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Originally Posted by gregs1020
everything else he wrote but especially this.

i find mis-tagged new guitars at my local GC. how hard is it to read the label on the box you're unpacking? i almost had them ring up a gibsun R7 that was marked as a traditional pro. i should have kept my mouth shut but i was doing the "right thing".

but the used sites for GC and sam ash both have great deals everyday. i picked up a nearly perfect G&L tribute asat for $299. it only had one ding on it but i'm 99% certain that happened on the way to me.
I remember once at my local guitar shop they'd mispriced a new ESP LTD Michael Padget sig, which is about £650 new as £400. My mate tried to buy it but the supervisor noticed just in time.
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Originally Posted by OliveG
Thanks for all the answers. I actually have often found some pretty interesting stuff at GC in the used section. I do find it overpriced at times (There was a really nice Parker PDF 100 once, which was at $550, which would not have been so bad except it had scratches literally everywhere), but I've also seen some guitars which I swear must have been new and not used in there and wondered if they were mislabeled.

That being said I sold (or rather tried to sell...) a Jackson DK2 on Craigslist once and mine was in like new condition. If I had put it in the store it would have fooled people into thinking it was new (I take REALLY good care of my babies).

The funny thing is that I got tons of spam while I had it on craigslist from chicks who claimed that I "sounded really sexy in my ad and they'd like to meet"! Good lols there but nice pictures anyway. :-D Ended up selling it on amazon actually for almost the same price I got it for. Then I put my Ovation on craigslist and I guess it's just not as sexy as a Jackson because I didn't get a single spam email from chicks. :-D

Tons of emails from idiots who were going to "send me their butler with a check and hold it for me please" or shit like that. What the hell is wrong with some people. I can't even get how their scam is supposed to work anyway...

The actual scam is getting your E-mail address. They then can sell this to company's for $1 each email address and make loot. That is why they always want you to respond to their email directly because then they have your actual address and Clist or what ever is not the inbetween.
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I pulled a '69 Gibson B29 N out of a consignment/pawn shop about a year ago for 400 bucks. Nearly perfect condition... Gibson label wasn't even worn off of the pick guard. Case also had an old d'armond noise hole pickup that we sold for 200 bucks. Sold the guitar over the summer for 1300.

I've had more luck at fleamarkets where, in the last year, i've found a '70's Aria sg copy (100 bucks) , a Teisco Spectrum IV/ET440 (100 bucks) , a Fender Toronado (80 bucks) , a startlingly nice '64 Gibson LGO (450 bucks), a focus 2000 (50 bucks) and just this weekend an almost perfect Westone Pantera X390 PW deluxe (30 dollars!)

also, C-list finds, i got an Egnater tweaker 40 head, and a BRAND NEW, virtually-unplayed Gibson Grace Potter Signature flying V for a grand all together.

2013's been a good year
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Originally Posted by Robbgnarly
The actual scam is getting your E-mail address. They then can sell this to company's for $1 each email address and make loot. That is why they always want you to respond to their email directly because then they have your actual address and Clist or what ever is not the inbetween.

Dang, I fell for it every time! :-D They usually start you with "Is it still available?" Well duh if it's listed then it is... It usually ends up with "Tell your butler to shove his money order where the sun doesn't shine!"
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Back in 1997, I scored a 1985 or 86, Kramer American Series guitar with an Original Floyd Rose for $200.00 with case. The guy wanted $ 300.00. I stated the fact, that the guitar was there for over over 5 years and the slant of the pick up was not cut correctly ( I suckered him ).
The reason I got it so cheap was because at the time "Super Strats" were considered past tense and retro guitars were in.
I put in a Dimarzio X2N at the bridge, a GFS "Lil" Killer in the middle and a Bill Lawrence L-250 in the neck slot ..... the guitar is one hell of a beast and everything in between !!!!
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Those MIJ Kramers and the like are very cool. I hear good things. I have to say though, I'm not a fan of floyds and most of those guitars have floyds.
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Totally depends on luck, really. Just understand, where ever you live there are people who stop in every day looking over the inventory. You can think of them as "pickers". I've met two of the most active in my city and know their ebay handles so, if I'm curious, I can see what I missed. I used to stop at the bulk of the pawn shops here at least once a week, but got away from it a couple years ago. Now I just pop in randomly when I'm in the mood to see what I see.

In the last year, I have gotten:

`94 MIM Fender Strat $65
Late 80's Fender Champ 12 for $85
Peavey VTM60 head for $125
DanElectro SitarSwami for $32
Arion Stereo Chorus for $25

All of it in good to excellent condition and no issues.
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LA is a tough town to find pawn shop deals in. Dealers are pretty knowledgeable by now, and the shops get pretty picked over. Whatever's left behind isn't *really* much of a deal, no matter how cheap it is, or else it's so out of left field that you're the only person in town that wants it.

Even the guitar shows dealers tend toward overpricing, expecting haggling (or just wanting to keep the better pieces so that people will come into their booths to look) or trying to snag people who don't know the market.
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