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Just want to know if this is possible, I'm thinking of inlaying a inch by inch and a half badge just behing my bridge saddles. It's on a squire strat that's a few years old. If I were to try it, how would I go about it, and what might go wrong?
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Could anybody tell me approx how much it would cost to have a Strat body repaired (mostly just repainted). A friend has one he is trying to sell me and it fell over in his van one day and has an area a little bigger than a quarter on the top edge of the body with the paint chipped off. The wood under it looks like it was hardly damaged at all. Would they be able to just sand down that small area and repaint it or would the whole body need to be redone? I am assuming the same place that repairs the electronics and other hardware could do this also? What kind of paint do they use on guitar bodies? I might try to do it myself unless it requires special tools or paint.
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Hello, I'm thinking of cutting my own unique guitar body. I was going to take apart a Squier Strat, and put the neck and all the components and put them pretty much exactly as they were on my own shape. I have a few questions:

Have you ever tried anything similar?
Is there anything I should know beforehand as I have never made a guitar before?
Would Beech work as a guitar blank?

Thanks for reading.
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Hi, I've bought an old body and neck which (after some researching) seems to belong to an old Sakai guitar. It's a cheap Japanese brand of like catalogue guitars. I also got a single coil pickup with the pieces.
I was wondering if there is any need to add volume and tone knobs/capacitors to the circuit or could I just go without, like Mac Demarco's 'frankenstein' guitar?

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Was wondering if anybody could guide me in the ways of using electrical tape as binding on the body. I vaguely remember seeing it done by someone, but can't find anything about it anymore. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks all!
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tiny preamp for a cigar box uke? wanna put in a piezo, but i hear you cant wire a tone knob to it, and all the preamps ive seen are a bit large for what i have to work with.
(must be piezo, nylon strings*)
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Hey guys and girls I just installed a set of chrome pickups I got from Dragonfire on my Jackson JS34 and all I can get is clean tone no matter what adjustments I do I cant get any distortion. Has anyone ever run into this or a similar problem ? Thanks
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David Bankston
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Hey what do you guys use to fill up dings, holes, and cracks in old guitars? What paint do you recommend for re-painting? And any recommendations on good tuner pegs for a strat style memphis guitar?
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Just read the pickup guide sticky, and it made a very clear point about some pickups to be avoided if your guitar is made of a certain type of wood. It just happens to be that I'm interested in a pickup not mentioned in the sticky, so I would like to know how do you do determine whether or not a certain type of pickup will or will not work with a certain kind of wood? In my case, I would like to put SD Nazgul (6 strings) in an alder wood body.
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Thinking about buying a Dremel 4000 plus the rotary workstation. Someone is selling both practically new on the local CL at a fair price. How handy is this thing for inlay work? I've never done anything of the sort before, and I'd like to get into it. Starting with custom truss rod covers and other things i can throw away if I screw up. I live in a small apartment, so this would pretty much be my only power tool. Everything else done with hand chisels, saws and files etc. So, can this do light duty routing with fairly level results?
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