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Yep, depends on the situation.

After some break-ups, I didn't want to leave the house.

After other's, I was dancing and saying "I'm so glad that bitch is gone..."

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I don't advise it. Dated 2 girls that came to me right after breakups. They carry too much shit over from the previous relationship.

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Originally Posted by deadkenedy
Who wants to be in a relationship after just getting out of one?

A fair amount of people. They call it "rebounding". They want an emotional high or a sexual high for a bit, and then they want out of the "rebound" relationship.


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People gotta move on, yeah it's harsh when it happens in some circumstances but that's more reason to forget about the relationship.
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I can see that being rough. Like, breaking up, and then seeing them like a week later at the grocery store, probably the best way to have your day ruined lol

Maybe for some people who can take it, or that just aren't affected by it that much. I know for sure that if I saw my current girlfriend (assuming she was my ex) just randomly after breaking up would be pretty rough.
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Really, it differs from situation to situation. Generally, though, I'd say it's a bit insensitive to the other party (regardless of how ugly the breakup was).

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Nope. Relationships and breakups are such emotionally complicated things that vary so much. Sometimes right after a breakup, you just want to forget all that and move on. I had more of a celebration period than anything else last time...
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Has anyone made any period jokes yet?
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There are no rules in a relationship. The sooner this is accepted the easier things get.

You may feel bad for a week, or a month, or a year after a break up. It depends on you, what that relationship meant to you and just generally how well you cope with such things.

The only rule I can see is you've got to at least accept things and move on. I know a guy who was dumped a year ago and still hasn't even tried to move on. It's pretty damn damaging to a person. All the other "rules" of break ups are personal. For example I can't have contact with the girl after a breakup. It messes me up too much and I tend to make a complete ass of myself.
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I got in a relationship with a girl just after she broke up with her ex

the relationship lasted about a year and a half, but she cheated on me 5 times

she was unfaithful, a liar, and many things.

never doin' dat shit again
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In the past year, some of my friends broke up after long relationships, and the cycle usually goes like this:

Escapism (usually through drugs or alcohol)
Escapism (as in, wanting to go on holiday or immigrate)

The thing about wanting to leave the country is always interesting, i know someone who wanted to go abroad to teach after their relationship ended, but they never went through with it, and i know another person who wants to go on holiday, then possibly live abroad, and i think they will go on holiday, but i doubt they will immigrate.

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