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i plan on getting my first classical guitar soon (since my current one is a POS)

what are some good entry-level classical guitars? (preferably cutaway, but not required)
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Nero Galon
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Thanks to this thread I've found a guitar which might very likely be my next guitar.


I've only heard one sample of its sounds in a Youtube video, and it sounded pretty good. It ticks nearly all the boxes;
- Not too expensive
- Electro acoustic
- Built in tuner
- Dreadnought Cutaway
- Good wood materials
- Nice looking in general.
- ****ING FRET INLAYS. My god why aren't they on all guitars -_-

From this thread it seems Alvarez are a good choice. I am yet to actually play and hear/feel it for myself though which seems to be the most important part of picking.

Any thoughts?
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Hi, I want to buy a electronic acoustic guitar, my main focus is to learn fingerstyle and It'd be nice to have one of those because I wan to plug it into an amp or record it ^^

I've got around 500 for it

Thank you very much
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I've published a short article which may give you some useful answers.

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I'm new to this but you can try ksl.

i love acoustic because i am a country boy through and through.
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I have played guitar for while now, but have only used my fathers old guitar.
MY PRICE RANGE: 820$/600 to 1300$/900
I would say i am a good guitar player, I have played for about three years. I usually play finger-style, but I want the opportunity to play strumming as well.
What guitar would you recommend?
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I am from Spain but now i am living in Finland. I play guitar snce I was a child and I can say you one of the best guitar shop to ask for information is:


They speak english (i hope better than mine) and they are serious and cheaper than other. They sell HANDMADE guitars.
I have recomended this website to my friends in Finland and they are very happy to buy there and to get a very good information about what kind of guitar is the best.

I hope I can help you.
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Hi, I'm new to the forums. But as I read this thread, I didn't see many opinions, if any, on solid body acoustic electrics.
I play a Yamaha FG720SL right now. And I'm looking for a acoustic electric, solid body, cut away to step up to the next level. I play left handed so I don't get to try many guitars in stores as you can imagine. And if I buy a guitar, it's pretty much mine forever cause I don't know any left handed players. lol
I've checked online and like the following models.
Yamaha A3R
Takamine Pro Series (Pro Series 1 or 3)
Zager EZ Play models (Zager ZAD80CE)
Martin Proforming Artists (DCPA4)
Any opinions on them? I've always loved the deep rich tones of a Martin but I'm always open to suggests. lol Thx in advance for your input.
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Should i buy a used martin hd-28 or a new Sigma dr 42 with Martin long life strings?
I never play in studio, just at home. Or with friends. But i like to play a guitar with a good feel to it!
I have played them both (new I ln a shop) and have compared them.
I liked the feel and the sound better on the Martin, even though I think the sigma was not far behind at all.
Will the same strings heighten the feel on the sigma?

Used Martin: 17-1800$ (great shape 1 year old)
New Sigma: 800$

Which one should I buy?
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I think it depends on what you local music shops stock. If you are interested in a brand and have done some research on it and want to buy in person face to face you then have to hope that you have a music shop near by that can help you. I live in the UK and I am very interested in Breedlove guitars but struggle to find any in stock anywhere.
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Epiphone's best selling acoustic, the DR-100 is a budget-minded guitar that dispenses with any extravagances in favour of good old-fashioned playability.

The spruce-topped dreadnought is conceived to be an all-rounder, from those first fumbled chords through to, well, wherever you want to go really. It's built to the usual Epiphone high standards, and it's guaranteed to make most guitars at the same price point look a little bit silly.
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Hey guys
I'm fairly new to playing, and looking for an entry level acoustic.
I searched around on the web, and read good things about the fender cd60 and the yamaha fg700. My budget is $250.
I haven't tried any of them out yet, but I will when I go to the store next week.
Anything else I should look for?
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Originally Posted by GC Shred Off
Tacoma through Yamaha

Brand Name: Tacoma

Tacoma's Website

Company Overview: Tacoma is a bit of an odd company. Up until a few years ago, they produced a broad range of incredibly fine guitars for every style. Shortly after their acquisition by Fender, the operation was all but stopped, save for two or three of the less interesting models. There are "plans" for a revival at some point, but no one knows when for sure. When they were in operation, all of their guitars were built by craftsmen, but remarkably, were quite affordable. They offered everything from travel guitars to baritones to acoustic basses. Each instrument was produced in Tacoma Washington.

