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Question Help 7 String

hey guys I'm deciding between 2 guitars right now, an Agile 727 or an agile 725. I play a 25.5 and 24.75 guitars right now ( Fender and Gibson) but I'm worried about the 727 scale length. Im 6,3 16 years old and i have medium size hands, would those obscure jazz cords and bending pose a problem with the 27 scale? Or am I just over thing it and should just buy the 27 scale
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The 27 inch scale is a bit bigger, yes. Nothing you can't get used to, though. It's all about what tuning you're going to be in and what strings you use. If you're going to drop tune at all, get the 27, better intonation on the lows. I, however play only standard tuning with my 7, so 25.5 is good enough for me.
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You won't have an issue with a 27" scale, especially past the first five cowboy chord frets. In fact, you may decide it's much more comfortable to work with. Two stop bends are going to require a wider bend than what you'd do on a Les Paul, of course, but you'll get used to it pretty quickly. Jim Soloway is a very accomplished jazz player and builds his own guitars, and a lot of those are 27" tuned standard.

One thing you'll definitely notice is how piano-like the bottom end sounds compared to a 24.75" scale.
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It shouldn't be an issue, no. You should adjust to it quick enough, I'd imagine, especially with your height.


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I had the same issue. It seems funny for the first couple of days but you'll get used to it. Chords and bends will pose a problem for a first couple of days only. i would suggest you get a lighter gauge like 9ers to get used to the tension first and then go towards the heavier gauge should you feel so. The 27" scale is more versatile, you can tune down very comfortably and have perfect intonation on it. Go for it! Have fun!
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thanks guys you rock
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I would go for the 27". The difference isn't that noticeable in playability, but the sonic difference is due to the higher string tension.
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