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Retail price (some of the stuff I have I don't even know the original retail price so I would rather underprice than overprice.

Triamp MK1 - 3000$ (the MKII cost around 3700 so it might be underpriced actually, since I am pretty sure the MK1 was around the same price.
Peavey Valveking - 670$
Carlsbro 71 Large cab - 700$ (again it is hard to put a price on as it went out of production.
Randall RG 50TC - 690$
Morley Bad Horsie II 175$
Blackstar HT Dual - 276$
Line 6 Uber Metal - 236$
MXR KFK-1 - 241$
Rocktron Tri-wah - 138$
Riot Black Box - 68$
Ibanez TS9 - 207$
Boss Metal Zone - 132$
Washburn X-20 - 260$
Vintage Lemon Drop - 565$
Dean Z-X - 397$
LTD Viper 1000 Deluxe - 1226$
Ibanez JEM 555BK - 1295$
Caparison Horus - 2503$

All in all it will end up in a retail price of 12779$

Mind that the prices are for the gear in Denmark! And of course I haven't paid that much for it, i've bought it used!

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Funny this thread came up, I've been wondering about this with all the stuff I've been buying/selling/trading lately!

I'll be going off what I paid for stuff. The guitars were all bought new, but with the exception of my Avatar 4x12, and maybe a pedal or two, the rest of the stuff I scored used.

Gibson SG - $1300
Jackson DK2M - $600 (Got it back when they were a bit cheaper new)
Agile Septor Pro 727 - $800

ENGL Fireball 60 - $850
Avatar Contemporary 4x12 - $600
1972 Fender Bassman head - $400
Late 1960's? Fender 2x12 cab - $200

MXR GT-OD - $100
MXR Phase 90 - $50
EXH Holy Grail Plus - $145 (Got it as part of a trade, so going off of new price I guess)
Late 1980's BOSS CE-2 - $80
1984 Ibanez FL-9 - $125
ISP Decimator G-string - $200

This list only includes currently owned gear/excludes things like pickup swaps, maintenance, etc. It also excludes some bass gear and recording stuff I also own (which would probably add another $1200-1400).

Looks like I total out to $5450. It'll go up a bit more soon once I snag up a tele and a few more pedals
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Fender Stratocaster AVRI 56. 1,600
Gibson Les Paul Traditional. 1,400
Fender MiM Telecaster. 450

Fender Supersonic 212 60w. 800
Fender Super 60. 300

Moog Ring Modulator. 200
Digitech Whammy V. 150
Boss RC-30 Loop Station. 250
RMC Wah. 150
Fulltone Dejavibe. 220
Fulltone OCD. 130
Ibanez TS9. 110
EHX Big Muff. 55
TC Flashback X4. 200
EHX Cathedral Reverb. 100
EHX Deluxe Memory Man 550-TT. 235

Originally Posted by Shredwizard445
Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

Originally Posted by Shredwizard445
Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

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Originally Posted by greeny23

I like this. We should start using the Klon as a measure of value. Most rigs in this thread are worth about one Klon.
Rhodes Gemini
Fryette Ultra Lead
Peavey 6505
THD Flexi 50

Gibson R0 Prototype
EBMM JP13 Rosewood
Fender CS Mary Kaye


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Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe 300 (got for 230)
Westfield E4000 150 (got for 95)

Line 6 Pocket Pod 70
Behringer US600 40
CryBaby GCB95 65 (got for 80)

Total: 624, (515) and over 6 years it's done pretty well I'd say!
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Originally Posted by mmolteratx


WTLT GG&A 2008 WTLT EG 2006 WTLT GB&C 2009

Field Marshall 7 strings/ERG Amps!
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Sorry if I'm gravedigging or anything, this is just a really cool thread.

Be prepared to be underwhelmed!

LTD EC-50 : 17k
PRS SE One : 33k (Free for me though)
Fender Mustang 1 : 10k
DigiTech Screamin' Blues : 3.5k
Hardwire DL8 : 14k
Crybaby GCB95 : 6k
ReezaFRATzitz 2 : 200 euro ie. 15.5k

I don't know how to value other things like stands I've got built, a Musima elektra V someone gave me etc.

So all that crappy gear totals up to........ 99,000 INR, or $1645 USD.

Gear is expensive here
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i'm doing second-hand prices, because **** the system.

Fender: MIM Cabronita - $550
Strymon: Mobius - $400
Korg: Kaoss Pad KP-2 - $150
Electro-Harmonix: Deluxe Memory Man Tap Tempo - $400
Peavey: Classic 50 2x12 - $550
Z.Vex: Fuzz Factory (handpainted) - $200
Kustom: '72 Coupe 2x12 - $650
Cioks: DC-10 power supply - $200
Paul Cochrane: Timmy - $180
Takamine: TED50CN - $150
Korg: Microkorg - $250
Weehbo Effekte: Bastard - $200
Hagstrom: Swede (RI) - $400
G-Lab: Wowee-Wah - $140
TC Electronic: Ditto Looper - $130
Ibanez: J Custom 1608AM - $1200
Basic Audio: Tri/Ram Muff - $170
Digitech: Whammy V - $160
Klon: KTR - $500

altogether, $6580. let's say 6k for conservative pricing.
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