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steven seagull
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About ch1ngchung's channel
This is the channel of the superior guitarist. The superior guitarist plays what he deems worthy of his level. He is on a whole new level of guitar-mastery. The superior guitarist started guitar in June, 2010. Before that date, he didn't even know what a "fret" was.

There's your problem. Right there.

Assuming that's not meant ironically you're way too far up your own arse, and with that kind of arrogance you'll never progress. You evidently only really care about one thing, being good at guitar so you can show off, and that's a poor mindset when it comes to improving.

Technically you have some ability and are quite mobile around the fretboard but your execution is poor, your notes don't ring out clearly, your picking is inconsistent, muting isn't good enough for the speeds you're trying to play at. Basically your over stretching yourself and trying way too hard to "be" good instead of focussing on the things you need to do to get good.

This thread shouldn't even exist because the brutal truth is you are nowhere close to being able to do that piece justice yet. If your been painting for two and a half years would you be bitching and whining that you couldn't paint the Mona Lisa yet?

A little humility goes a long way when it comes to learning the guitar, and you need to pull your head out of your arse and instead of telling yourself how amazing you are start being far more objective and self critical of your playing. The videos you've posted, yes you can kinda play them but you're playing them badly and it all looks very forced and mechanical which is the exact opposite of what you're trying to achieve. And you won't fix that by trying to learn more advanced stuff. You have to go back to basics and fix the fundamental flaws in your technique and understanding if you ever want to get close to the level you aspire to be at.
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Originally Posted by TNfootballfan62
People with a duck for their avatar always give good advice.

...it's a seagull

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i wanna see a clip of a recto buying some groceries.

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Couldn't agree more Steven

If you intend on learning Wonderful Slippery Thing you're going to have to really into it! unlike Yngwie songs, it's not mechanical in the slightest, it's all about groove, feel and control. That said, it could take many months or even a year before you could get it stage-ready (consistent practice)

And the slapping intro, it's sounds like he's using a filter of some sort i'm not very knowledgeable about effects but I do know the basic ones

I doubt this, considering I absolutely fail at slap but in WST the tab seems like pop and slapping BUT the uh.. arpeggio? seems like a pop, tap then slap. It could be a slap tap slap one of those.

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Shallow and pedantic.
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Originally Posted by Livingtime
And the slapping intro, it's sounds like he's using a filter of some sort i'm not very knowledgeable about effects but I do know the basic ones

He uses a Guyatone WR-3 Wah Rocker for that sound ( http://guyatone.com/Wr2.php ); it's a touch-sensitive filter effect so the harder you hit the strings the more the wah opens up. He consistently says it's one of his favourite effects because it really forces you to play dynamically.

I don't know what you're talking about when it comes to the 'arpeggio' you mentioned though, could you clarify a bit?
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Awesome tune, Gutherie is a fantastic player!
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I have a problem, every time I try to slap any string beside the low E, it barely sounds

EDIT: is it even possible to slap the G, B, and High E strings? (not pull, slap)

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cip 123
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The fact that you have to ask this just shows you need to practise more theres nothing wrong with the strings just practice.
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