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I'm not sure who to contact about this so I'll post here:

I recently submitted a tab for the song "Full Power" by High Spirits. It got approved and everything but the problem is that the link is:
which I believe is reading/directing as a powertab.

Here's the tab in the editing area: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/cont...edit?id=1512076

If this could be fixed I would appreciate it.
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What's with this new tab rating system? It sucks! since when can people have the right to vote whether a tab is published with out it being moderated. There are people that don't even know their arse from their elbow when it comes to music but they can vote a song off because it doesn't sound right or there is a spelling mistake when naming it and then it is voted off. Seriously. You should revisit this system.

There are people that work for a living and don't have degrees and what have you in music. Most of us post it because it is our interpretation of a song. Within limits most is not wrong. There are exceptions but that is why one should be able to report it and the moderators should have picked it up before it is posted. Which tells me that the moderators are not doing their work if such things slip through.
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Originally Posted by Werner232
What's with this new tab rating system?

I might have missed something but to my knowledge, the only new thing in the voting system, is that "trusted" tabbers' votes (those who have published several tabs with good rating) have more power than the others.
So only people that SHOULD know a few things about music (they created good tabs) have a lot of power to prevent a tab to be added to UG.
Can users vote to remove a currently published tab ? I didn't see anything like that (except the "report bad tab" feature but that's not the issue here I guess).

Or are you refering to something else ?
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Once you store a song in your favorites, is there a way to edit it? Often the chords are only on the first chorus.
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Is it possible to edit tabs after them being posted/published?
Please anyone answer as soon as possible

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Anka Sirka
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Hi I wanted to write some tabs which are requested but I am not interested in the "top tab requests". Where can I find full list of the requested songs please?
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@herbbr You cannot edit any tabs that are not your own. You could however copy and paste it to something like office word and edit it there. But it would not be on the site.

@SebuPeba Yes, you can edit tabs that YOU published, but not ones that others have.

Hope this helps!
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since the new Approval Queue is arrive, I noticed a lot of things that, for me, do not go.
I'm a tab moderator, and I spend a lot of time to validate, or rather reject tab.
Here is a list of the things :

- when i reject a tab, people repost it, often whitout change anything, but i can't reject (or approve) again... Because of the "you can only vote once) it's VERY frustrating

- bands that are not present on UG are not visible in the AQ as before

- There is a lot of reasons we can add in the "Explain your rejection" windows, i made mine in a asci file and i copy/paste them.
Here is my list of reject reasons :

Top Five :
<br>You must indicate the name of the band. <br>Artist : misc unsigned bands <br>Song : Your Band - Your song
<br>Put all the chords above the lyrics
<br>Wrong Title, don't add in your title : <br>Ver, Vx, Version, Alternate Version, Live version, live in xxxx, Studio version, recorded Version, Cover, easy, feat, fingerstyle,capo, intro, outro, solo, guitar ...
<br>Wrong Band/name. <br>Delete : "the", you will find the correct band name.
<br>Misspelling the title <br>Wrong Title

<br>Unknow artist. Post as : <br>Artist : misc unsigned bands <br>Song : Your Band - Your song<br>If the group exists, post the official links that may prove.
<br>Wrong Band/name.it sould be : <br>Artist : Misc Soundtrack<br> Song : the movie - title of the song
<br>Wrong Band/name. it sould be : <br>Artist : Misc Computer Games <br>Song : the game - title of the song
<br>Wrong Band/name.it sould be : <br>Artist : Misc Television <br>Song : Show - title of the song
<br>Wrong Band/name.it sould be : <br>Artist : misc cartoons <br>Song : Show - title of the song
<br>Wrong Band/name.it sould be : <br>Artist : Misc Praise Songs<br>Song : title of the song
<br>This is not a lesson, you must explain what you do.<br>Read the Rules/Faq.
<br>UG only accept english spoken guitar lesson, sorry ...
<br>When you export from a guitar pro file, insert the different section : <BR>Verse, chorus ... it's unreadable without.
<br>UG don't accept Gp tab with timing errors (F4 or verify bars) correct all the red bars.
<br>The Tab is incomplete or too Short, even for an intro.<br> Finish the song before post
<br>UG can't accept it, because you cross the red line at the right of the screen.
<br>This is not a ukulele/mandolin Chord type, this is a tab <br>Plus, UG don't accept Ukulele/mandolin tab.
<br>This is not a tab, this is a chord type.
<br>This is not a Chord type, this is a tab.
<br>Use the universal Chord name : C D E F G A B instead of DO RE ME FA SOL LA SI DO
<br>Don't add other caracters to your chords :<br> (C) or C. or "C" or C* ... <br>Only capital caracters : C
<br>you must write all the strings in the partition, even if there are no note.<br> eBGDAE
<br>Use the UG standar template for guitar and bass tabs.
<br>Too similar to the previous one
<br>This is a correction of Version 1
<br>You've just transposed a previous version
<br>Your notes must be separate by "-"<br>x|------11111---- -> Wrong<br>x|------1-1-1-1-- -> right
<br>Don't need the empty bars at the end.
<br>Read the rules and the Faqs !

Note : i add <br> because it's more easy for people to see it (it switches to the next line) .
UG can add this in the rejection windows for better reading

Some of them came really often..
Maybe we can add some filters (like the "180" spam) ?
Like reject automatically title with "intro, solo, cover, version...." ?
it could save us some time.

- Add more filter, like for exemple i would like to see all the tab in the TIQ for a specific band (pratique when a popular band post a new song)

- And force people to add info : tuning, Difficulty, number and type of tracks for a Guitar pro file ...

- See all the previous versions already present in the main page, so we can see quickly if they are many other of them.

A bug i found, when i correct a wrong title and approve the tab after, the title doesnt change, but the tab is validate.

Thanks for the reading, hope it can help

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I agree with what newg says, validating tabs is tedious, it should be easy and fast if you want it to be efficient and want people to actually validate tabs, and not wasting time on things around that.

I'd go even further :
Originally Posted by newg
number and type of tracks for a Guitar pro file

It could be filled automatically : GP files (any version) can be read, and these info could be automaticallty extracted from it (see the development version of TuxGuitar if you need code, even for GPX files).
It could even be used as validation and help getting better GP files (I often see "guitar" tracks used as track for other instruments (piano, flute), they just changed the instrument sound. It worked in older versions of GP but GP6 doesn't really like it.

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My guitar pro tab was approved, but I can't see it when I search it. Can it be fixed?
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thanks killergege

i add another :
bloc some wrong bands name, for exemple :
The beatles (7 tabs) - Beatle (3000 tabs)
The black keys (5 tabs) - black keys (500 tabs)

Again, it could save us a lot of time.
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The new tab submission page/approval queue is really nice, includes pretty much everything i asked for.

But theres still one thing that really bugs me and can potentially confuse people. When submitting a guitar pro tab, the tuning selection, though having been expanded, is still insufficient. Especially when submitting 7/8-string songs.

What i suggest is, make it like in guitar pro itself, where you choose the number of strings, and then manually adjust the note of every string. That way you can correctly represent any custom tuning without any confusion or limitation. Then have the system automatically recognize the tuning if it is in the database, and if not, just leave it as is.

For example, ive recently submitted an 8-string drop E tab, and since there was no such option, i left it as standard tuning (note that drop E on 8 string translates to standard E tuning on 6 string guitar), but that potentially might lead to people incorrectly thinking its a 6 string song, only to open the tab and find its actually 8.

And also please add an info box for guitar pro tabs on the tab page, kinda like theres always some info written by the author in text tabs.
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