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I've been saying Knicks will make the playoffs all summer. I can see them being as good as the fifth seed.
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Originally Posted by SaintsofNowhere
last night was great, but i'm even more excited for tonight and the grizz and the kings and the thunder and the knicks

i feel like our offseason moves were lateral. we didn't greatly improve (except a little more athleticism in wright) but we didn't lose anyone that wasn't replaced. but i'm really upset that Vince Carter is still on the team. God, who thought anyone would ever say those words? he's just awful tho, can't do shit on either side of the ball and just endlessly chucks up 3's that he's shooting in the low-mid 20%'s.... just pathetic, and there's a logjam at the 2 spot anyway. he deserves no minutes, let him just coach.

we need a damn shooter. i was reading a bleacher report article grading every team before the season started and they were somehow talking shit about courtney lee as that faceless player that at best hopes to not be talked about at all, cause the only possible reason they'd be talked about is for fucking things up that's such a good burn but it has literally 0 basis in fact lol. he's a great pure shooter and the only thing that doesn't fit is that he can't play D as a result. but he shoots a great percentage and contributes just enough offense; he doesn't need the ball all the time to get his points, which would take the ball away from marc and z-bo, but he's good enough and scores enough to help space the floor. Memphis needs more than just 2 shooters tho man. that's not a winning formula.

"Who gives a shit"? Uhhhhh, Deandre does , enough to make him verbally commit to another team for that exact reason. and you talk like the Clippers are frontrunners for the finals; they're not even the frontrunners to make the WCF. if the clippers were gonna make the finals they would have done it when they had the deepest bench in the NBA, not after adding a 2-steps-from-the-grave paul pierce and an uncooperative, overrated ass like stephens. yeah they'll be good. but you know who else is good? literally EVERYONE IN THE WEST lol.

And they actuall play as a TEAM? omg!!! crazy!!! that's so hard to find. oh and they're friends too! that's a once in a lifetime situation. making friendships on a sports team? that's the rarest pepe of them all. total game changer

verbal agreements are not contracts; but that doesn't resolve the question, why the hell would you even make one if you weren't 100% on your decision? literally all you have to do is say "i'm leaning your way but i'm not promising anything." you can say whatever you want about it being stupid and whatever else, but it's a business that involves networking and not following through on your word isn't a good thing no matter how you try to diminish it. i'm not saying he should have signed with the mavs because "oh well i committed and i can't break that commitment," i'm saying he never should have verbally committed in the first place if he was unsure.

the man has been explicitly told not to shoot the ball if it's not a dunk. if that's not embarrassing idk what is. that's not just some perceived pecking order; he knows his place on the clippers and sticks to it no matter how it hurts his pride. so yeah, tell me again how they're all just besties and that makes it the best possible situation for him in the NBA

EDIT also Deandre should've gone to Dallas just for the ridiculousness that is the Southwest Division. Could you imagine 4 of arguably the top 5 centers (Howard Gasol and Duncan) in the league, easily the weakest position in the NBA, all playing in one division? that shit would be so entertaining.

and somebody needs to trade for Noah if he's not gonna start. He may not be playing his best basketball and can't score to save his life, but he's one of the best defensive players and passing big men out there (behind marc of course ) and just because he doesn't fit into the "new offensive culture" that chicago's shoving down their team's throat after half a decade of success doesn't mean he deserves to come off the bench and not get the minutes and role he's completely capable of. good centers are at an utter premium in the nba; you can't bogart 2 of them for long. look at houston. noah should and will be gone

...why are you so butthurt?
Originally Posted by yellowfrizbee
What does a girl have to do to get it in the butt thats all I ever wanted from you. Why, Ace? Why? I clean my asshole every night hoping and wishing and it never happens.
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Why does anyone type a wall of text on the internet. I was really bored. That was way too salty.

The knicks are not going to be good :/
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Originally Posted by chookiecookie
i feel like you have an obsession with aubrey plaza.

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Originally Posted by SaintsofNowhere

The knicks are not going to be good :/

Depends on what you mean by good. No one is saying they are going to win a championship.
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Kristaps Porzingis
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Porzingis is what you would get if you crossed Dirk with KD
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I look at Porzingis and think a lot of what Andrei Kirilenko would be like in today's league without injury. you guys are bloody lucky to have him and I'm real hyped to watch him for the next 10+ years (just don't get injured). really really awesome
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WTF is up with the stache LeBron is rocking
Originally Posted by Neo Evil11
People should stop badmouthing rape.

Originally Posted by Eastwinn
when it comes down to it, i'm really inadequate
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All smiles :)
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I really hope Porzingis keeps performing like he has. 9 offensive boards today. Mad.
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