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HI everybody, my name is Usman from Pakistan. This is my first post on any guitar website. I'm a decent acoustic guitar player, i hope I'd be of any help to you guys. Keep up the good work boys
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Hey everyone.

I'm Scott. I've been using UG for years now, but only today did I decide to check out the forum. Seems cool so far, I've already found new music.

I'm excited to find more stuff I didn't know existed!
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Hey all, my name is Jason from Boston. This is my first post. Been playing for 8 months. Love old acoustic guitars.
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hi , everyone nice to meet you all
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Hey everyone. My names Jake and I play banjo, guitar(acoustic and electric), mandolin, bass guitar, etc. I am also the the band Bad Connextions! (check us out on Facebook!) and I'm 15 years old : )
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Hey everyone!

I'm Tzirhk. As you might guess I'm a newcomer here (don't you say lol)

I'm from Chile, a country over there in South America. I'm 27 years old (and counting.) I like lots of things: literature, philosophy, history, sports, blahblahblah, and of course music. I listen to many genres; certainly, I've got my favourites (rock/metal and classical among them) but good music is good music, regardless of labels and styles.

Well, as many of you probably, I'm a musician (not full-time, but on my way there). I'm mainly a keyboardist (with some experience on piano; not enough yet to call myself a pianist though) but I play a bit of guitar, drums, and I sing a bit as well (decent enough, at least). Haven't been academically trained on any of them, but I'm very disciplined for practicing keys so I've been able to improve on them (can't say the same for the others lol)

I hope I have a great time as a forum member as I've had reading the articles and posts.

Well, that's it. See you all around and glad to be here!
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Red Sand
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I'm an ancient relic, 56 years old and recently began taking guitar seriously

I'm not very good but I love practicing because I'm improving

I also love playing along with backing tracks or even just the metronome and I enjoy writing my own songs (my music is horrible but I enjoy having something authentic to play and I keep adding to, changing up stuff - who knows, maybe some of my music will end up being decent - regardless, I'm still having fun with this stuff)

I love blues, classic rock, and totally love NDM (near-death metal, which is metal played at half speed - ha)

About six weeks ago I bought a Dean guitar which was light years ahead of the piece of crap guitar I had been playing for years - what an enormous difference an instrument can make, eh?

Last week I saw an Ibanez Sam Totman STM2 guitar on sale and . . . well, now I have a fixed bridge axe and a floating bridge axe

Yesterday I picked up a Boss ST-2 Power Stack (stomp box - like it so far) and I've been using a Korg PX3 for many years which I also enjoy very much. Usually, I play through some computer speakers or I use head phones. I know this is a pathetic setup but it's not stopping me from progressing or from having fun.

So, that's pretty much me and what I do with an axe - glad to be here and share the love of guitar playing with others. I doubt I'll ever be able to contribute anything meaningful or help anyone but here are the only two things I've learned which I believe are true:
  • Play it perfect before playing it any faster (but keep playing faster - ha)
  • Make time to practice or play every day - even if it's just a few minutes - because when the last note or chord is done, you always feel good and everyone needs balance in their life

Thank you,


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Hi All,

Recently joined having finally started learning to play, I have a cheap Stratocaster copy and an acoustic guitar plus a very small amp. Enjoy playing with a community group that has helped me play better chords as they play everything fast! Next up is sorting out connecting to my PC to record my playing. Ebay here I come....

All the best

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Been playing for an year. Own a fender mexi strat and Yamaha thr10c.
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I am unable to post in other topics unless I post a few times here, so "BOOBS".
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US Hello, from Folsom, CA.

I am here to expand my knowledge of guitar music, technique, instruments, electronic equipment, artists, recordings and music genres.

Guitars and bass guitars, acoustic and especially electric, can, like a digital keyboard or pipe organ, have a myriad of timbres (tone characteristics) especially with a variety of custom electronic equipment and various playing techniques, making this a quite sophisticated instrument. A cheap nylon six-string has basically one standard tone.
John Cavender

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Question I am new here. When may I start posting

questions in other boards?

I have a number of serious technical music questions to ask.
John Cavender
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I'm glad to have found this really cool community. You guys are all so kind and helpful.

Nice to meet you folks!

BTW. What are good classical/acoustic guitar brands you guys would recommend. I'm on the hunt to find a lefty one.

till next time!
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HEy y'all
Long time lurker, finally decided to make an account. played guitar for a while, but stopped for a while too. so we'll see what happens next!
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Hey everybody! Long-time fan of the site, first time posting.

I love playing shows and practicing for them.
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Hey, i'm the new one here \m/
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Location: India
Hello Everyone!

My name is SunTecOSS, I recently joined this forum.
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Hello everybody , can someone help me please. Im trying to get the chords to don't speak by no doubt , in the tabs I like the sound of version 5 but there's only a little bit that has been done but Imight after the whole song . Is there any one out there that would be able to help me out , hope to here back from anyone much appreciated gavin
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hey im sean from Edinburgh, after not picking up a guitar in a long time i thought id better sort myself out & get my arse in gear, looking forward to the banter & meeting some aright folks
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