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Those lyrics...wow. I'm impresed. No idea what's going on, but tell whoever wrote this that he/she did a freaking amazing job!
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We actually wanted a real clean tone, but the Marshall amp didn't allow it haha! The result ended up nice, so we didn't mind. The vocals was re-recorded after the original vocals which was maybe more like how you described the "better vocals", but our singer wanted some more passion in the singing. We also added the female cleans, which to me is a big plus to the song.
And thanks alot for good words, and we really appreciate having a new potentional fan!

I just told him what you said, and he's very happy to hear it. Not many have given feedback on the lyrics (they can be a bit hard to hear haha), so thanks a lot!



Happy new year!

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That was amazing! I thought the instrumental very catchy and unique, clean vocals sound absolutely beautiful. The screams were good but they could use some more power maybe? Very interesting theme and word choice of the lyrics. Definitely a song I'd add to my playlist.

I really like your band's style. you earned yourself a subscriber haha xD can't wait to hear more from you guys! keep it up
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I love this song! Its already on my ipod. The only thing I can think of is that the female vocal in the chorus could be in the front instead of the growling and some parts which the guitars could be a little tighter, like the part before the vocals starts in the first verse. Over all good work guys, looking forward to hear more for from you!
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Hey guys, c4c ing here.

Im not really well accustomed to this specific type of metal but my impression is to bring the growls up a bit, and the kick drum seems a little too poppy for the music other than that, souds like something to burn churches too (i think, or are Varg jokes not welcome here)
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Thanks for the good words.
The female vocals will not be so much in the background next time, and the the mix will be better.


No fan of Varg's music or his actions at all. I find the joke a bit unappropriate, but I suppose you intended it to be funny. Thanks for the feedback anyway though!
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Wow, I didn't know we had this many Norwegians here on UG.

I'm not a big fan of those types of vocals, like the song in the OP, but I freaking loved the instrumentals.

My band is not metal, but we write lyrics in Norwegian, so I haven't really bothered asking UG about feedback.

If any Norwegians want to check out my band, that would be awesome. If you're not Norwegians but still want to check it out, go ahead, I won't deny you.

Here's a link to one of our originals, from a concert we played a few months back.

And here's our Facebook page. (Shamelessly advertising)

The rest of our recorded songs are also on the Facebook page. We do have a lot more songs now, though, and we are working on an album.
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This is a first demo? The sound is awesome! Studio quality, this ain't done at home for sure.
The playing is faultless, the riffs heavy yet catchy and melodic, impressive stuff. Loving the bit after the first lead break.
All round good stuff well produced.

Please if you have time check out my latest.
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Glad to hear you liked it (the instrumentals at least).


We appreciate hearing the good words, but don't forget to point out things we can improve too! The playing could be much tighter, so I have to disagree on the "faultless playing" haha!
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This is interesting, there's some great riffing going on in this song, the intro part and the riff at 3:30 are sweet. I wasn't expecting female vocals but they definitely add another dimension to the sound. Regarding the guitar tone, I think it could do with some EQ work, maybe cutting out some treble and boosting the low mids, at the moment I think it sounds a bit screechy and harsh. Also maybe a some compression, for example during the part at 1:55 the palm muted notes sound quieter than the non-muted notes. Just my 2 cents. The drums sound great, and overall the song is well written and fun to listen to.

Could you review my track at this link: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1582540 Cheers!
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aaron aardvark
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The intro occasional high pitch guitar harmonic (?) thing: sometimes it distorts too much. Otherwise I like the guitar playing/riffs. Drums sound good. The female vocals are nice to hear for something different on a metal song (I like that better than the male "evil" vocals). Please review my music at this link:

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Thanks for the crit! Here's mine on yours:

The clean intro sounded nice. But the song itself reminds me a lot of Breaking Benjamin with more creativity.

The riff starting at :45 is alright. It sounds very standard to me, so it doesn't stick out at all especially for a verse riff. The vocals aren't my cup of tea, but they're wayyy buried in the mix. As is the female vocals (which, coincidentally remind me of the girl who sang on Cynic's "The Portal Tapes").

The chorus itself is alright. Very catchy, so you got that! But it reminds me a lot of Bullet for My Valentine Don't know if that's what you're going for, but eh.

Love the riff after the intro riff though and right before both verses.

More female vocals, definitely. She's a good singer.

At around 2:50ish I notice the snare is really... low in the mix and doesn't have any power to it. Almost like you're just kind halfass hitting it. Re-mix it and EQ it to stand out and accent rather than just "sit" y'know?

The leads in that section are alright. They're just kind of "there". They don't stand out, but they fit. Just get a little more creative with it.

The rest of the song is parts I've heard already, so there ya go!

Good song, not really my cup of tea, but it's not bad! I could see it on the radio (take that as you will . Just mix it a lil better and bring the vocals more forward and it'd sound nice.

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