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27 inch scale

So the other day I was having breakfast with my girlfriend and I was on my phone looking at this Agile guitar:


I was admiring it on my phone while we were eating and I showed it to her. A few hours later I'm at home and I get a text with a picture of the "thank you for your order" screen. She bought me the guitar. Definitely happy about it but didn't at the time realize that it was a 27" scale guitar. I'm going to keep it since it's a gift, but I've only ever played 25.5 and 24.75 scale guitars. Will this guitar come tuned in E standard? Will stretches be impossible now? Are there any advantages? I read that this is in the range of a baritone guitar scale length. Should I dedicate this guitar to a lower tuning and buy heavier gauge strings? Thanks for any input
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Tony Done
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Interesting, the specs say it comes with 9-42 strings, and a wide neck. Since it is only one fret longer than a standard scale, it should tune OK to E standard with those strings. I bet it has a lot of "twang". Stretches could be a problem if you have small hands, but the trade-off is that playing on the high frets can be easier.

There are all sorts of string and tuning options. For example, my favourite guitar for slide is a 30" bari with 13-56 strings tuned to open D. It feels very tight, but the sound is terrific with decent pickups.
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It will probably ship with heavier strings and won't be tuned to E standard.

Stretches will be more difficult; some may be impossible.

Yes, now is the time to open yourself to trying alternative tunings.

Most of all, thank your GF and enjoy your adventure!
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Will this guitar come tuned in E standard?

Probably. I doubt they’d use .09s for tuning down.

Will stretches be impossible now?

Longer stretches on the low frets, more space to play chords higher up.

Are there any advantages?

You can tune it down to A# (WATA!) with a set of .011s. Or get some stupid heavy strings and tune down to F and play Bongripper covers. Or you can play those funky high Prince chords much more comfortably.

Should I dedicate this guitar to a lower tuning and buy heavier gauge strings?

Probably and string gauge depends on how low you want to go. As I noted above, you don’t need to get very heavy with a 27" scale until you start getting below A. But if you want a snappier—as opposed to sludgey—sound, heavier strings and a baritone guitar mix well.
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