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Nigh on impossible to tell. It all depends on if I'm supposed to do one for overall feeling or just a spur of the moment as I feel today.

If the first.

1: Bob Dylan
2: Pete Doherty/Babyshambles/The Libertines
3: John Frusciante
4: The Clash
5: Björn Olsson/Håkan Hellström

I put the last two together because they are more or less inseperable. The former is the latter's songwriter/producer basically. Håkan Hellström is most likely the biggest artist the last 10-15 years or so and his producer is just fantastic. Björn Olsson also got a couple of (five to be exact) amazing solo records with instrumental music that inspires me greatly.

Spur of the moment right now kinda list

1: John Frusciante (been listening so much to both his solo stuff and RHCP lately. I absolutely hate Anthony Kiedis but Frusciante is fantastic in every way.)
2: Eric Malmberg - great swedish prog organist.
3: Cocteau Twins
4: Jeff Buckley
5: Gorillaz

According to my last.fm it's

1: Bob Dylan
2: Hanoi Rocks (their first album I still consider to be one of the most solid pop/rock records ever)
3: Radiohead
4: The Libertines
5: The Doors
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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5) 3 doors down-especially the song kryptonite
4) Anarbor-especially the song damage I've done, it's a new one of theirs
3) all time low-the song the reckless and the brave. Probably my favorite song right now though most people haven't heard it.. If you haven't you should go check it out
2) the Maine-songs like whoever she is and into your arms
1) Mayday Parade- they are my ALLTIME favorite band, I've yet to find a song of there's I don't like... The songs terrible things, miserable at best, and without the bitter the sweet isn't as sweet are their best slow songs, while the solo in black cat is INSANE(if you haven't heard it YouTube search-black cat by mayday parade)
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1 The Offspring (Punk alt rock pop punk
2 Three Days Grace (Alt Rock Metalcore
3 The Explosion (Punk
4 Less Than Jake (Ska Punk
5 FlyLeaf (Alt Metal Emo
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Doesnt listen to zeppelin
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5. The Mars Volta
4. Wu-Tang Clan
3. Modest Mouse
2. Converge
1. At the Drive-In
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Of mice & men- ****ing amazing.
My Chemical Romance- ****ing amazing.
Pierce the Veil- ****ing amazing.
Sleeping with Sirens- ****ing amazing.
Bring me the Horizon- ****ing amazing.
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1. Nine Inch Nails
2. Tool
3. Radiohead
4. Black Light Burns
5. Coil... maybe... or maybe Porcupine Tree...

In all honesty I think Tool and Radiohead are actually more talented than NIN, but I most enjoy NIN out of the three. Trent is still a creative mastermind, though.
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1. Dethklok - Pretty awesome, not-so complicated arrangements, but I love their melodic stuff.
2. Dream Theater - Love everything about this band, geniuses at arranging, always making complex, unpredictable and yet so well-sounding shit, besides all of the talent their members possess. Also love the variety of sounds and styles in their music.
3. System of a Down/Serj Tankian - Their music is not so complex, but I really like the unpredictabilty and their unique style, also most of their music it's pretty catchy. I also love Serj's variety in music, with the Rock/Metal/Classical/Jazz/Electronic music he made, besides amazing voice, composition and lyrics, I just really love this guy.
4. Van Halen - Mostly the DLR era stuff.
5. Animals as Leaders - Tosin Abasi is just pretty damn amazing, not only because of his talent at playing guitar but also because of his compositions.

Though, for me it's pretty hard to make a "top" out of these bands, but they are just a few of what I love listening and probably the 5 bands I most listen to.

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I'm a death-core fag, so if you don't like death-core be prepared to hate me for a couple of these...

As of right now, my top 5 favorite bands are:
1. Veil of Maya- This has been my favorite band for a few years now. I know the general consensus on them can be pretty mixed, but they've been a huge inspiration to me. Each member is incredibly talented. The fact that they only have one guitarist who writes parts to cover both complicated rhythm and lead roles is impressive.

2. Periphery- As "mainstream" as they are, Misha and the boys write some good music. From the intense rhythms to the crazy melodic elements, they're a huge inspiration to how I try and write. Also, their singer, Spencer Sotelo is masterful.

3. Meshuggah- Admittedly, when I first heard Meshuggah, I wasn't too sure about how I felt. It almost seemed too complicated, and don't crucify me, but sometimes too repetitive. However, over time they really grew on me, and now they're one of my all-time favorites.

4. Structures- Chaotic, and Emotional, I really, really enjoy me some Structures. They're music, could be summed up as "Chaos Theory". It sounds so insane, and wild, but it all fits together so well.

5. Born of Osiris- A long time favorite of mine, I was introduced to them through "The New Reign". They stand out to me, because they manage to mix musical technicality with musicality itself.
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Ramblin' Stefan
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1 - The White Stripes (Jack White)
2 - Flat Duo Jets
3 - Bob Dylan
4 - The Cramps
5 - The Stooges
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I'm going to give my list as far as overall listening time and influence on my music journey.

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Hmmm, no real order to this but.

The Beatles
Van Halen
Blink 182
Arch Enemy

Bit of variety for you! Love all those bands.
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Originally Posted by Bigbazz
Hmmm, no real order to this but.

The Beatles
Van Halen
Blink 182
Arch Enemy

Bit of variety for you! Love all those bands.

I love your name!
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Pink Floyd

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new yardbird 9
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As of right now-

Led Zeppelin
Bob Dylan
The White Stripes
The Kinks
Neil Young
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AC/DC - Good ol' fashioned Rock n' Roll, and they are the best at it in my opinion.
Led Zeppelin - So many different styles done to perfection, and all incredibly talented musicians
Stereophonics - Kelly Jones' voice is one of the best ive ever heard and his songwriting touches on personal and characteristic points.
Joe Bonamassa - Blues Master, probably the best blues guitarist of our generation.
Joe Satriani - Guitar genius, music is emotional and was my dads favourite guitarist (RIP)
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Pink Floyd
Black Sabbath

The top five always changes for me, other then maybe Floyd and Sabbath who stays on the list.
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1) Nightwish
2) Rammstein
3) Rhapsody Of Fire
4) Depeche Mode
5) Venus (Belgian Band)
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2. I See Stars
3. A7x
4. Asking Alexandria
5. Periphery
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I can't really order them. But if i could listen to five artists forever..

Red Hot Chili Peppers
John Frusciante
Led Zeppelin
Tallest Man on Earth maybe. or Ben Howard
"I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape." - Thom Yorke
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