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Join Date: Sep 2007
Username: Skynyrd890
Sex: Male
Religion (or lack thereof): None
Nationality: American
First vegetable that comes to mind: Broccoli
Favourite band: Every Time I Die
Favourite guitar player: Johnny Cash
Favourite guitar: Martin D-35
Favourite album: Currently, New Junk Aesthetic by Every Time I Die
Best concert you've attended: Eric Church
Tea or coffee: Sweet tea or black coffee
Ever been to Spain? Nope.
Do you drink? Yes.
Do you smoke? No.
Ever taken a dump outside? Yes.
What's the weather like there? Pleasant. Mid 50's at night, mid 70's during the day.
Favourite film: The Godfather I guess.
Do you give money to hobos? No.
Ever bungy jumped or skydived? Nope.
What present did you get for your mum's last birthday? I took her out to dinner and bought her a camera she'd been wanting, as well as the other key to my version of Photoshop.
Favourite Simpsons character: Homer
Are you a virgin? No.
Record no. of faps in a day: About 6
Favourite cheese: Mozzarella
Ever had a wet dream? No
Most f*cked up thing you've ever witnessed: Seeing people kill themselves (video, not in-person)
Favourite animal: Brown bears.
Do you live on the coast? A couple hours away.
Place you'd most like to visit (inb4 "Your mum's cooch"): Colorado.
Any tattoos? Do you like them? None, and I don't care about them.
Can you lick your elbow? No.
Last thing you bought: Four boxes of ammo, a new pair of jeans, some chicken, a new pair of shoes, and strings.
Worst injury you've had, or disease contracted: Broken arm.
Clean, overdriven or distorted? Overdriven.
Have you read LOTR? No.
Ever broken someone's nose? Yes.
Favourite passtime other than guitar and fapping: Shooting competitively.
What's your dream job? Doing something I love.
First thing you'd buy or do if you won the lottery: Buy my parents a new house.
Ever jumped into the water from a large height? Nope.
Ever been in a car accident? Yes.
Flamethrower or rocket launcher? Rocket launcher.
And finally, what would you do if you woke up with a bare testicle stitched to the palm of your hand? Get my knife...
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!

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