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It seemed there may be some slight relief. I've noticed I can lower the action more now, which was an issue before as well. I'l give it more relief and look into some heavier strings.

Thank you for all your help.
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Yeah, I know this is stupid, but...

Encountered strange problem after I changed my LTD ST-213's stock tuners to Gotoh(SG381 6L, non locking) ones. Gotoh's are more )( shaped, and smooth surface, than originals and I had really big problems to get high E to bite in&tighten.

Lost two strings when I put them in just like with old tuners, but string just slipped out from machine post when I tuned them. It seems that with Gotohs high E really need many wrap around post before it holds. With old ones high E stayed nicely even with one wrap around.

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I've got loads of buzz, particularly on the 3 deepest strings of my guitar. It looks like the strings are hitting the last fret when I play them. On some of the strings, they seem to just be hitting the next fret.

There's also an ungodly amount of string squeak going on.

Any idea of what the problem is? I checked the neck relief and the gap on the middle frets is about 1mm, if that helps.
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Originally Posted by jj1565
some are more tricky then others to float.
make sure the bridge has a good balance,
but if you've lubed all contact points and strung it up
well, then i suggest you look at locking tuners.

simple swap out and should help completely stable to whole thing.

Changed the strings and wound them up as I usually do using the 'locking' trick (the tech I took it to wound them up normally). Applied some dry PTFE lubricant on all contact points. After diving the strings only go out of tune by a few cents but it's nothing drastic, much better now and I can actually use the trem!

I have noticed that if I pull up, I hear the bridge 'sticking' and it doesn't return back to the original position. It throws everything out of tune unless I quickly dive the trem again. I don't know whether this is a fault or it's something I have to deal with when using the tremolo.
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Hey all, I'm not sure if I need more relief or higher action. I play fairly hard, and have gone from 11's to 10's as they feel more comfortable for me. I play in standard or E flat.
I get buzz all over, but it is more noticeable at the 1st-5th frets.

My action is about 2mm bass side at 12th fret, 1.6mm treble. Relief is less than a thin pick.
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I bought a Schecter Omen Extreme-6 with the intention of tuning it to Drop C. It came from the factory set up for E tuning with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings (10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 46) and sounds amazing. The Drop C strings I got are D'Addario NYXL (10, 13, 17, 30, 42, 52).

Question is, would I need to adjust the saddles/truss rod for these new strings/new tuning.
As good as it sounds I really don't want to mess with it much
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