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likes hamuckers.
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southern pride. there was a 50' tall poll at the insertions of two interstates near where i live. there was a lot of criticism and was taken down. its a shame.

personally i pained a rebel flag strat. i have a huge rebel flag in my garage (four stall garage).

southern pride or racism, it is what it is, take it as you do, if you don't like it its not my problem

/enter massive amounts of people calling me a racist.
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Originally Posted by H4T3BR33D3R
The reason why people like relic'd guitars is because they look played in and road worn. Not the result of somebody with a saw, torch and a couple of hits of acid.
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Haha, no. There isnt anything wrong with southern pride.


The Union army paid Black soldiers $10 a month, and took out a $3 clothing fee leaving them with $7 a month. While they paid there White soldiers $13 a month, and they paid no clothing fee.

The Confederate army paid their soldiers $11 a month. Black and White soldiers. In the confederate constitution, Over seas slave trade was banned, and it was illegal to enslave an already free Black man. A few states were in the process of ending slavery anyway.

Another one. 31% (or something like that) owned slaves in the south. Of those over 75% had fewer than 10 slaves, and most worked beside there slaves.

And two of the souths biggest generals, Robert E. Lee and Joeseph E. Johnston were not slave holders, and believed it to be immoral.

AND the "Rebel Flag" was NOT the flag of the confederacy. The real flag looked much like the US flag, but with bigger Red and white stripes, and had the stars in a circular pattern.

EDIT: The "Rebel Flag" we know of was one of the many Battle Flags used in the south. It just happened to look bad ass.

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The Name's Devon! ;)
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Originally Posted by ihartfood
^ Yes, he got recognition, memories, a great legacy, and a cult following of fans. what every good or even revolutionary guitarist deserves when he passes.
someone ban this guy, he's spamming several threads with that statement.
That flag...Sigh. Yes, it has some rascist connotations and I would avoid it. here in Texas you're either respected by white folks for "showing southern pride" or people see you as a ignorant ****er who wants attention. often both.

I agree. I think Machine Head wrote a song about people like him (one specific person, but it still applies) called Asthetics of Hate. PeripheryDjent, go listen to that to hear some real metal and a song about you

Honestly, here in Ohio, there are TONS of people (mostly Rednecks) that sport Rebel Flag tattoos, flags, decals, etc. Most people consider it a Southern Pride thing here, although there are the know-it-all douchebags that bitch about how it's a racist symbol. Not knowing how people take it in other areas, I like to stick with being cautious and letting people know both sides of it. Dime was certainly no racist, and Pantera was proud of their Southern Heritage, so anyone that knows anything about the guitar or Pantera/Dime will know what it means. The danger is mostly in the few that wouldn't know. Personally, I might paint up a Rebel V one of these days.

Nick, interesting info. Just curious, but is there any specific source on those stats? I find things like that interesting, and my band's Vocalist is a History Major, so he gets off on that kind of thing
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Yea I knew some off of my head, but I looked up a few sources for ya. Though I hate citing Wikipedia for the flags, I did anyway.

Black soldiers from the union

Black soldiers confederacy

Slave statistics

Flags, ****ing wikipedia

My great great grandpappy on slavery

I think that covers most of it.
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The Name's Devon! ;)
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Thanks! I'll be honest, I wasn't too hopefully about getting the sources

However, I got a quite pleasant smack in the face (Go You!)


I mostly skimmed, but it seems as though the Rebel flag was more widely used than the one with the circle of stars. It was also their Battle Flag, so it would be the one that symbolized their rebellion more, and the one that more people probably saw. Just a quick (although probably incorrect ) $0.02

Also, are you serious about the Great Great Grandpa thing?

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Let's a go Mario!
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Well my Great grandmothers maiden name is Lee and they have always said we were related to them. Now I do not know 100% if this is true. But If Momo says it, I believe it. So it would be more like great great great or great great great great. Something along those lines.

Plus its a cool story to believe I think. lol I remember finding out when I did a 4th grade history report on him.
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Ok, that's enough off topic.

Try something new

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