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Okay guys, music lesson time if you're interested, it is even relevant to the OP as it should give a good outline of Metalcore actually is.

Metalcore = Metal + Hardcore

That was the classical definition that was used to describe bands in the 80's and 90's that mixed the two genres together; at least jokingly it was sometimes used as short hand for Metallic Hardcore. You're looking at bands like Cave In, Deadguy, Groundwork, Converge and perhaps most importantly for this little piece, Shai Hulud.

This is where it's important to look at what I call the "three phases of metalcore" which are:
- Original Metallic Hardcore
- Good intentions
- What the fuq is this shit?

The first stage we have looked at. The second stage is where bands like Killswitch Engange come from (fun fact, members of KsE were in a short lived and kinda crappy Metallic Hardcore band.) Who took Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal and added the FAINTEST OF FAINT touches of Hardcore music (whilst trying to sound like Shai Hulud) and Americanized the whole thing, to the point where it basically wasn't noticeable. Since this era of "metalcore" it is highly derivative of itself (for the most part) the more obvious elements of Americanized (and often simplified) Melodeath were exemplified till all trace elements of actual hardcore were removed and it became watered down metal. Really the second era of Metalcore is just Metal; good or bad is down to taste.

Now the third stage is what we're in now, no riffs, just breakdowns upon breakdowns. Breakdowns were prevalent in both previous eras but Metallic Hardcore breakdowns weren't always open chugs. The second stage introduced the breakdown element as we know it today which was then taken by the third stage and expanded upon 'till breakdowns were all that remained. There is NOTHING hardcore about this and barely anything relating to "real" metal beyond the guitar tone.

So if you're talking about Metalcore = Metal + Hardcore, which many still do. The only era that actually fits that description is the first. As the second era had trace if any and the third has none what-so-ever. Which is why some people are hesitant to actually call some bands Metalcore, despite what everyone else might say.

This is NOT to say that any of the bands from any era are better than worse than each other. That is subjective and down to taste, what is here is a rough objective outline of the progression of the genre, or at least the three very separate sounds that for some reason are all called one genre. Bands still form that sound like era 1 and 2 bands, it's not really a concrete time-line, more a charting of change.
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