Common Features: They use no laminates of any type (edit: But their Olympia offshoot brand does use some laminated backs and sides). Nearly all the wood for tops and sides is harvested locally. Beyond that, they supply too varied a range to generalize.

General Pros: They're real wood and they're well put together. Their more standard body shapes are absolutely unreal.

General Cons: The company has ceased operation, and even before they were incredibly difficult to get a hold of to try out. Beyond that, some of the more "creative" models are either loved or hated.

Other Info: I have one of these (the EK36-C). The top wood was from a 2000 year old cedar that fell into a swamp 600 years ago. That means my guitar top had been growing for 600 years when Jesus was born.

Brand Name: Taylor (Thanks to patticake!)

Taylor's Website

Company Overview: Taylor Guitars is located in El Cajon, California, near San Diego. The company was founded in the 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, who both run the company today, 35 years after they started. Bob Taylor and his guitars stand out because of their use of technologies like using CNC (computer numerically controlled) design and machines, and their bolt on necks. CNC machining makes the guitars very consistent, and is one of the things that stands out about Taylor guitars. Taylor focuses on acoustic and acoustic electric guitars, but they do make some electrics. Their guitars have an excellent reputation for quality, and the company is known for good customer service.

Common Features: Taylor makes a wide variety of guitars, but they are known for their bright sparkling highs, overall consistency,

General Pros: Good finishes, good build quality, smooth frets, each line sounds good in its class, good hardware, good to great sound depending on woods/line. Taylor offers a lot of all-solid interesting woods like koa, bubinga and Australian blackwood. Taylor Guitars is a "prestige" brand for those who care about that.

General Cons: Taylor's bright highs aren't for everyone. Some consider the brand too pricey. Their electronics, the "Taylor Expression System," don't include a tuner or controls on the guitar - a plus for some but a minus for those who want to control their sound from the guitars.

Other Info: Taylor does not offer an entry level guitar. Taylor Guitars is now doing repair and maintenance for other brands of guitars. They do custom guitars at a price lower than some hand builders, and offer factory tours, and also offer a quarterly online magazine, Wood and Steel, with articles about everything Taylor from new guitars to artists to guitar playing hints.

Brand Name: Yamaha

Yamaha's Website

Company Overview: Yamaha is a gigantic company. Wikipedia tells me that they have more than $4.5 billion in revenue overall. Fortunately, they figured out how to produce some pretty great and really cheap guitars with those billions. They're undoubtedly one of the most popular brands for new guitar players, and deservedly so. Their instruments are rock solid.

Common Features: Their relatively modest line has a nice enough range to suit most tastes. The inexpensiveness is the biggest feature.

General Pros: Practically free, they work like a charm, and they're accessible to anyone in the world. It doesn't get much better than that.

General Cons: They can be lackluster, but when you payed less than $200, who cares? Also, the "Silent Series" is the dumbest thing ever.

Other Info: Jorge Lorenzo rides for the Fiat-Yamaha team in Moto GP. He's my favorite. He also does shit like this.

...you bet your sack he landed it. Read on!

Totally unexpected and quite funny (as long as he wasn't hurt...)!
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Hi I am a beginner guitar player. At the moment I only have a nylon string Valencia guitar and I want to get a steel string guitar. Preferably I want to spend around the $300-$400 mark. I went to my local music store yesterday and they recommended a few guitars. They recommend Yamaha Fg700 (AU$309) and Crafter CR-T6MH/BR (AU$389) and for electric acoustic guitar they recommended Crafter CR-DE6/ND/B (AU$469) or the Cort MR 710F (AU$399). What do you guys think of any of these guitars?
Thank you
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