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Thanks for the comment!
"Everything I Can" : I really liked the robotic/chaotic feel in the beginning. I'm not sure if the chimes ~0:55 work. I liked the vocal delivery but it felt too loud and 'in-your-face', if you know what I mean. I enjoyed the danger/action vibe in between parts and in the outro.
"Because I Love You" : That bass riff ! At first, I thought the panned synths were too loud but then I got used to them. I was enjoying this song until the howling(?) part and percussion ~1:30 started. The change in vibe felt too drastic, IMO. The sitar(?) ~2:30 sounded great. When both vocals entered, the mix sounded a bit cluttered.
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Man, I dig them!

Everything I Can is pretty awesome, I love when the beat comes in. The only thing I didn't like was the snare drum, sounds a bit too thin and weak for my liking.

Because I Love You just makes me feel like putting a leather jacket on and stealing a motorbike... RADICAL!
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Ha ha what the guy above me said ^ Bass sounded cool on it though dude, and the vocals were mixed in really well with the rest of the tracks and I liked some of the little extra effects and the percussion. Keep it up
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Im not really a fan of electronic music but the first song has very cool start. One thing though is the intro is a bit too long for me. It kinda slows down the excitement. But hey, that's just me. Again, I'm not really into techno kinda music, so this is just my first impression.

"Because I love" - Wonderfull bass rhythm. I really like the overall feeling on this one. Really cool and fun.
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As I've heard your songs before, I look forward to when you add new songs.

"Everything I Can": I'm thinking of Devo a little bit as I listen to this :-) I really can't say much, because this is really well done for this style of music. The mix is balanced well. The timbres of the instruments work well with the song/vibe. Good stuff!

"Because I Love You": I'm enjoying the beginning with a smile, especially with that lead synth. Hmmm....my only criticism is that I've heard you use that bass synth sound before in your other songs. If you're trying to unify the sound of an album, that's not a bad thing....but I don't know, for me, I'd like to hear maybe a different sample. Other than that, I like it. Nice female vocals too!!

Could you go to my thread and leave a comment there, on the song in post #2, just skip over the video in post #1 (the two songs are related though BTW):http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1591730
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thanks for the crit dude!
listened to Because I Love You:
first off: DAT 8-BIT FEEL, good production too and I like how the song turns around constantly.
The bass could use a bit more, bass though has a but too much treble imo but that all comes down to preference in the end.
Nice vocals as well, too bad they come into the song so late.
Good tune overall you allways been putting out the little quirky stuff but it's allways good!
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Thanks for the crit man!
I've listened to Everything I Can and Because I Love You and I'm noticing you really have a style of your own. Reminds me a bit of Nine Inch Nails at some points, but then at other points it sounds waaay different. Like a trippy robot making sounds.
Love the vocals in both songs, makes it a bit darker and more mysterious.
Also good job on keeping it interesting throughout the songs!
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"Everything I Can" is quite unique and I love the industrial vibe it has, and the sort of new wave undertone it carries with it. It wasn't at all predictable, and I enjoyed it!

I really dig the bassline on "Because I Love You", and the lead, and the minimalism in the beginning, and the vocals. The out of tune toms were a tad bit jarring, but I think that's what you were going for so no harm there. I love the bit around 2:30 where the harpsichord comes in and everything starts to build. The vocals in this section (especially yours) are stellar. Overall, I love the atmosphere of this song and...well, just about everything about it really! Great work!
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