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Well im not talking about buying a new amp and speaker in just trying to get the most out of the amp I have which I love and is a combo amp
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Originally Posted by riffhog
The best way to get saturated tube power amp tone is using a re-amp rig like Van Halen's original rig. Crank main amp to 10 w/ a load box instead of a cab. Line out from main amp to separate power amp which drives the speaker cab. The cranked main amp acts like a pre-amp in the signal chain. With this setup, you get the full sound, tone, & dynamic response of your main amp fully cranked, & it sounds virtually the same at any volume, even at whisper volume-which is all controlled by the separate power amp (I use a cheap $99 Crate Power Block).
There is not any other setup that will come even close to this for supreme performance & tone. That's why EVH used it for the first 20 yrs of his career.

You forgot to mention that Eddie was changing power tubes every other day because how hard his power tubes got pushed everyday.
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Originally Posted by ragingkitty
You forgot to mention that Eddie was changing power tubes every other day because how hard his power tubes got pushed everyday.

I've run my Mojave Scorpion wide open into a load all the time for several years, & have not replaced a single tube on it yet, but it has a power scaling feature also. Yes, it would be hard on the tubes for most amps, but no more so than a power attenuator.

To DannyV783- Yeah, I know it's a bit more expensive to build this type of rig, but it can be done with your combo as well. You could have a separate power amp drive your combo's cab. Unfortunately, most amps don't have a guitar level signal line out jack after the power stage, so that would have to be modded by an amp tech, but it's not very expensive. Also, a load box/attenuator costs a lot, but remember that a load box & extra power amp are long term investments that can be used for other purposes also.
I just threw this out here so people are aware of how cool a sound you can get at any volume if you invest in some extra gear, esp for people who are investing in an attenuator already-then it's just a small step to add a power amp & line out. You can use almost any power amp to drive the cabs. I used to use an old home stereo receiver for a power amp (that I got at a garage sale for $10).
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