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Article HTML Guide

The lessons and columns on this website use HTML coding in order to establish their layout. Due to this, being able to capably put your own HTML coding into your work can give you exactly the layout you desire, while also saving the editors a lot of time because they won't have to do it themselves. Layout is important. It allows you to emphasise certain points and titles, include hyperlinks and images, as well as insert tabs and bullet points. This will be a small guide on using HTML in your articles, like you would in a forum post.

First, a small note on the upcoming thread post. I will be using html against BBcode, which is what these forums use. I will not be able to use the actual BBcode, so I will be putting spaces between the '[' and ']' tags, and the content. This will ensure that the tags are not used, and therefore visible.

So let's begin with the basics:

Text Modifiers

[ B ] : This is a bold tag. This makes text that it precedes bold, like so. For HTML, the tag is <b>.
To close this tag and end the bold text, use </b>

[ I ] : This is an italic tag. This makes text that it precedes italic, like so. For HTML, the tag is <i>.
To close this tag and end the italic text, use </i>

[ U ] : This is an underline tag. This makes text that it precedes underlined, like so. For HTML, the tag is <u>.
To close this tag and end the italic text, use </u>

HTML uses the American spellings. So even if you're not, you will need to adhere to the American dictionary on this one. Let's have a look at align tags now.

Text Alignment

[ LEFT ] : This aligns your text to the left. To do this using HTML, the tag is <p align="left">. This is a paragraph tag, that is usable for multiple different things.
To close the paragraph, use </p>.

[ CENTER ] : This aligns your text to the center. To do this using HTML, the tag is <p align="center">.
To close the paragraph, use </p>.

[ RIGHT ] : This aligns your text to the right. To do this using HTML, the tag is <p align="right">.
To close the paragraph, use </p>.


If you'd like to make a bullet pointed list in the forums, your code is:
[ list=1(for numerical)/a(for alphabetical) ]
[ * ]list item
[ * ]list item 2
[ /list ]
For HTML, the same code preceeds each list item, and it doesn't need a closing tag. Simply use <li> before your point.


Inserting images in the forums is done by doing this:
[ IMG ](insert url here)[ /IMG].
Image tags in HTML do not need a closing tag. In HTML, it is done as so:
<img src="(insert url here)">


Hyperlinks in the forums are done as such:
[ URL=(url here) ](text for link here)[ /URL ].
For HTML it is similar. The tag, altogether, is done like this:
<a href="(insert url here)">(text for link here)</a>.
If you wish to link to an e-mail address the process is similar:
<a href="mailto: (insert e-mail address here)">(text for link here)</a>


If you're using tabs in your articles, there is, unfortunately, no HTML tag that covers it. However, a tag has been adapted by the management. Where you would use:
[ CODE ](insert tab here)[ /CODE ]
for the forums, for articles you would use:
[ TAB ](insert tab here)[ /TAB ]

Remember to remove the spaces when you do.

Rules And Breaks

Two final pieces for layout purposes are line breaks and horizontal rules. I will not be using example BBdoe for these.

The code for horizontal rules is <hr>. This tag does not need closing.

The code for line breaks is <br>. This tag does not need closing. Also, while this tag is necessary to break up text in HTML pages, it is not necessary in articles. At the end of a paragraph press enter twice. You now have the perfect space between your paragraphs for the archives.


Finally, if you would like to test how your piece looks in html, here is a guide to doing so.

1. Copy this piece into notepad.

(copy your article into this location)

2. Save the file as 'test.html'

3. A file should now appear in the folder with the notepad piece named 'test.' If done correctly, it should be an internet file. Open it up to see how your piece looks.
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