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Your mix is amazing. The only thing I would do personally is make the kick a little more audible. Maybe that means bringing the whole thing up in level or maybe just high-shelfing to bring out the "click". Still, that's a CD worthy mix. You might wanna check out a band called Northlane. Their sound is almost identical. Their drum sound in particular is really cool. Actually, I'd be surprised if you WEREN'T already a fan, the production sounds so similar.

Here's my latest mix if anybody wants to crit - https://amateurchemist.bandcamp.com...rity-zedd-cover
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Thx m8! The kick is always hard because i'm not a big fan of clicky kicks, but in the same way its easy they get lost. Haven't heard much of Northlane but i can hear some similarities, their songs sounds a bit more organic though.

Your song sounds good. I would try to make the drums sound bigger by adding some reverb. The vocals could also use more reverb and maybe some delay to make the overall mix sound bigger. But maybe thats not the sound you're going for? It's very well mixed anyway.
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Hi Guys,
I've downloaded this multitrack from cambridge.nt and this is my mix and a slate fg-x only on master. Critiques please!!

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Okay, guys. I am new to this whole home recording thing, and so far mixing isn't really my strong point, so if I could get any tips, that would be GREAT.
I'm using an ESP LTD Viper with EMGs for the rhythm and a Fender Squier that I found laying around for the lead. Both are through a Peavey Vypyr 15w amp, which is plugged directly into my computer. I am using Mixcraft 6 to record.
I realize it isn't a good set up. It is a poor man's recording studio. I understand that I'm only gonna get so far with what I've got, but I can't help but feel like I could really do a much better job mixing and using the EQ.
So far I've done five songs, and I am not against re-recording them if it means I can improve on what I've got (although honestly, I think one or two of them came out a bit better than the others and I'm not sure what I did).


Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I would gladly return the favor and offer what help I can (although since I'm asking for help, clearly I don't know much).
C4C, of course.
Thanks guys!

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'Manic' is probably the best sounding one out of the 5 I browsed through.

Anyway, look man. The cheap amp and the default mixcraft drum kit or whatever you're using are far from the best source and you're obviously aware of that. Is there a direct output or a headphone output on your amp that you're using to send to your computer? or are you mic'ing it up?

I'd seriously recommend to invest in an audio interface (there's great cheaper ones, focusrite scarlett etc) and checking out VST amp simulation. I'm assuming you're using your computer's internal sound card and that just can't handle serious audio, long term use will damage it. A USB or firewire interface would just act as an external sound card that you can use with Mixcraft or any other DAW (Reaper, Cubase etc) and plug your guitar directly into that. You would at least be getting better sounds than you will out of your current amp.

btw it just occured to me there might be a USB output function on the vypyr, let me know if that's the case I've got no idea.

Anyway here's some general tips I can give you for your current set up:
1. Watch your playing. Recording a very well played, tight and in-time guitar track is pretty much just as important as having a good tone. Improving on my emphasis on timing and rhythm made my mixes sound far better just because they were played well and in time. This isn't so much of a problem that I can hear from your own recordings but it's a good tip regardless.

2. Along with a tightly played recording, you should aim to have a nice balanced tone with at least what you've got. Too much distortion and it'll be muddy, not enough and it might be too weak. Mainly just make sure you don't have too much distortion while you're tracking, all the different guitar tracks will combine and just create a wall of muddy and unnecessary noise that will cloud the mix up. As for the EQ on the amp, I'll leave it up to you to decide what sounds good, just be reasonable you don't need excessive lows or excessive highs or NO MIDS or something but I'm sure you'll be fine with that.

3. Stereo width. Are you recording two rhythm guitar tracks or just one panned in the middle? Cause I think I can hear in some of those songs that you've got two rhythm tracks panned like 30% left and right. Widen those up, you'll want two rhythm tracks, panned like 100% to the left and one to the right. it'll make the guitars sound better cause they'll be wider and it'll clear up space in the center of the mix for the kick, bass, snare and vocals. If 100% sounds like too much to you you can try 80% left and right.

4. General guitar EQ stuff, I'd recommend using a high pass filter at around 50hz - 100hz wherever sounds good to you. Low passing around 10khz - 13khz or something can tame fizz too. It's absolutely source dependent so I can't give you much advice, but a slight cut at around 500hz - 900hz can make the guitars sound less cardboardy and fit better in the mix. Little cut around 2khz - 6khz can help tame harsh fizz and makes room for vocals. Maybe learn how to do more surgical EQ like isolating fizz nodes with a tight Q and cutting them out and such.

5. Your drums. They don't sound very good, as they're not high quality samples and sound very robotic. I'm assuming you're using one of the drumkits built into mixcraft. Check out third party drum software like EZDrummer, Steven Slate Drums or Superior Drummer. You can have a great guitar sound but shitty drums will just bring everything down.
Overall I think you'll be off to a good start and you've already got the songwriting stuff down. I'm not sure WHAT you actually do or don't know about audio engineering and such already so I'm trying to hold back a bit but if you have any questions about software, VST's/VSTi's, parametric EQ and such then just ask. I'm no expert but I'll try to help as best I can
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Here's a song i mixed and mastered yesterday: https://soundcloud.com/conquerorstu...over-mix-master
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Hello, new to site and recording. This something I made today with amp sims and programmed drums. Need criticism please. Thank you.


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please crit this..

Software that i used:
LePou amp sim n IR
Kontakt 5
Waves and some free plugin in mix and mastering stage
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A song I wrote, could you tell me how can I improve it? I know the vocals are out of key sometimes and I need to redo it

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Hi, I'm Adam
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Originally Posted by Random3
Been working on this past couple of days, thoughts?


The guitars are overpowering the drums, which are already lacking any real punch/power.
Let's party.
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Hey! I am very new to audio engineering, but have been putting every mix I've done on youtube. This is the latest thing I did: STARFOX 64 THEME. I need tips on the mix!

guitar: Used an amp simulator, EQ'ed it, noise gate, no Compressor on it! (Compressors confuse my face off)
Bass: Used an amp simulator, no Compressor (again, compressors confuse my face off!)
Drums: EZ drummer. Put Reverb on it, and EQ'ed it all. Apparently EZ drummer already has compression put on it.

Don't worry about giving me hard criticisms- I can take it!

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