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Namo of Product: Behringer Tube Overdrive

Made by Behringer

Features: Tube like distortion for great rhythm and screaming leads. SOUnds like an authentic tube amp. Good tone shaping, and great distortion levels

Style of music: Classic Rock, Blues, and maybe some old school Punk

Cost: $34.99

Problems None

great pedal if you play blues, calssic rock, or old school punk.
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Location: Chelmsford, UK
Name of Item: CH-40 Chorus
Who It Is Made By: Denio
Features: Chorus. It has two controls, rate and depth.
Cost: Bought for me.
Style of Music It Fits: Well, anything that uses chorus mainly. I use it to play Nirvana, coz they are my favourite band.
Why You Like It: I like it because i can get a great Chorus sound out of it. It makes me sound like Nirvana.
You can find out more about this pedal and how great it is here: CH-40 Chorus
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darth = the cheese of wisdom

I teach guitar. If you live in the Chelmsford area and need a teacher : www.liveguitartuition.co.uk
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Boss SD-1, Digitech RP80

Name of Product: Super Overdrive
Make: Boss
Features: Level control, Tone control, Drive control
Cost: $50-70 Canadian
Style: Blues or rock (when used alone) Excellent for rock or metal solos (when used with distortion)
Why I like it: it takes a beating, sounds great, if used with distortion it has a lot of advantages (harmonics ring longer, artificial harmonics are easier to sound, notes sustain longer)

Name of Product: RP80
Make: Digitech
Features: Expression pedal, Drum machine, Many effects, Tuner, Power Supply included, 1/4" outputs (L/R), 1/8" headphone jack

Effects: Pickup Simulator, Compression, Wah (Crybaby, Fullrange, and Bo?), 11 Amp Models, Acoustic Guitar Simulator, EQ, Noise Gate, Cabinet Modeling, Chous, Flange, Phaser, Tremolo, Panner, Vibrato, Rotary Speaker, YaYa, AutoYa, Envelope Filter, Detuner, Pitch Shifter, Whammy, Delay, Reverb

Cost: $109.95 (Musiciansfriend.com)
Style: All
Why I like it: It was A LOT cheaper than buying pedals for all those effects, it has some good uses, the volume pedal feature alone is worth the money, the effects are decent for the price, very versatile.
What I don't like about it: There is a moment when changing settings that the signal stops, I believe it isn't just my pedal my friend has a RP100 (I think) and it does the same. Some of the effects don't sound very good, such as the harmonizer.

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i am sleepy
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Originally Posted by Swine
Name- Behringer X V-amp

Made by- Behringer corporation

Features- Wah pedal, 16 amp simulations including, dual rectifyer, tube screamer & more, 16 effects, 100 presets and more features that i don't know it has.

Price- $160 AUD

style- alot

Why i like it- sounds great!!!

I have one, and im not as hapy with it as you seem to be. When you press one of the pedals, there is silence for almost a second before the next effect comes on. The manual wah wah doesnt reealy work that much. Its more like a faint "woh" in the background. And after about a 7 months, i switched it on and there was a dot on the screen and i couldnt get it to make a sound. I reset it (switch off, hold save + 2nd function, switch on) and it worked for about a month, i had to reset it again, and now i have to reset it every time i switch it on. But i cant now because the save button came off.

well i got what i paid for (50 new)

Can anyone do a review of the digitech gnx1? i thinking of getting one to replace my behringer. And if you do, can you say if the wah is "strong", cos the wah in my current pedal doesnt make that much of a wah sound.

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Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Made by MXR
Features: Phase, Spacey sound
Cost: $80 US
Styles: any kind of music
I like it because it is a very simple, effective, and fun pedal.

