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I don't want to make a thread just to air out all my dirty laundry from this weekend but I need to vent.

When I really think about it, when I really sit down and think about it, my problems are nothing. But are they really? An e-mail tonight brought me to the brink of tears as I found out I did not get the job of my dreams for the summer, which was a job I was 100% qualified for and thought I had in the bag. This was just the last straw of a weekend that saw me getting in an accident while trying to get home for my Mom's birthday, getting a bad cold, getting absolutely fleeced at work and having a perfectly healthy manager call in sick (who was my only help for the evening) while I dealt with lines out the door and having almost no staff to support me. All of this and I can't sleep, so dealing with these things has been challenging to say the least. I just want to be happy and surrounded by my friends again, it has been way too long.

As for the accident, it wouldn't have happened if I wasn't covering my incompetent roommate's ass at work. His fiancee was in town and he didn't feel like working, so he called in and said he blew out his back (which was idiotic because he made it known to many people his fiancee was coming in on friday and he was trying to get his shift covered). He then proceeds to ask me to go into work for him until 2 pm - this is on friday at noon mind you, he was asking me to drop what I was doing and go into work for him - and offers some money as incentive. Because I'm a good person (too nice) and actually care about the people I work with, I go in and cover his dumb ass. On my way back, I get in the accident. I'm not blaming him personally for the guy that rear-ended me, but it sure would've been nice to be safe back at the apartment.

I'm so tired of his ****ing bullshit. He's lazy, sexist, racist, has no filter, his sense of humor is idiotic, his voice makes me cringe, he's a pervert and won't leave the girls at work alone or stop making sexist comments to my and my other roommates' female friends (I think he thinks they are all walking vaginas desperate for his saving embrace), and he never shuts the **** up about things nobody cares about. I have no idea how he is engaged, let alone to a girl who I think he doesn't deserve at all. He thinks he's hard as **** but doesn't realize he peaked in high school, since then he's gotten chubby and really hasn't made many friends at all in college. Obviously people see through his BS and don't really want to hang out with him, unfortunately I got suckered into rooming with him two years in a row because he had no one else to go with and I'm too nice. Thank god I also live with my best friend. I could go on for hours about the guy, but honestly I just can't wait til he graduates and until then I treasure all time off I get from him.

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Originally Posted by Vermillionpart2
I was decently - not very, but enough - of a social person throughout high school, and now that I'm going to college and staying on residence, it's like I've become a whole new person. In the worst sense of it. I kind of made one friend in my class, and we were partners to do an assignment worth 40% of the grade, and I had to do it all by myself. I mean, at least I get the marks and will pass, but believe it or not you were my first friend here. And now I have no one again.

I tell people that I have no friends here because I hate everyone here, and I'm sure they know that's a lie as much as I do. It's just that I started stuttering again, and I'm also apparently quite very shy. Combine those and you have a recipe for someone who sits in their room playing a bit of bass (and very mediocre at it), plays computer games, and browses the internet. This is not how I though my college experience would be.

I'm in the same boat bro. I just can't make any friends. It's fvcking lonely.
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lava lamps though
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Originally Posted by sporkface
I'm in the same boat bro. I just can't make any friends. It's fvcking lonely.

really looking forward to the christmas break so I can get high with my friends for a month before coming back to this place for second semester.

We can get through this loneliness!
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repubelickin' logisticide
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Almost everyone in my life is finding a new ****ing way to victimize me in every way possible. At this point I really just want to disappear from everyone and everything or die, this has been the worst year of my life so far but I say that every year so it doesn't ****ing matter anymore It'll only get worse cause that what always ****ing happens. I wish I could redo the last 5 years of my life and forget about everyone I've ever met or Maybe just end it all before it starts so I don't ever have to live like this again. If worst comes to worst by the end of the year then I'm just closing my doors to everyone cause this just isn't ****ing worth it anymore
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So ****ing pissed. Been crushing on Anna for months, she asks ME out and then ditches me. **** that bitch.
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According to my boss, I'm f*cking a secretary and a waitress. His "proof?" I talk to them.

At first I was absolutely pissed. I've been with the same woman for a few years now and the idea of infidelity like that really got to me. But thinking about it now, its absolutely hilarious that they think I'm a man-*****/stud. I've had more women think I was a closet gay than I'm comfortable to admit.

The real kicker is that both women are either engaged or living with their significant other.

Oh well.
Originally Posted by PaulyVengeance
I'm growing to enjoy reading your posts.
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Fu k you you stupid god damn ****. It's the ****ing holidays and I have to work both of my god damn jobs today and I don't feel like dealing with any bullshit. I don't give a god damn **** who you are, you pay for our ****ing services, you don't like them GET THE **** OUT.

It's ****ing Christmas eve and I have to work 16 hours today. I don't get to see my family at all and I'll barely get to see them tomorrow so I don't feel like dealing with any of your god damn self entitled bullshit. I ****ing HATE customer service. I hate dealing with ****ing cunts like you who treat people who are here to help you like ****ing shit. You are the VERY reason why I've come to despise people over the years, why I barely want any social interaction with anyone and you are the type of person who makes me want to ****ing punch everyone I meet in the mouth. I swear to ****ing god if you come up here I will throw you through the ****ing window and shit on your ****ing corpse
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something tells me you need a new job. custumor service is a hell to work in indeed bro
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My username is not true
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Shut the **** up, shut the **** up, shut the **** up.....that's what's going through my head every time I hear you open your mouth.

Yeah, you're my brother and I do love you, but you are one of the most insufferable people I've ever met. No one wants to hear the running commentary of mundane crap you're doing right this second or at any point in your life.

No one likes listening to you talk and then just add heaps of big words in to a sentence just so you think you can sound smart. Your two Uni degrees don't necessarily make you a genius.

You sound like Russell Brand when you try and make an argument, that's how unnecessary the extra words you add are. I can't even do something nice, like cook dinner for the family, for you to critique me like you're a judge on ****ing masterchef.

Seriously, just shut the **** up..........
Originally Posted by ali.guitarkid7
I was raised on Winnie the Pooh. There's multiple vhs tapes somewhere in the world where I appear totally nude wearing only honey yellow bear ears and a red T-shirt singing the theme song to that show
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ANSWER YOUR PHONE ZAC why why why do I have to organise YOUR band for you please come home from camping in the wilderness of no reception and get some money and buy some credit and call/text everyone YOURSELF instead of ME stressing out, we need to practice real soon or we're gonna bomb...

Grrr DRUMMERS!!! Keeping up the rep.
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So you can't pay rent because you paid your 600 phone bill instead. Nice man. Real nice of you to fuck me over again. Here's an idea, get off your ass and get a job. You haven't even looked for one since October. Why am I doing all the work. I do all the cleaning, I do all the cooking and now I'm paying all the rent. Not to mention you still owe me $500 for all the bills you "forgot" to get me money for. I have been nothing but patient and helpful towards you but I'm fucking done. Tomorrow I'm looking for a one bed apartment. The second I find one I'm leaving you and your shitty life behind. You wont drag me down anymore.
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That was karma. Sweet, sweet karma biting you in the ass
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