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Originally Posted by DeathByDestroyr
See, it's important that people clarify when they say "metal", because I pretty much always assume they are a Cannibal Corpse fanboi.
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Originally Posted by Deenis
I played a rockerverb and an OR15 recently, and it's weird to explain...but with these two amps, the time between my playing and the sound coming out of the cab is quicker than most other amps I've played. hope this makes sense haha. I found another egnater renegade in better condition by the way, for around the same price

The renegades lead channel isnt as tight as the rockerverb
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Maybe you should aim for an amp that will get you the "core" sound that you want and has a decent clean channel that you can run a nasty dirty fuzz through for your stoner sound?
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Originally Posted by barden1069
Maybe you should aim for an amp that will get you the "core" sound that you want and has a decent clean channel that you can run a nasty dirty fuzz through for your stoner sound?


You can run a Fuzz in front of most amps to get a decent stoner tone. Get an amp that will get you your Core tone, then use a fuzz to stonerize it.

The Renegade isn't what you want. It's a great amp, and I'm an Egnater guy myself, but it's not an amp I would even consider if I was thinking of playing any genre with "Core" in the name. It'll be closer to getting you your stoner sound, but it'll need boosted and the perfect speakers to get you to "Core" territory, and we've already established that speakers are going to be a wildcard for you.

That Mesa .50 Cal would be what I bought. The Alchemist would be another one. I would say to get one of the JCM900's, but the two heads are Dual Reverbs which would need some modding to sound good, and the Combo isn't speficied. If you can find out if the Combo is a MKIII, or SL-X, then it would be worth it. If it's an SL-X, buy it immediately. The JCM900 was meant to capture the sound of a Hotrodded JCM800. However, the Dual Reverb isn't worth touching unless you are capable of modding it to take all of the Clipping Diodes and Op-Amps out of the preamp. The MKIII would need less modding to do the same thing (it has less solid state BS in it's preamp), but the SL-X actually has an all-tube preamp. The only Solid State nonsense in it is in the Effects Loop and Master Volume.

Like 311 said, you should look for a used Peavey Vypyr Tube 60. It might be your best bet period.

Here's some stuff I found that you could go for on Guitar Center's used section:
Peavey 6505+ Combo
Peavey XXX
Peavey Ultra 212
Line 6 Spider Valve 212
Marshall DSL50
Peavey Vypyr Tube 60
Jet City JCA100H
Randall RT50H
Marshall DSL401

I would go for that DSL401. It'll do what you want, plus it's a combo so you can play at home and can borrow cabs at gigs. Other than that, I would say the Peavey Ultra or Vypyr Tube 60.
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