This pedal is a classic phaser made by MXR. It is a very simple pedal, but that doesn't stop it from being an extrordinary pedal with an amazing sound. This pedal has been made famous by such artists like
- Eddie Van Halen
- Tom Morello
- Zakk Wylde
Overall, a fun, simple pedal that has a pretty small price tag for what it is worth, so if you want a cheap phaser that works, go straight for the MXR Phase 90.
- Epi Les Paul Custom (emma)
- Orange Tiny Terror
- 2x12 w/greenbacks
-MXR ZW-44 Overdrivel
- MXR Phase 90
- EB Volume JR.
- Boss DD-3
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Location: San Francisco. Member of the following: Peavey is Awesome, I Love Pignose Amps, Tone Phreaks, And Queen Fan clubs.
DOD Stereo Flange FX75-B


Delay, Speed, Width an Regen

Great old thing that i found at a flea market. Great for those weird, kind of Beatley vocal sounds.

Style it fits: Psychadelic Rock, Slow songs

Why i like it: It can warm your sound up, cool it down, or make it sound like a digital processor.

Marshall ED-1 "Edward The Compressor"


Again, bought at the flea market, for $40.

Emphasis (tone), Volume, Attack, and Compression.

Style it fits: Country, Jazz, slower songs, anything that requires clean sustain.

Why I like it: It sounds clean, can make almost drum-like sounds, and can even drive a tube amp.

My Blog
New bands you wish you knew about!

Check This Band:As Blood Runs Black
Guitarist of the month: Quorthon

Got a good band that you want to share with the world? PM me and I'll write them a review.

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Name: English Muff'n Overdrive Pedal

Made By: Electro Harmonix

Knobs: Volume, Status, Gain, High, Mid, Low

Style it fits: Classic 60's 70's rock and some Blues

Why i like it: Gives a good british invasion/blues sound. Good for: Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, AC/DC (if you mess with the gain), The Kinks, Some Black Sabbath, Chuck Berry, B.B King, Queen etc.

Guitar Center 189$ normally, but the guy sold it to me for 150 flat.

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Voltz Rechargeable Pedal Power Supply

Name: Voltz Effect Pedal Power Supply
Made By: www.amperormusic.com

Voltz provides a novel and convenient way for powering guitar pedals and frees musicians from worrying about guitar pedal setup prior to a performance. It has a high capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery with a built-in charger.

  • Capable of supporting 20+ pedals simultaneously for 8 hours on one single charge
  • No more ground loops and power line hum
  • Multiple output voltages 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V and 40V
  • 30-second pedalboard setup time

Cost: $350

This is the ultimate setup. I attached Voltz to my pedalboard and used it to power 7 pedals. With one charge, after one week of rehearsals and performance, the battery was still going strong. I no longer have to worry about stocking 9V batteries. Furthermore, I like the clean and crisp sound.
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Name of Item: DigiTech DigiDelay
Who It Is Made By: DigiTech
Features: Level, Repeats, Time and Mode knobs. 7 modes, including reversed delay and 4 second looper.
Cost: $99
Style of Music It Fits: Anything, since its a delay.
Why You Like It: Incredible tone and quality in features for its price.

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I use Behringer, basically because they're cheap and sound good.

Behringer Ultimate Distortion
Cost: 15
Features: Level, Tone and Distortion
Style: Hard Rock to good old Rock n' Roll, s'good pedal

Behringer Digital Delay
Cost: 30
Features: Level, Feedback, Time and Mode
Style: Like all delay, anything...well apart from drop 'z' thrash metal or summin.

Behringer Hellbabe Wah
Cost: 35
Features: Frequency, Q (what ever it does), EQ, Range control and Boost.
Style: Well, if need a wah it doesn't matter.

