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The Major Scale, Everyone!!!

STOP bugging casualty01 to tab out the same scales over and over and over. Dont say "well i see the C scale but i want the D"
because, they are the same exact thing, exact shape, but for a different key - you just need to 'slide' that shape over to begin with the note you want.

Originally posted by casualty01
heres your C-major scale in all 7 positions ...

just learn the shapes of these and you know all your major sales. the only difference is you play the same exact shape off of D , or E if you want those scales.

all the root notes (in these cases the note C , because these are all c major scales) have an R next too them.

being the guitar is very geometric and shape/pattern oriented, learn these 7 shapes and you can play all 12 major keys in every position.








these all cycle ... the next scale in this order would be the same one you started with ...but now on the 15th fret (everything after the 12the fret is identical too everything after open position ... so playing the first scale shape from the 15th fret gives you the same scale only an octave higher)

these are all root position (meaning they start on the root of the scale ...... in this case C.... which makes all of these scales C major) if you want an A major scale .... you use any one of these positions/shapes but start it on A ... same thing with any other Key. obviously there are diatonic notes below the root .... but starting with root begginings are vital for you too see their function and shape without getting all confused.

anymore Questions on anything realtaing to this, post em here.

keep on flufflying
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Sorry for asking you to tab me a scale earlier, cas

But thats the R stand for in the tabs?
Originally Posted by noxiosimitator
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it says it right before the scales
all the root notes (in these cases the note C , because these are all c major scales) have an R next too them.

they are root notes
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Um... Josh... I have one piece of advice for you. Learn how to read.

Originally posted by Casualty01
all the root notes (in these cases the note C , because these are all c major scales) have an R next too them.

But here's an excersise for you. Or something to look for anyway. Start on any C and look at the intervals (the tones and semi tones between the notes) and the pattern for a major scale will jump out at you:

C Tone D Tone E SemiTone F Tone G Tone A Tone B SemiTone C

A tone is 1 whole step (or 2 frets) and a SemiTone is 1/2 step (or 1 fret).

This is how you can apply it to any key. So let's do G major for fun: G A B C D E F# ... try doing some others for practice.

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Originally posted by SayItAintSo

I'll post some positions of the major scales later

.................................................. .......................................::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:!:!:!:!:!:!:! :!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:!:::!D:#$:%:@#$:@#:$ RR#"R$L!"$RL#":!@?$!@#?"$L:!@$:"SDA?FAFLJF":<?":}_{+}_{_L?>?L":P{HLGE+_#%^IO$GP:KS?<_@#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::.................................

What's all the buzz about??

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i went to cyberfret.com to check out some of the stuff they had. here's what i want to know.

i was about to start a new thread but saw this sticky, so i thought i'd reply here. i am learning the major, minor, and pentatonic scales right now. at cyberfret, i found this fingering thing for each scale.

(try it in courier font)

Basic minor scale fingering
functions indicated

|-----|--1--|-----|--2--|-b3--| -1st string
|-----|--1--|-----|--2--|-b3--| -6th string

Basic major scale
functions indicated

|--7--|--1--|-----|--2--| -1st string
|-----|--1--|-----|--2--| -6th string

Basic major pentatonic scale
functions indicated

|-----|--1--|-----|--2--| -1st string
|-----|--1--|-----|--2--| -6th string

Basic minor pentatonic scale
functions indicated

|--1--|-----|-----|-b3--| -1st string
|--1--|-----|-----|-b3--| -6th string

according yo yallz all you do is slide the position of the fingers up and down to start with the desired note. let's try g-major. i distinctly remember that postitioning of the fingers, being that it was the first scale i learned. it matches the basic major scale fingering perfectly. then i try the c -major scale and the positioning is all weird. how would you slide to that note (c) and start the scale? i dont understand that (if i did i could fly through any scale i wanted). the c-scale doesn't seem to match the fingering diagram. same with all the others. i would rather understand this than try to remember the scales by tabbing them out; if i knew the positions it wouldnt be a problem.

a little explanation would be useful here cas, but you dont have to tab out anything (which is what this sticky is all about NOT doing). thanks.
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|--7--|--1--|-----|--2--| -1st string
|-----|--1--|-----|--2--| -6th string

Ok redwing.

This is the basic major scale as you pointed out.

For a G major you would start your 1st degree on 3rd fret 6th string if you play that pattern exactly as it's written. So for a C major you would start it on 8th fret 6th string and play that exact same pattern.

If you look at Cas's tabs above you will see that exact C major scale tabbed out as one of the positions. Starting on 8th fret 6th string. He also did all the other positions too so look for how they relate. They're the EXACT same notes but they're played on different frets.

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ya i was fooling around during school with my guitar when i discovered this. thanks for the explanation though. i was a little blind there for a moment. i realized it wouldn't make sense to post a major scale (or minor or pentatonic) pattern if you dont start on the sixth string. I GET IT NOW. LORD HAVE MERCY.
Looking for my India/Django.
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