. The whole movie's just.. dull. The cinematography's too lively for a war movie; in fact, the whole movie feels like an afternoon movie. The acting's bad, the characters have zero interest and it has absolutely nothing to say besides "war is bad". I found the ending offensive to be honest.

EDIT: I found that the ending's based off an actual event. I'm not offended anymore by it, but I still find the way it's done pretty dumb.



Okay, glad to see I'm not the only one.
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Amazon review for The Kings Speech lol.

Ending song for The Hobbit is also pretty emotional: http://insidemovies.ew.com/2014/11/...ye-music-video/

All that green screen though for the behind the scenes shots for the newer films though. That really sums up what was wrong with the new films vs the old ones (script issues notwithstanding)

Originally Posted by steve_muse
GoT is pretty shifty tbh, and the whole 'omg no one's safe in this world!!' got old pretty fast. There's so much better alt fantasy stuff out there

Books are better. I appreciate the show a lot but really you don't get half of the interesting background lore and theories which is far more engaging than the actual story in my opinion (story is still good though, lots of unpredictability but the meta is clearly going to be a standard fantasy story, but just not going from beginning to end in a traditional LOTR style)

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^i enjoyed the first book, got kinda bored of it a little way through the second though. I only really got excited for the Wall stuff.

also lol that has to be a troll review
Originally Posted by Well.......
That reminds me of one of my favorite films No Country For Altman.
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Watched The Babadook. I enjoyed it. Does a good job of building genuine fear and tension. Didn't fall apart too much in the third act. Left me feeling quite unsettled so good job.

Also watched a couple of the newer DC animated films, Son of Batman and Justice League: War. I enjoyed the both, the latter more so. The character interactions were fun and I like that Green Lantern seems to be the butt of a lot of jokes. DC movies have been getting more violent lately. Like it's all fun comic fare and then somebody starts spurting ridiculous amounts of blood or swears. It's not too much but it feels a bit jarring given the tone of the rest of it.
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