And, a quick question, is there such a thing as a bolt on 'Floyd Rose' or something?
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Here's what to include in your post:
Name of Item Crate 15w Palomino
Who It Is Made By Crate
Features It is an all tube amp, that unlike the voodoo, actually sounds nice. It's a warm sound with an unlabeled celestion vintage 30. (it just has celestion palomino on the speaker, but after much research, I figured it out.) It's voiced warm, but it can be dialed in to fit most music style, however it will never be a metal amp. It has a switch for gain, and a switch for volume, the gain controls the level of power going into the preamp, while the volume controls it going into the power amp. As the amp is cranked, the preamp distortion that you get at low volumes is backed back, untill about 2/3 of the way, till the EL-84's start breaking up, resulting in a beautiful soft but evident distortion, I'd say you'd need a distortion pedal to push it at high volumes. Good amp for small 100-200 person gigs, gets over a drummer easly.
Cost $399 though you can get it cheaper
Style of Music It Fits Hard rock, blues, jazz, country
Why You Like It I like it because it's so versatile, you can get almost any tone out of it, and makes a good practice amp.

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Thumbs up

Name of Item: Scratch Pad

Who It Is Made By: Scratch Pad, LLC

Features: Clings gently but securely like a Post-It note but without any adhesive or vinyl films. It can be applied, removed and reapplied over & over forever. There is a 1 minute demo which says it all best at this link; Demo Video

Cost: $19.95 at Sam Ash stores and SamAsh.com

Why You Like It: The multi-plies protect finishes from Belt-Buckle Rash and... those inconspicuous but more deadly Pocket-Rivets that leave 'worm tracks' in the finish [even through an untucked shirt.] Check the Catalog page to see the new "Designer" Scratch Pads for personalizing an axe with Skulls, Peace Signs or some fun text messages.

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diduhly waaaaaaah
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Item: BOSS RC-2 Loop station
Made By: BOSS
-up to 16 minutes of record time
-"Loop Quantize" which means the pedal tailor fits your recording to a proper time signature, versus other loopers where if your timing is off the loop will be out of time and sound bad.
-Good drum machine, fun to jam with
-11 total phrases can be stored in it
-you can record from exterior sound devices (ex:mp3, CD player) and play it back
-Undo/Redo functions
-volume controls for recording and drum machine
Cost: $200 CAD
Style of music:anything
Why I like it: as a pedal, it truly is one of a kind. it's compact as any other BOSS pedal but with a much more impressive array of capabilities. it makes at home practice that much funner, as you can get a full band sound playing all by yourself. the options are limitless with this pedal...get an octave pedal and drop a bassline, an acoustic simulator for rhythm guitar, then improv over it. This pedal really helps unlock your creativity.
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Name of Item: Boss Hyper Metal HM-3 OR Boss Metal Zone MT-2

Who It Is Made By: Boss

Features: A pretty simple pedal, has volume(level), High and Low(Color Mix), and Distortion NOW Level, Low, High, Mid, Mid range[200 to 2k] and Gain.

Cost: Mine was free, my bassist picked it up at a yard sale and gave it to me, it disroted his bass too much, but was beter for me than the DS-1, so we swapped. Also, the HM-3 is discontinued, so good luck finding one/At a shop around 75 bucks.

Style of Music It Fits: Metal, Classic Metal

Why You Like It: Loads of distortion w/o ruining the sound, go for thrash and my style of hardcore metal. This is built like a tank, its friggin heavy metal, literally, its weighs alot for a pedal. <--Weight changed some, is now lighter.

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Name: Graph tech bass String Saver saddles

Who its made by: Graph Tech

Features: Its a direct replacement saddle for fender bass(among others with the same type of bridge) It reduces string breakages, and it also increases sustain slightly

Cost: Mine came with my bass, but I think they go for around 20-30 pounds(for a set of 4). They are quite hard to get hold of in the UK though.

Why I like it : I like the extra sustain I am not actually too bothered about string breakages, because I have never broken a string.
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Name of Item:
Gibson Vintage Reissue Strings

Who It Is Made By:
Gibson (d'oh)

Pack of strings gauge .009 with a pure nickel wrap. Made like back in the 50s. Vacuum packed, which keeps 'em fresh for a long time too so great to stock up.

8 euros (about 10 dollars)

Style of Music It Fits:
Hendrix definitely but does a surprisingly good job even on metal but main style probably blues, jazz and so on

Why You Like It:
Fat tone even for a niner set, good response, great feel, wear isn't too shabby for a pure nickel set of nines. I like the response the most though, these strings just react a lot more to picking dynamics than your average d'addarios.

