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Originally Posted by ikey_
used CE 24s and 22s can go as low as 700-800 in varying condition. most nice used ones will be up around 900-1000.

i saw a johnny hi land signature used for 1450 and a PRS semi hollow for 1950, which is currently down the street at the local store on sale. for 1950 a hollow body pre is unheard of.

for what you pay, PRS guitars don't really have the best resale, perhaps some models better than others. shocking actually.

however, if you look into carvin, i just bought a CT624 after spending a lot of time with PRS guitars. i have found very few PRS guitars that can match Carvin with the custom specs i orders (custom woods, hand finished back of neck, stainless frets, etc. that kins of stuff).

i am floored with my carvin. absolutely speechless. as in...why would anybody buy a PRS? and its about half the cost.

downside, the pickups and wiring are not nearly as good. good, but comparable? no.

PRS is a great guitar, i would love to own one. but dollar for dollar, feature for feature, Carvin is about 3x the value.

I have had 2 carvins and 2 USA made prs. The carvins don't even compare. Not close. Carvin pickups need replaced day 1.... I like them, but I would defiantly go prs in that price range price range.
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Originally Posted by ikey_
i saw a johnny hi land signature used for 1450 and a PRS semi hollow for 1950, which is currently down the street at the local store on sale. for 1950 a hollow body pre is unheard of.

not completely. i picked up a hollowbody spruce for $1500 a couple years ago and there was one on tgp used for $1700 recently.

just pointing out it does happen. my local sam ash has one for around $2k now.
Originally Posted by Roc8995
I don't think I've ever played anything in black walnut. It's a great ice cream flavor, so I assume it works well for a strat too.

Originally Posted by JustRooster
The slugs in the pickups for telecasters are from old winchester rifles, which is why they sound so country.
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starcounter = agree to disagree. i think a lot of it is that i can customize my carvin to my specs.

for example, i was playing a 3000ish dollar mcarty if i remember in GC and i hated the back of neck finish, etc etc. i didn't see much better build than the carvin, i dislike PRS wrap around unadjustable bridges

and carvin woods are better at almost any price point, not taking into account that my guitar was about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of comparable PRSs.

BUT I AGREE - the pups and electronics are nowhere near prs quality.

to get back on topic, yeah a ce24 used is about one of the best deals in the guitar world when taking into account quality for the money.
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I'm still stuck on this statement that the S2 uses SE hardware. Where did this statement come from?

I just think it would be a disservice to start or continue spreading an incorrect rumor like that. Here's the info on the S2 line: http://prsguitars.com/s2series/about/. I mean the trem is the same as on the SE, but the other pieces all seem to be specifically for the S2 line but the other bridges aren't...

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Well if they use the SE bridge, is it really hard to think that the rest of the hardware is the same?
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