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Bla-bla-bla plectrum alternatives

im forever looseing plectrums and when it comes to needing one theres never one about. what are some of you guys favourite pick alternatives. brian may had his signature 10 pence what about you guys?
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Sixpence. But yeah, 2mm Stubby's. The small ones.
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my fingers
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Originally Posted by dumbface12
my fingers


But I always have a pick on me, always one in my jeans or guitar headstock.
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Much harder to lose since it's not flat. Not to mention it can't slip off your fingers.
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Jesse Froebel
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I've found that dedicating an hour or so each week to using my pointer finger's nail as a pick works wonders. I'm now able to play pinch harmonics with just my pointer finger and thumb if need be, though a pick is always preferable.
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Buy one of these, I was forever loosing my picks until I bought this, doesn't happen no more
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I use modes.
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get one of those pick holders that go on the headstock. ive only bought picks once since i got mine a couple years ago.. and i only had to get new ones because they actually wore out too much.

i also have a watch that has a little slit in between the watch and the strap that i can put a pick in.
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This is relevant:
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i really really really like the sound of the thumb being used as a pick.

the double thumb technique, along with legato, can create some really innovative lines, especially when you consider tosin's use of it (by way of innovating reggie wooten and evan brewer's technique) along with rolls being able to play a melody over an accented drone or just the ability to play ridiculous tremolo of adjustable tone just by switching around fingers and accents. still, it's a painful thing to master outside of 8-string guitars and basses, and i'd be arrogant to say i've got it perfect, but i use it a lot (as a bassist) for a contrast in tone as well as an avenue of fast, clear, and customizable picking in any note groupings you can think of.

but it's like a fretless bass or guitar - you have the ability to control your intonation at the tip of your fingers, but a little off bit will completely wreck you. it's a double-edged sword, but it's a really fun technique, especially, as i said, with rolls. with my limited experience with banjos, rolls became almost second-nature at one point, so it's easy to adapt that to guitar or bass on a technical level when allowing other technical nuances to shine in the instrument you're working with.

when i played guitar (and will probably return to when i have enough money to actually have a guitar and set-up i want to play outside of my bass and recording gear ), i really liked the 1mm tortex dunlops. reminded me of a jazz iii, but felt very free in my hand to adjust between techniques and picking styles, though that made them incredibly easy to drop in every unfortunately-placed orifice in my house.
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If I'm doing heavy strumming I'll pull out a coin. Otherwise I just use my fingers.
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