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Originally Posted by mattrusso
Get a smaller amp! Chances are, you have absolutely no use for amps that powerful. Even for decent sized club gigs, you don't really need over 30 watts, and it seems like you're just playing in your bedroom. Wouldn't it piss you off if you constantly heard him playing his music while you were tryina do your thing? Sorry dude, but your dad's in the right.

Well, he does often play his drums along with a loud PA system, so he technically does do the same thing.

I do understand that it isn't a very big deal. I was just seeing what you guys would recommend for possible solutions since it is a pain.

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Work on your relationship with him outside of the issue. Do your best do get along and you won't regret doing some of the things other people are telling you to do.

You get get a much smaller amp to play with when he's home and use your other ones when he is out.

Don't talk to him with the intention of getting your way. ATtempt a friendly discussion about the greater reasons behind his values and why he likes the music he likes, etc.
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Well, he does often play his drums along with a loud PA system, so he technically does do the same thing.

This is squarely in the Parent's Playbook chapter, "Do As I Say, Not As I Do"- a.k.a. Adult Hypocrisy.

But as has been pointed out, as long as you're under his roof, he makes the rules- up until the point of things the law recognizes as being illegal/immoral.

This isn't one of those things where you can "win" in most households.
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^ yeah
Originally Posted by classicrocker01
Only on UG would I say I got engaged and bought a jet city and get congratulated on the amp

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You should really have a headphone amp so you can play even if somebody's sleeping. And by headphone amp I mean amp with headphone output or multi FX pedal. Usually Multi FX pedals also have USB out so you can record your playing easily. (They might include a recording software like Cubase and if not, Audacity is a free recording software.)

So I would recommend some kind of Multi FX. I'm using Digitech RP355, it gets the job done. Go and try some multi FX pedals.
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