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Snowblind 911
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woo. i'm getting really into fashion (no homo).

it's mid-way though spring here and it's quite hot, but i'm not really in great shape so wearing t-shirts doesn't make me feel too crash hot... so I've taken to wearing flannelette shirts with the sleeves pulled up to just below my elbow. I bought a nice Abercrombie and Fitch one the other week off eBay, and i'll be buying some more soon I think. They look good with a pair of nice jeans (can't stop wearing my Dsquared2 ones lately ) and either converses or dress shoes.

As far as band shirts go, I only really wear my Pink Floyd and the Clash ones... and both have nice prints. I bought a lovely jacket similar to the one on the first page but with a hood, but it's too hot to wear it now.

not many people are wearing them around here, which i quite like. i really hate summer fashion though, it's so bland for guys.

can anyone recommend some decent summer clothes?
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Alex Vik
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Originally Posted by CrunchyRoll
Some serious bad fashion in this thread.

I imagine a bunch of skinny guys wearing small "ironic" shirts, slim jeans, and slip ons.

Yep, that's at least 60% of the pit.
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I myself have a lot of bandshirts, and wear 'em just on an everyday basis if I'm doing nothing but sitting at home/going to school, but if I'm actually out or it's the weekend I'll go for something like, a longsleeve shirt buttoned partially with a t-shirt underneath, plaid shirt with the same setup, shirt+loose tie combo etc and all that, I actually need loads more clothes I've got not much.
I also always wear Jeans, can't get into anything else really, jeans just make the most sense.
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i play guitar
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oh yeah!
I love white guitars!
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Ziggy V
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I just rock the old school metalhead look, it suits me and I like it, so bugger ya. Band shirt, jeans or camos (jean or camo shorts if it's hot), whatever cheap shoes I happen to have at the time, sometimes a belt, denim or leather jacket if it's cold, and my aviator sunglasses if the weather calls for it.
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Ima Lick ALL The Children
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I usually wear skinny jeans with chelsea boots. Then either a plain long sleeve shirt, white tee shirt, or dress shirt + Jacket combo.

And my Tea Shades/Wayfarers.


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If I could, I'd wear a suit/business everyday.
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Joshua Carcia
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Skinny jeans, converse (black high tops or white low tops), a t shirt usually from Topman, and a hooded leather jacket.

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25 characters is not enou
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I've been looking out for like a smart top I can wear into clubs and stuff, but I can't really find any without looking like a douche whilst wearing it. Any ideas?

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Mako? Mako.
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Ehh, I usually just wear a band shirt (it needs to be black) and a pair of blue jeans. The usual 'rocker' look. I can't wear a non-black shirt, though, it just looks weird on me. In fact, anything apart from jeans and a black shirt looks weird on me.

Recently I've been trying to find a new style, or rather, a style that allows me to keep wearing what I normally do, but with minor tweaks that make it actually look good. It's not very easy, though. :\
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Originally Posted by daytripper75
I like sweet shirts like this:

I don't mean to kiss ass but I've always noticed in the pic thread thread that you're always wearing cool shirts.
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random tshirt with jeans\shorts.
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Also, I like black.
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power freak
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At the moment I'm in a two-tone sillohette sorta place; slim/tailored fit white collared shirt (sometimes switch this for a block coloured collared shirt.) Black waistcoat/cardigan depending on what I feel like, slim (not skinny/drainpipe) black trousers and a pair of chelsea boots... That's what a wear most of the time these days; I'll throw a suit jacket or herringbone long-coat over the top if needed. I might chuck a silk scarf too depending on what I'm doing.

I also like throwing more textures in the mix too (especially ones that clash) paisley and pin-stripe is a particular favourite of mine.

Oh and I only own about 2 or 3 "non-collared" shirts... And white brogues are severely underrated.

EDIT: Bowties are severely underrated too... As long as you tie it yourself and don't get those awful pre-tied things.
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All guys should wear vests, v-neck sweaters, scarves, skinny jeans, nice jackets and wayfarer sunnies.
If they did I would bea very happy girl.
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God yes.

Men's fashion FTW.

I have a FAR ranging of style.

I tend to wear nice shirts with everyday pants that people wear (Ports and Dillon Skinny Straights [they're not tight pants, they're just not wide legged]) or gym shorts.

The nice shirts I'm talking about, are Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier and Affliction.
I'm aware plenty of people hate Ed Hardy/CA, and i'll agree that 90% of the designs are absolute fail, BUT there are a few really nice ones that I own (ever seen Ed Hardy tank tops? I think not! And i've got two different ones )

And if you're aware of how both designers tend to be worn together and such, idc.
Affliction is an MMA league/team that Rampage Jackson's on.
Being an MMA fighter in the works, I feel fully obligated to rep this shit.
Besides, I wear the Affliction Royalty line, which is basically the fashionista side of it.

Anyways, I realized I barely wear anything "normal" anymore.
I tend to enjoy V-tees a lot and shirts with minor design (No Bitchassness, shirt by Sean John anyone?! )
I might follow my brother's example from me getting him into V-tees and get some from Pac Sun, and i'm not gonna lie, i'm one of those guys that thinks Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch is "gay", but secretly want a lot of things from there.
Help based on what i've discussed?

Oh, and Vans Classic styles = IMMENSE AMOUNTS OF WIN
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Live Baby Live
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Originally Posted by BK202


I for one, am floppish lol
Me lol

But nowadays, I am leaning towards wanting a toned down MJ style. No I won't be wearing a white glove anytime soon (unless for a costume ;P) but things like this

Man, dem jacketses
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express yo'self.
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Mens fashion you say?
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Here, Queer, etc.
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Originally Posted by MattAnderson111

Dickies? This is the fashion thread, bub.

Originally Posted by CFH82

I approve.

I was given a bunch of american apparel corduroy shorts, so I've been rocking those, some slim flitting khaki pants, as well as some charcoal gray pants that I got from Forever 21 (they have a mens section in some stores), as well as other stock jeans of various shades.

As for shirts, I have a wide range. Only the most indie bands, of course. I try to stray away from black shirts, though my animal collective and joy division ones are priceless. I also live for short sleeved button-up shirts, v-neck sweaters, the flannel with the sleeves rolled up, and my purple vans. I really need some better shoes though.

I met a girl who apparently interned for some companies that dressed celebs for award shows, like the Teen Choice awards and the Grammy's. She is intense, and fierce, and we consult each other over our outfits all the time. I love it.

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small tie dye shirt or other small shirt

29/30 Levi 511s

Red Hightop converse, I want yellow lowtop next
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