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of Prison and Palace
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Yeah that's what I'm saying. You paraphrased my point way better than I could have ever worded it.
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Originally Posted by Rossenrot
I feel good about our discussion Dave.

Originally Posted by lemurflames
I had a Blackstar. I felt like I was lied to by Chappers, that fat ****.

Originally Posted by Cathbard
Blackstar can blow me; dodgey ****ers.

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Rap Game John Wayne
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'George Galloway Declares Bradford an Israel Free Zone'

Why the **** would anyone want to visit that shithole anyway?


Oh, I'll break them down, no mercy shown,
Heaven knows, it's got to be this time,
Watching her, these things she said,
The times she cried,
Too frail to wake this time

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Originally Posted by Fisheth24
Thanks, going to read it now! Will come back with further questions I think!

You should know that was horrendously biased. Just wow.

'5. Why are people asking for Israel to end the "occupation" in Gaza?

Because they have short memories.

In 2005, Israel ended the occupation in Gaza. It pulled out every last Israeli soldier. It dismantled every last settlement. Many Israeli settlers who refused to leave were forcefully evicted from their homes, kicking and screaming.

This was a unilateral move by Israel, part of a disengagement plan intended to reduce friction between Israelis and Palestinians. It wasn't perfect -- Israel was still to control Gaza's borders, coastline, and airspace -- but considering the history of the region, it was a pretty significant first step.'

That is genuinely hilarious. I mean... For one people ask for the end of the illegal occupation of Palestine and the end of the Siege of Gaza. Second, it's basically splitting hairs? What's worse military occupation or military siege, blockade, denial of aid, indiscriminate shelling etc. ending the occupation so as to make it an open air prison. Good stuff. Not to mention the continued occupation of Palestine with ever expanding settlements.

Side not: I remember meeting a man in the West Bank whose house (him, wife and two small children) was in the path of an expanding settlement. So they completely encircled his house with an electric fence and built a little tunnel to get out. From where he couldn't drive his truck because to do so he would have to cross the Israeli only road which is a crime. The idea is of court users etch to force Palestinians to leave so the land can be taken. If this 'soft approach' doesn't work the settlers themselves help with violence and threatens of violence

And then we're told that the reason fewer Israelis die is because of iron dome and cause israel cares. Lol. And maybe also because Gaza doesn't have any tanks, planes artillery or army of note with which to actually kill any Israeli civilians.

The fact that it is even referred to as the Israel-Palestine 'conflict' is disgusting. There is no conflict there is no capability for effective military resistance. It is occupation and gradual ethnic cleansing which has been progressing since 48. The Israeli state was founded in Palestinian blood and has carried on in that vein (see: deir Yassin massacre and other similar ones through to the massacres in gaza today).

On a lighter note. Two massive boosts for the yes vote in scotland with the future of England survey revealing the level of punishment England wants for Scotland in the event of a no vote and bores johnsons comments pointing out that Scotland should receive no new powers in the same event. Lulz.

Also hi
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