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Originally Posted by Fumble fingers
bummer on the prices in europe , a good dealer here will blow ebay prices away , you can get a lot of options and still be around 1100.00

X2 on the Tokai's , the local G & L dealer has Tokai's too and they are a real nice option for under a 1000.00

yeah here the USA ones start at about £1200, unfortunately (the guts of $1900), and that's the bog basic ones.

i *think* proguitarshop and places like that ship them outside the USA (don't quote me on that, just they don't list them on their list of "we don't ship these brands abroad" list) and that'd probably be the way to go if you wanted one new in europe- as long as you were ok with the associated higher risk of buying from abroad. From what I hear, though, even in the UK, G&L second-hand prices are pretty cheap, so that might be another way to do it.

Originally Posted by samuraigoomba
How does a Tokai Breezysound compare to a Fender MiA (special) or G&L USA telecaster? Because I'm planning to make my first tele a quality instrument and I'm trying to figure out which is the best for under 1,000. Mostly for rock/blues, and a wide but thin (no baseball bat) neck profile would be nice.

I haven't tried an american special, and it's ages since I tried a G&L. I'd suspect not quite as nice as a G&L. Not sure about the fender. They're normally on par with the MIJ Fenders (maybe even slightly better- or at least, normally better value and with better woods, hardware and pickups, at least compared to the non-export MIJ Fenders), if that helps.

Originally Posted by afoolandaknave
With the Fret Kings, what is the difference between Black and Blue ranges?

The Green and Stvdio lines on their site appear to be more 'custom shop' ranges, but how do the others compare to say the Fender MIC/MIM/MIA standards in terms of build and hardware quality?

the greens and stvdios are made in the UK (I heard somewhere that they were only assembled in the UK, but I haven't corroborated that), and as such are much more expensive.

The black label range is newer and seems to have coincided with cheaper (not japanese gotoh) hardware, cheaper/more pieces of wood (on some models) and cheaper (again, on some models) pickups. And normally at no cheaper prices, sometimes even dearer prices! (The list price of the blue labels is more, but deals are available pretty much all the time which bring the prices down to the £400-£500 mark- I wouldn't pay much more than £400 for one, in other words, since you can get them at £400 every day of the week pretty much.)

I haven't tried the black labels, but considering all of that, unless there's a model which you can't get in the blue label range and which you have your heart set on (or you get it really cheap), I'd consider the blue label range to be "better" than the black label range.

Obviously guitars aren't just specs on a piece of paper, so obviously bear that in mind, but at the same time if the same manufacturer has guitars with a higher spec, normally they're better. Even if they're the same quality, they have better hardware etc. For (normally) less money.

Bear in mind I haven't tried any fenders for a few years, so maybe they've changed, but based on what I have tried, I'd rather have a blue label fretking than an MIM standard. Probably rather than even the higher-end MIMs like the classics (though their spec is closer to MIJ tokais, admittedly you're not quite comparing like with like). I haven't tried the MIC Fenders but I'm guessing they're not as good as the MIMs.

I'd probably put the Fretkings slightly below MIJ Fenders (and MIJ tokais), which tend to be considered as between MIM and MIA.

As everyone else has been saying, though, preference plays a fairly big part, too. and all these instruments have different specs and neck profiles etc., there's not much sense in getting an objectively slightly better guitar if you hate playing it!

Edit: it's probably also worth pointing out that fender will have the best resale value by some margin- something of a self-fulfilling prophecy, but you can't buck the system alone either. fret king probably has the worst.
Originally Posted by classicrocker01
Only on UG would I say I got engaged and bought a jet city and get congratulated on the amp

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Thanks for the suggestions!
There are a couple in particular i really like the sound of!
Godin Session Custom and G&L ASAT Deluxe. Both guitars sound amazing, just need to find somewhere cheap to buy one of them.. I still have my eyes open, thanks!
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You're more likely to get a good deal on a used Godin than a used G&L, partly because of G&L's association with Leo Fender, partly because they are the better brand in general. And even though they've been around a while, Godin is still trying to get recognized for what they are- damn good guitars.

I have had my hands on 3 nearly pristine used Godins this year at Guitar Center, two under $500, one under $400, each as good or better than any of the pricier used Fenders I saw. Two had been hanging on the wall for more than 9 months when I found them. In each case, I went home to consider my finances...

Apparently, I have a stalker with similar tastes in guitars, because when I went back for those poor, abandoned Godins, they were gone.
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Iam also looking for a tele they have a nice sound
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