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be movin yo bricks
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Originally Posted by neidnarb11890
well, not necessarily. as i said, punk has often been construed & expressed as nihilism, and it's easy to see how someone with "no values" can fall for a "philosophy" (libertarianism) that ostensibly offers social freedom & individual liberty via "small government."

not to suggest that i condone right-wing punk.

ja, though I'd say nihilism wasn't the core principle; more something that developed among more disillusioned people, as the earlier stuff was an affront to capitalism and authoritarianism more than anything else, and even when the nationalists (who were also socialist) came in, the shit they got from people was incredibly aggressive.
"Ostensibly" would be the word yeah, haha. Problem is that those who really were into politics in the movement knew about that, and as such avoided it and moved right to the left because they knew of the pretence. That said, nihilism is a philosophical area rather than a socioeconomic one, and one's morality towards exploitation - even among the most childish of nihilists - would still often be against the state and free market.

Originally Posted by Chaise Boogie
I am quite sure that libertarian and conservative are not on the same side of politics. In some situations I guess corporations are free to grow, but that isn't all that either party is about. Rightfully both are opposite, I'd figure.

But again I don't do politics, so you can probably just ignore what I said.

they are right wing rather than left or centrist. The common misconception is that leftist is synonymous with liberal - it is demonstrably not. Liberals still support capitalism, whereas someone who is considered or considers themselves leftist usually fall pretty far to the left.

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I got no learnin'
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Originally Posted by ss311
Thank you, good sir. I do confess you are probably right. It seems I have missed my chance to announce my survival in a grand manner.

The forum appears to be quiet these days.
All the kids grew up and all the adults finally grew up too.
Journalism is just a gun. It's only got one bullet in it, but if you aim right, that's all you need. Aim it right, and you can blow a kneecap off the world.

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yeah that happens, but where are the new kids?
they're being supervised
on facebook
or on tumblr or reddit or 4chan or whatever
giant content-indifferent platform is current now.

bury the internet.
i can't even google
anything anymore.
nothing but factory content farms.
youtube finally made me display "my name."

the kid in third grade
whose family didn't have a tv
wow that was radical, right?
what did they do?
now only old people watch tv.

they watch their programs
more consciously now
on netflix and whatever,
but it's still stupid tv to me - no thank you,
i set my monitor to black and white.

bury the internet.
the next counterculture
won't use it,
mark my words,
or my name isn't fux gooxle.

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█▐▌█▐▌ are you making music these days??
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I had not written a legitimate song for a year and a half, until, as it happens, last week. It lacks a line and maybe a verse or two; maybe I will finish it someday. I had another, better creative outlet, but it's all but gone now. I still feel guilty when I am not studying language or dialectic, but, seeing how that practice has passed from obsessional to perverse, I am starting to feel more guilty when I am doing it. Another obstacle is the impossibility of creativity in the immediate presence of the internet's sublime plenitude of creativity. But I think I just now formulated the solution. So I may or may not put more time into "creativity."


K. and I have not really entertained the pretense of being a band for a few months. We do not really recognize ourselves in "the public" of parties, students/dropouts who like to drink and pretend to enjoy. I am OK with the otherness (I sometimes even find it stimulating) but K. is not. We have never really found playing music to be very fun or purposive, anyway. I was also tied up for some time due to school, then illness. I still am to some degree, with the latter. We might do something, regardless, as an excuse to hang out. I do not like our repertoire very much. I would rather play covers, like "La Bamba" and those two German Beatles songs. I also do not like playing guitar and drums at the same time. K. and I talked about getting another friend to play simplified drums, but he probably will not want to. Besides, he and K. have a history of squabbling.

thanks for asking, by the way.

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keep on keepin on, brother
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