The gear is in the profile.
You know you want to take a look

Strat-mangling, echo-eating janglefan σ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ

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Name: Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive

Made by Digitech

Cost: Around 40 bucks (USD)

Features: Level, Bass, Treble, and Gain knobs for EQ. On/Off LED indicator. Runs on batteries or Power Supply. (As with all pedals, I suggest getting the Power Supply)

What it does:
This is a great OD pedal for those on a budget. If you can't afford a Tubescreamer, but want the OD of one, look into this pedal. It can give you a clean boost when you have the level up and the gain down, or it can add some grit to get you over the top when you crank the gain knob up. It's a great pedal to run in front of your tube amp that you want to give a little more grit to. It takes my Peavey Windsor and Peavey Valveking from 80's hard rock/metal, all the way up to a modern metal machine. This is a great pedal, and has a great pricetag.

Who's it for?:
THIS IS AN OVERDRIVE PEDAL, NOT A DISTORTION PEDAL. This pedal is for Overdriving the tubes in your tube amp, making them cook and saturate a little more. This pedal will not give you bone crushing distortion plugged straight into your clean channel like a distortion pedal will. Alone, this thing can get up to AC/DC levels, but what it's best at, and what I use it for, is boosting the drive channels on my amp and getting a fuller, heavier sound. This pedal is for anyone who wants a quality, good sounding OD pedal, but can't afford to pay for a Tubescreamer or Maxon.

Great Pedal. Link: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/prod...edal?sku=150831
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Umm. . .uh. . .your mom touched sjones' dick. YOUR MOM TOUCHED OUR GUITARISTS GENITALS IN A CAMPER AT A BIKER FESTIVAL! truth.
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Location: US and A

Boss Drivezone OD-20 Distortion Pedal

PSN: KevGuy47
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Name of Item: 3/4 Violin Bow
Who It Is Made By: Glaesel is a good brand, mine didnt have a name on it. Glasser make synthetic bows for cheap. Mine is an un-named bow made of real wood, and it was cheap. Lucky me.
Features: Brazilian Rosewood, Horsehair, Leather Grip, Pearl Inlays, Ebony Frog (the part attached to the strings)
Cost: Costed me $24.99
Style of Music It Fits: rock, jazz, anything that you can incorporate a slow solo into (probably wouldnt be very useful for punk or metal)
Why You Like It: Its extravagant, experimental, and impressive. When I first tested this on my guitar at the local shop through a roland acoustic amp, I was shocked! It had a sound I Had never heard before, or imagined would come from my guitar. I wasn't expecting it to sound so cool. Turn the reverb to 10, perhaps add some psychadelic effect (wah, chorus, flange, phase, echo/delay), sounds best on the clean channel or with a clean boost. You need to buy some Rosin as well, you rub it on the hairs for friction. Its about 7 dollars for a nice piece of Rosin, and they last a long time. I bought a 3/4 size one, however, you can get a 4/4 one, which is quite larger.
-The famous video of Jimmy Page's bow solo in Dazed and Confused

-fellow page fan

-BobbyCrisp's Youtube vid
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Name of Item: Exl 120 Strings
Who It Is Made By: D'addario
Features: Nickel Roundwound, Long Lasting, Bright, great tone
Cost: anywhere form $5-7each, or as low as $2 a pack if you buy bundles
Style of Music It Fits: Really anything, but I find they work best with Classic Rock and Blues
Why You Like It: They fit my style perrfectly, they love my strat, I play a more higher pitched-bluesy sound.... and they are the best for it, they also sound good for playing Clapton type stuff anf even some Ritchie Blackmore... They are pretty cheap, they come in package deals, the have players points (plus I use a lot of Planet Waves stuff too)
Problems: none, possibly breaking them, they are pretty light strings

I also use EXL 110's on my Les Paul and they are great, I use EXPs on both my acoustics and love them.

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