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The opening synth bass riff in For Infinity is great. I'm mainly a metalhead, but I can appreciate electronic music, especially instrumentals, which brings me to my next point: The vocals sound kinda weak and odd. I'm sure that you weren't going for a mainstream type of voice on the track, but I find that the vocals distract from an otherwise interesting synth track. That may just be my own bias, because when I listen to other electronically influenced music (like Muse), I find that the vocals are often the weakest link.
In summation, you're pretty good with layering electronic elements to create an interesting track, but the vocals can stand to be a little more aggressive. I can picture Trent Reznor singing on this song.

Anyway, here's my stuff. Enjoy, and good luck!
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Why are you reading this?
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i had a listen to reflections, and no offence i just found it to repetitive to continue listening, HOWEVER, to infinity was awesome, sounds like one of the midi tracks you get with keygens and trainers for games, and from thats a compliment because i love them.

It wasn't to electric and dancy but still kept enough fun in it and enough strangeness to be interesting throughout.

Good work.
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Sonic-new wave thing. Nice. Love For Infinity! Is that you singing?
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aaron aardvark
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Innercelph, GuitarGuy2387, eatfresh1736, wozzsta, Skyvalve2012,
Thank you for the comments! I appreciate it! Yes, every song that has male vocals on my music website is me singing.
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I'm digging "for infinity"

The bass is catchy and the organ aswell, kinda moves from old school spooky cartoon territory to John Lord vibes. The singing made me think of ozzy osbourne, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

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For Infinity - Dig the groove and overall quirkiness of the tune, though drums could be a little more in the forefront. Overall, good song if a tad short.
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Thanks for the feedback!

I'm not really into electronica music and because of that I turned 'For Infinity' off half way through. It didn't really do anything for me but I really did like Reflections. It was really mellow and laid back. I listened to it 3 or 4 times in total.

Keep up the good work!
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I liked both songs
For Infinity -
Loved the solo! This song has sort of a detective-y vibe to it!
Reflections -
Nice melodies! The string sound you used however doesn't lend itself well to a lead melody. Perhaps something more dynamic or with a shorter attack would suit it better. I liked your rhythms but maybe you could change them up a bit later on and see if it works well.
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Hi Aaron, thanks for responding in my thread.

I don't have internet at home and listened to your recordings at a public computer, only have time to listen to the first 3 for now. So far I liked Reflections the best, and your work reminds me of Pink Floyd, which is not a bad thing. Keep up the good work.

- Nikko
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For Infinity is sick. So ambient and spacey but the drums drive the song, put a method to the madness and I love that. I think the biggest thing I would even call a flaw is I feel that the bass and snare drum could be a little bit warmer, but that being said I think the actual part is perfect for the song, and it compliments the delay and panning of the techno goods perfectly.

Reflections is arranged wonderfully, and I love the way each part built off of the last. It really is layered very well, and an awesome song I guess For Infinity is just more along my tastes lol

Here's a link to some of my music if you want it check it out http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1611480, and be as honest as you want, any feedback is better than none. Thanks brother.
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Thank you very much for your reply

For Infinity totally brings me back to a time when I was a kid staying up all night playing games, also kinda reminds me of stuff heard in flash games these days. Fun, uptempo beat, addictive.
Those vocals aren't really my piece of cake though, and I didn't quite enjoy the drum sound.

Reflections instantly reminded me of those success story commercials or motivational TV shows, simple, kinda uplifting. "Until I started drinking donkey yogurt, I hadn't taken a shit once in my life..." kind of things.
On the other end, it gets kinda repetitive.

I listened to some more of your stuff, overall, pretty unusual and quirky, the vocals especially. I liked How do you feel? and Keep in touch. Keep it rockin'!
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For Infinity is groovy but I don't like how basic the drums feel. I'd go for a more 808-ish or 909-ish kinda drum tone really. And you sound very nasal-y, I really don't like that. It's also a fairly shot song but apart from that it's okay I guess.
Reflection has a nice progression going, I dig it but it goes on for way too long. Change it up, have it build up to something: it was literally one riff with a synth lead coming in midway.
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Critting 'For Inifinity':

Very old school vibe in terms of synth choice, sounds good - vocals sound slightly off when they come in, both in terms of notes and mixing. Sound 'hollow' in relation to the synth parts but nevertheless it works. Love the synth at around 1:10, sounds very Jordan Rudess.

It's a solid track you've got for this style, but I think it could benefit from having either more vocal parts in it or none at all.
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