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how to combine chords with lyrics ???
hmm, thats a lil hard if you dont have experience...
i suggest this:
wright a song, try to imagine a beat or a ritm
with the accoustic guitar, use chords wich the tone maches with the tone of your voice.
and you have the basic part of the song done... xD

im new on guitar ... im not that good yet , put i play piano for long...

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hope i helped xD (dont think so)
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My approach to song writing is this. I have a little pocket sized book and a pencil on me at all times. Whenever a stray thought pops into my head, not even lyrical or anything just something I found interesting, I write it down. And just keep doing that. Also whenever I come up with a riff I'll record a video of it so I can see what I did and hear it (it comes in handy for develloping it later) I kept this up for around 4-5 months and now I've got quite a few pages of stray thoughts. When I write a few riffs that I think sound nice together I'll chain them together and record an audio/video file of those riffs and play it on repeat while reading through my book of stray thoughts. Usually some of those thoughts will jsut fit the music and I'll write those ones on a nice big piece of paper which I'll post in front of my desk. Then I'll just draw links between the thoughts. write rewordings of them that are a bit more lyrical put in a few metaphors things liek that. Then I'll play the riffs or jsut the chord progression if the lead riff is really complex and technical and I'll start saying/ singing/yelling whichever sentences on the paper seem to fit. eventually they just start lining up. and the song seems to flow naturally to me. Sometimes I add another step where I drop any trivial personal details from the song so it's easier to relate to but still has my touch. So far I've gotten some amazing feedback on the songs I've written and its cathartic writing them.

I know this isn't a nice quick one sitting approach and isn't too specific but once you get going I think you might be pleasantly surprised. It helps to get rid of the forced lyrics that you sometimes get when you jsut sit down and decide that you want to write a song.

Anyways its just my approach to song writing and I have a vocalist who does some amazing things with the lyrics I have so its nice not always having to worry about the vocal melody. Having a bit of collaboration can bring a ncie twist.
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Im hearing all of this, but still not quite getting it. I can write lyrics fine but when it comes to composing I always draw a blank. And when I do compose, Im still stumped!
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record them in all the different ways you can think of. chop up the phrases and move them around with the loop playback on. you should find an interesting melody somewhere in there ,even if the words arent right. this way you dont have to be singing and can listen harder.....sometimes you have to trick yourself in to being creative.
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I have a new guitar. Its called Grand Symphony Acoustic Guitar by Taylor Guitars! I'm new to guitars and I need a little help. Not to brag, but since I make so much money online, I have a lot of spare time and I decided to learn to play guitar!!! If you want to know a little more about my job its in my signature!
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Don't have idea but have got so many thing from this thread...
Dissertation Writing
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Originally Posted by brekin_99
well i have some riffs that i made up but i dont no how to combine them in a song if someone could suggust some techniques or musical theroy that would be appreciatited.

Try Writing the riffs and the words together It Helps Me
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Thanks Dude!
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Originally Posted by sean1990strat
i cant seem to combine lyrics with anything like a chord progression is there sumthin that can help me do that

What you have to do is make sure it sounds good. Try matching the note. Then alter it!

Victoria Duffield
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Originally Posted by broken_bottles
How to write a song in 6 easy steps -

1. Make sure you know G, Em, C, D. Am is also good.
2. Buy a capo.
3. Stick it on the guitar on any fret and play in G using above chords in pretty much any combination.
4. Write some lyrics about sex. Be descriptive. (See the inspiration thread)
5. Learn to sing falsetto, it makes you sound very clever and it's easy.
6. If this is impossible, then give up and learn bass.

This is GOLDEN
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Does anyone here make a song out of a vocal melody without using a guitar then add in music after?

It seems I have all these melodies but when I try to add guitar I end up losing it and when I try to make melodies with guitar it seems my voice pretty much just follows the chords (which always sounds generic for me anyways)
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It seems to me that all you are missing out is a hook.
What is a hook? A hook will normally meet all or some of
following definitions:
1. A lyrical phrase that immediately engages the
listener this may either be strangely familiar or just
unusual and fresh.
2. Fits with music in terms of rhythm and melody.
3. Forms a pleasing sequence of sounds when sung or
4. Has to be accessible - i.e. clear enough meaning.
As an exercise listen to lots of songs and see if you can
identify the hook or hooks and then look at what makes it a
hook (is it lyrical intrigue? Is it melodically pleasing or
infectious? Etc). Also try this with different music genres.

There's a really interesting ebook collection called Songwriting and Lyrics which you can download for free here: http://filerack.net/file/0T7ib

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