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Typing as I listen:
Dragon #2 - Cool piano intro! You don't hear much of this stuff these days. Was this recorded or composed on a program? Very cool chord progression, original and not predictable. Sounds like it could be in a movie score ahaha!

Inside Your Heart - Very f'n groovy bass line! Has a certain 80's vibe, this song. I fel like I'm driving in GTA Vice City lol! I agree, however, with TheProgWay about the bass drum. The snare is cutting through a lot and the bass needs a little bit less of a triggerred clicky sound and more of an nice "oumf pump", but hey thats just my ears! What sounds good to you is what's important. Oh yeah and cool vocals too!

Overall, very good stuff man.
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Dragon#2: It's good, but it's missing something. The buildup is good, but the change at 1:35 it seems a bit sudden.
Inside Your Heart: Nice! I really like the panning you did. But I couldn't really understand the lyrics because of the delay. The keyboard solo was nice!
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Listening to Dragon #2

Piano intro sounds good, confident performance and good chord movement. Nice strings afterwards. Is this all midi? I noticed the midi drum kit and funnily enough it doesn't sound all too bad.

I like the cool piano rolls in the higher register you have used. Very different to what I usually listen to but not too bad overall Thanks for the critique, keep up the good work!
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Dragon #2:
The piano in the intro sounds a little stiff but I like the choir aahs sound going on in the background. Probably part of what gave one of the previous commenters that medieval vibe. The drums have a nice 80s feel to them and I like the piano work that comes in from then out. The movement of the chords in this song gives a big, triumphant kind of feel and I think a stronger bass presence, be it in a heavier, deeper kick drum, or another bass synth coming in with some sub tones could give it even more clout.

"Inside Your Heart"
Jammin bass line here, and I like how the guitar riff over it flutters from ear to ear. The synth entering around 1:40 came in a little strong, could be a little lower in the mix, but it's a diggable line.

As always, it was a pleasure to listen to your songs so thanks for reviewing mine as well
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I feel like the piano needs something to give it a less synthetic feel; maybe put some delay or something with modulation on it (I'd use a light flanger). Once the piano melody gets added in over the chords, it becomes a lot better. The next section with the synth strings doesn't really seem to serve a purpose; it's kind of repetitive, and not that interesting.

The ending was pretty cool, but for the most part, the song was pretty repetitive, and didn't have much of a hook or many prevalent melodies.
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aaron aardvark
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ToastedAndButte, Dio10101, TheProgWay, awesomo41894, devilzdj4, toine, Bocob, jmako, herby190,

Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it. Yes, 'Dragon#2' is all MIDI (a Roland synth module). I don't recall ever hearing anyone putting flanger on a piano sound unless it was an electric piano sound.
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Dragon #2: I don't dislike MIDI per se but that piano is a bit too cheesy, it's too synthetic. As I hear the rest of the song though I guess that might have been the goal, and it fits well with the other instruments. There's something missing though, I feel. Maybe some more lower frequencies would help. Especially at the end, to give a climactic feeling, maybe. I've already reviewed a couple of your songs in the past and I like this one quite a lot.

Inside Your Heart: this one is cool, more like some of your other songs that I've heard. Again though I feel like there aren't enough lower frequencies, and it's not my speakers! The guitar is really cool (probably MIDI too? but that's fine here). I like this one better than Dragon #2, it's well-layered.

C4C? http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...67#post31996067 Thanks!
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Anything with a slow modulation on it, just so it sounds a little bit different each time. It's something I've found myself doing a lot to try to create more variation in midi instruments without just using velocity randomizers; maybe it's just me that likes that.
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aaron aardvark
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Soldier Poet,
Instrumentally, everything (including "guitar") is Korg TR-Rack (a synth module), except the electric bass. Thank you for the reviews!

I don't use piano sounds very often in my tunes, but I'll have to try it in the future.
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returning the favor.

Dragon #2:
i like the choice of instrumentation, piano, synths, drums, and all. really fits the composition. it reminds me of Arcturus (you're not into metal, are you?). maybe all this reviewing of people's metal songs on this forum has influenced you a bit =P i'm not sure how i'd improve this, i like it a lot as it is. good job with this one, much more my style than the indie rock stuff i've heard from you before.

Inside Your Heart:
bass drum seems too heavy. i'm listening through portable headphones and it's too much for me. anyway, nice groove to this one. the effects on the vocals are a bit much for me, but i like the attitude of the delivery. wish it was longer and had more parts though.
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Your idea of metal might be much different than mine since you are much younger. According to wikipedia (and other sources), heavy metal music started developing in the late sixties. In general, I like the metal music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's much better than the metal music that has been around for the last 20 years. Led Zep, Rush, and Van Halen are some of my favorite groups (I'm sure a lot of younger people will scoff that these are metal groups, but that is what they were considered back in the day). Thank you for the review.
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