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Well my first real band disbanded pretty much because everyone was lazy except for me and another guy, and the drummer was a coke head. At least we went out with a bang opening up for some pretty popular bands (I See Stars). We just kind of parted ways I guess because all the clubs around here make it almost impossible for bands to play without paying them huge amounts of money.

I just found out today that my new band (we have been going for like 3 months) just broke up. Singer and drummer want to go onto new projects. We were going no where though and I honestly didnt even like it much....Still sucks though because now I am bandless again.

Hope 2013 brings me an awesome new band....
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First band, we actually bought our first instruments and decided to start a band... that's how into guitar. We practiced our instruments intense for a year, we actually were ready to start something, plus found a beast drummer, but the vocalist absolutely wanted to do pig squeals and breakdowns, because he had recently discovered deathcore and mallcore.... which led to the band splitting because nobody wanted to play deathcore and nobody wanted to play in a band without him...

Second band, the drummer absolutely hated what we wanted to play he was exclusively into brutal old school death metal. I was vocalist and rhythm guitarist, had a beast lead guitarist and absolutely intense bassist. We will reform as soon as we find a good drummer, just because my two other bandmates hate practicing without a drummer.

Third band, was invited at a band practice where vocalist only shouted stupid things like '' whore s ! **** the police ! why not free will? '' Other guitarist basically had any idea where he was and why, bassist was too high to actually care about time and notes.
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Originally Posted by theogonia777
We were fine with him just having his 5 in B. We kicked him because he was a real knucklehead. But we wouldn't have really needed him to play down that low anyway.

Ah, welll...ok. I do support kicking out of all knuckleheads. I've had to work with a few myself, though never really in a band situation.

Mostly, in regards to music, I've had to deal with idiots who take their drinking/partying more seriously than forming a band. So, after figuring that out about them, I basically never formally made a band with any of them.
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Originally Posted by neidnarb11890
first band, didn't break up b/c we all luv playing shitty punk songs in shitty basements too much. TOO TOUGH TO DIE, BABY.

1st band ftw
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