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yeah about to two weeks there i think? played 15 shows in 5 days the first week that was nutty. but it's great i know it'll be a good time.

Originally Posted by Carmel
You'll hear only encouragement from me. I loved Iceland.

how was anfield?!
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

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Hello, I used to be an almost regular around here a quite few years ago and I would like to contribute a few things to this discussion. S&L is so very much overdue a renaming (to include poetry in the title etc, etc etc – bc the several weekly songwriting threads that need relocating must just piss off the users and mods who have to close/move those threads), it might finally give the forum the interest and credibility it has deserved for the last eight years. So yeah.
When I first drafted this post, I hit nearly 500 words until my laptop crashed on me (it’s a shit laptop I deserve it), and for the life of me I can’t remember what the **** I said. I was against this new idea of each s&l regular having their own thread. As long as I can remember there’s been this thing about “Regulars” with a capital r, and I thought it was annoying shit then, and looking from the outside its preventative as ****. I remember when users used to line-by-line crit each other’s pieces and it was, for the most part, ****ing fantastic. Except the circle jerking that all the regulars participated in.
I don’t really know.
I am sad that my original post was lost by my laptop. Iirc it was pretty cool.
I am sad to see that this is a community divided by its different wants. Some of you desire a more welcoming environment to new writers. Some want to just chat poetry on a bbs board. Some of you want to shout your sadness and people who shout their sadness to you back. Some of you even seem to care about the original 2004 desire for the board.
To be honest, I feel like although everyone here – from regulars to the institutionally critical.
I think that before discussing ways in which you can improve the community (which even I can remember going on a decade ago), you all need to think about the direction you want the “community” to take.

(mods feel free to delete this account as a multi [unless that will delete the post?] I have no interest in continuing posting under this name or w/e unless people want any responses.)

And as a p.s. – I miss all of you. I check back every time im drunk, sad or bored. I don’t think any of you ever cared about me but I care about you.
Sincerely, anon.

Oh also, the new idea about regulars each having their own thread (why did you straight away consider making them all stickies?) is shit – people can already bring together their works via sigs or profiles, and if they want writings to be viewed and discussed in series then they can be published as such, and writer/reader communication can be continued via profile messages and thread responses.

Tldr: S&L needs to think about its aims as a forum, not the aims of the writers involved. Me, I think S&L is the most personal and unwelcoming forum on UG – which is a forum that promotes genre specific music discussion for gods sake! If people can make this http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?forumid=36 work, then why are you all such dicks tbh (soz im really drunk) eh.
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i really dont know. if you people want to chat about whitman, then do that.
if you want to critique others' sad poetry, then do that.
if you want to circlejerk/cry in a community thread and hurt the "community" you care so much about, then by all means, carry on.


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