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I've had sleep paralysis this morning because of lack of sleep. It was crazy because there was a bit of light out and I could somewhat see but couldn't move at all and I could still hear the crazy animal screams of the dream I had.
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Tried to start a dream journal a while ago but gave up. I either forgot to write down my dream and forgot what it was as the day progressed, or I was just too damn tired/lay to bother, and then I'd forget what happened in the dream as the day progressed, again.

A lot of shit in my dreams is way too abstract to put into words too. That was the probably the hardest part.
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I haven't started a dream journal yet, but I did have a lucid dream last night. I was in an empty bar and suddently remembered to look at my hands. My hands were waving from left to right, telling me it was a dream. When I realized this, I walked towards the door being aware, only to go outside and lose lucidity. I didn't wake up though.
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i woke up at 6am one morning, fapped, then went back to bed and had a crazy lucid dream where i was walking in a forest and saw a deer/goat/horse or something. then i woke up, was paralyzed, then all of a sudden my eyes started to vibrate and i saw this massive egyptian mural thing infront of me and it was flashing and there was this high pitch whine and low pitch wobbly tone and static and some unknown voice speaking in some weird language, after about 20 seconds i woke up and said "shit"
dreams like that happen like once a month for me, just completely whacked shit that i could never even hope to imagine.

like a night or 2 ago, i had a dream where i had a WWII esque flamethrower and i was burning down this jungle forest thing and it was all up in flames. then i got in this motorboat and i was in this small river then there was this alligator coming after me so i was like oh shit back the fuck up and i woke up.
if i could document my dreams in video that would be a new level of crazy. the worst is becoming lucid and trying to piss and realizing that you're in a dream and waking up with a bladder about to burst.
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I've tried to animate a few in flash but gave up on trying to portray "iridescent, translucent interweaving flowers growing from all directions". Could try again in 3ds or something. In the meantime just imagine that shit instead, Wo0o0o0ow.
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I remember that one dream. I had spiders all over me and I hate spiders. so I flicked one off of me. Then I woke up and looked at the wall and there was this creepy spider there. But as I woke up, it slowly faded away and disappeared. Amazing! I must have been still dreraming when I saw the spider on the wall and then it disappeared as I slowly woke up.

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