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Originally Posted by Spaz91
Don't knock the low end stuff. There's cracking things coming from the Indonesian Cort Factory.

Yes, Jeff Berlin would agree!!!

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General Information
Age: 40
First Name: Sean
Been Playing For: 15 years give or take
Which Instruments Can You Play, Besides Bass: Tenor Sax, Bass sax, clarinet, tuba, baritone horn, bass clarinet

Bass Guitars
Current Bass(es): Ibanez SR885 5-string, Ibanez BTB676 6-string
Favourite Bass You Own: the SR885
Favourite Bass You've Played: Warwick Vampyre NT 5

Current Amp(s): Ampeg BA-115 1x15 combo
Favourite Amp You Own: the BA-115 (cuz it's the only one I own)

Genres You Play: Everything but country
Genres You Enjoy Playing: Same as above
Favourite Genre to Play: Funk

Knowledge, etc
Which Aspect of Basses Do You Have the Most Proficiency: Playing and theory
Favourite Famous Bass Player: Les Claypool, Steve Harris, Geddy Lee, Victor Wooten
Famous Bass Player You Think You Most Resemble in Style or Personality: Somewhere between Cliff Burton and Geddy Lee
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Welcome to the world's best Low End Forum, my friend!
"It's only Rock and Roll until someone loses an eye!"

Originally Posted by gregs1020
FatalGear41 knows the ways of the obscure. I hear it's just not with Gibsons. Beware, Halloween approaches...

Originally Posted by Spaz91
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I've been occasionally posting here for a while and lurking longer so I might as well fill this out:

General information:
Age:18 (19 in 3 weeks though)
First name:Axel
Been playing for:3 years 5months (or so)
Which instruments can you play, except Bass: piano, accordion, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, lap steel (pretty badly) and I bought a violin this afternoon

Bass Guitars

Current Bass\es: just one ( ), Squier Affinity Series Precision bass
Favourite Bass you own: that p-bass
Favourite Bass you've played: Fender Jazz bass (I don't remember details)
Dream Bass: Rickenbacker 4003

Current amp\s: Fender Rumble 15
Favourite amp you own: that rumble
Favourite amp you've played on: one that was made out of an old record player/radio cabinet, it was really nice
Dream amp: god, anything better than a fender rumble 15

Do you use effects?, if so, which?: fuzz if I feel like it.
Which effects do you own: MXR bass fuzz deluxe
Favourite effect: definitely the fuzz

Genres you play: Jazz, blues, rock (from rock and roll all the way to progressive and experimental) and a little bit of reggae and ska,
Genres you enjoy playing: reggae usually has nice syncopated bass lines and ska for having the off-beat accent like reggae but usually being faster.
Favourite genre to play: the more experimental side of rock.
Bands you are in: none at the moment.

Knowledge etc

Which aspect of Basses you have the most proficieny in, (Playing and Technique\Building and maintaining\Composing and theory\ Gear: definitely theory, nearly all from 8 years of piano lessons
Favourite famous bass player: toss up between Patrick O'Hearn (Zappa) and Herbie Flowers. Tom Fowler (also Zappa) gets honourable mention
Famous bass player you think you most resemble in style or personality: I have no idea
Originally Posted by Zaphikh
Punk-pop. Yes, right over there, in the section directly next to atonal-showtunes.

I'm amazed I had my previous sig for more than an hour considering how stupid it was.
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