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Sewn to the breed?

I'm unable to find anything online about the topic of sewn to the breed online. Nothing about how to have a child born with a metal collarbone or anything unusual like that.

This is an unfortunate set of circumstances, I have an unusual amount of information about this topic.

To ensure that your children can be born with bow arm all you have to do is break your left forearm in half at the bone and have it healed the natural way by having the jagged edges just shoved back in to place by the same guy who broke it if you are unable to. Your children will have no articulation at the wrist, but will enjoy harder punches because of that. This will only work if you have the dry socket skeleton type, as in no bone marrow. For bow legs do this to the right leg.

There is also a way to choose the height of your child as well as arm length that works for non dry socket individuals. This is very strange.

The catholic church know much more about this than I do.

If you think this isn't true than behold the rude stone. It was rudely stoned in.

The thing at the top of the abs, that is the rude stone.
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Too old for this ****
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Originally Posted by homeless-john
I am not a bot but I do think this is the perfect opportunity for you to consider our wide range of luxury designer kitchens.
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Does absolutely none of this make any sense or am I just high?
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Dont break bones
Originally Posted by crazysam23_Atax
Is the officer going to ask for the butt, so he or she can check whether it is hot?

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Maybe it's because it's 2:30 AM, but I found this more amusing than I wanted to.
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Originally Posted by snipelfritz

Does absolutely none of this make any sense or am I just high?

stumbling onto this while high is pretty entertaining though
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Find a place and go there
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The op would be impressive if



wrote it
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Too much action

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I like reading stuff so random it has no context or relation to anything imaginable, but is still made of understandable words and sentences. So I like the OP very much.
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not so cowardly
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Originally Posted by Philip_pepper
I'm not gonna post pics of my hot mom.
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Originally Posted by Hydra150

my soundcloud
Originally Posted by MinterMan22
sickman is a butt ;-)
Originally Posted by Eastwinn
3 < 1
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