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The Ultimate Settings Thread

Welcome to the Ultimate Settings thread. This is where you can ask all your questions about how to get that "Slash tone" or the Angus Young crunch tone, or any other sounds you wish to nail.

Users are also welcome to submit amp settings if they wish, so other users can just scroll back to find your settings

Please include:

Gear used

Try and specify whether by '7' you mean the 7-o-clock position or the actual number 7.

Sound samples are always welcome too.

If you are playing a marshall MG below 100 you will have a contour knob, this basically sucks your mids so if the mids say 5, set your contour to 5, if you need mids of 7 set your contour to 3. (SV: not too sure on this information, I remember that the contour on the old G-series (MG predecessors, sucked just as much ) worked just like a mids knob - some input needed here)

I'll start off with a Metallica style setting

Gain - 9
Treble - 10
Mids - 2
Bass - 7
Reverb - 3

If anyone wants to add anything in pm me it and ill do it or tell sv and he could do it.


Keep it clean - I'll have this stickied

Spam or unrelated posts will be

Please keep this thread filled with posts STRICTLY about settings. NOT about which band kicks ass, how bad which amp is, etc.
Once again, unrelated posts, WILL be deleted.

From now on, this will be the ONLY thread on settings. ALL OTHER SETTINGS THREADS WILL BE CLOSED AS SOON AS I SEE THEM.

I'd also like to add that this thread is ONLY A REFERENCE to how you might be able to achieve certain tones. At the end of the day, you're not going to nail Petrucci's tone unless you have a rack system that looks like it was designed by NASA, nor are you going to achieve Hendrix's tone by using a Marshall MG10. I personally believe that its also good to try and find your OWN tone, something that isn't copied off someobdy else, but is yours.

I'd also like to give credit to Backup Guitar for approaching me with this thread idea a long long time ago; it was just never implemented due to the lack of time. Cheers buddy

Thank you.


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Epiphone Goth Explorer (stock humbuckers)
Randall 100 w/ Stereo Chorus
Darelectro 7-band EQ pedal run through the Effects Loop

Gain: 5
Treble: 6
Bass: 8
Mids: 2
Reverb: 3 (master reverb)

And I'm fiddling around with the EQ.

I am currently tuned down to C, so I'm looking to model the tone after bands like Arch Enemy and In Flames (The Jester Race-Clayman years).
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Does anyone know and settings or how to get a good Omar rodriguez/mars volta sound? for example songs like eriatarka and interiactic ESP and any other off the De-loused album? thanx in advance
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Omar has like, 20+ pedals so it'll be difficult to imitate his sound.
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^And Orange amps.
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Anyone know how to acheive a good KISS sound? I have an Ampeg V4..
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Do anyone know how to get a Fuzz Face? I got a Squier stratocaster,Squier 10w amp n a zoom 505 II
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umm a fuzz face is a pedal u cant get that effect out of your amp. they cost about $300 australian and theyre totally worth it.
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gah, i dont know how to get a good hard rock gnr style tone out of my hot rod dx still.
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Need good Tony Iommi of black sabbath sound. I'll be playing Warning soon so I need it bad.
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i got this set of toni iommi settings of the last thread hope it helps and i mean the numbers not the o'clock position
Gain-7 or 8

if anyone has the puddle of mudd settings they would be greatly appreciated

Originally posted by mr_hankey
That's disgusting. There's a pube underneath the A string.

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How can you get a Disturbed kind of distortion out of a Digitech RP80? I'm also using a Sunn beta Lead amp and an ESP Viper 50.
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i'v been thinking about changing the bridge pickup on my strat to a humbucker to give me more flexibility and a more powerful 'crunch' tone. I would apreciate it if anyone has any specific settings to give me a thick clear overdriven rhythm sound, and also a heavier lead tone. like Jimi Hendrix's in Voodoo Chile, or in Dave Gilmore's Comforably Numb solo. cheers. I have a Marshall AVT 100 btw xxxxxxxx

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where did the other settings thread go?
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This is the closet I can get to the Kurt Cobain Chorus sound on a Ibanez CF-7 Pedal
Speed- 10
Depth- 5
Delay Time- 0 or 1.5
Regen- 3
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anyone have settings for a uber metal line 6 that are like all that remains?
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I usually set everything to about a 6.
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Anyone know good Pearl Jam settings I've got a Jackson DKMGT and A peavy classic 30, any advice is appreciated thanks.
Originally posted by lionheart0117
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Originally posted by pajamaboy206
Anyone know good Pearl Jam settings I've got a Jackson DKMGT and A peavy classic 30, any advice is appreciated thanks.

that would be really nice but settings for a decent amp and guitar..maybe a good pearl jam wah wah setting for a boss pw10 vwah.

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i have a jekyll and hyde, and so do the strokes, but i have no idea what they use. ill even have the same amp soon =-o
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