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Originally Posted by Thrashtastic15

lots where I just plain couldn't stand the people and very awkwardly had to find a way to let them down gently, y'know?

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I was in 8th grade so this was like 1999 or 2000. Back then one of the fads was this yo-yo balls that were made of elastic rubber and had this liquid inside of them. The would spring back and bounce off just about anything. This was my first date ever, we were walking in the mall after eating at Applebees. The vendor who sells these stupid yo-yo balls was showing them off by throwing them at people and snapping it back right before it hit them. Well he throws it at me, the rubber line snapped, yo-yo ball hits me in the chest full force, disgusting green slime explodes all over me in front of my date and everyone in the mall. Had to go buy a new outfit, had green stuff in my hair, got laughed at by a crowd which embarassed my date. Needless to say, we never went out on another date after that lol.
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How about a first date that never really happened? Friends of the girl told me she was interested and would be in a pub that night if I cared to go up there. So, got to pub with my mate, who was trying to cop off with one of her mates, sort of spoke to her "hello" kind of thing, and guess what the recently-ex-boyfriend with all his mates just happened to walk in the door. We weighed up the situation and made a fast exit, not fast enough to avoid it all kicking off in the carpark though.

Found out later she was "really sorry"....sorry love, you'll have to do a bit better than that was my reply.
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Although it wasn't the first time I'd went out with this girl, the first one that felt like an actual date went sorta uuugh. We met up, talked quite a bit, got high with some fiiiine stuff and went to see a Danish indie film or something. We turned out to be the only people there, it was a screening very late at night. The film began, we watched for a bit, but then started making out and kept at it till the rest of the film (I still don't know what it was about ) it was very, very pleasant. After the movie was done we went to a club to meet with some of her friends and it was one of the most awkward things ever, we pretty much stood there, the effects of the substance drizzling away, not really knowing what to say. Awkward silence that pretty much ruined everything. I think I've managed to cope with it quite well, although the days after I felt pretty terrible. Luckily though we didn't stop communicating entirely after that, talked the whole thing through and stayed friends and I hope we keep it up, because she really is a very awesome person.
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I came only to this thread to see if T00D33P had posted his being-whipped-with-a-rusty-sword-in-the-showers-by-masochistic-girl-story. But he hasn't yet. No one else may post until this story is shared.
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This man has brains.

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Banned for indirect reference.
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