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Heart of the Machine (Electronica/Glitch GP5/GP4/MIDI <C4C>)

So while playing around with what capabilities the sound effects and musical effects of Guitar Pro have I came up with this relatively short piece: The Heart of the Machine.

Basically it's kinda' conceptual in that it's basically following a computer's processes and infection from a virus . Yeah I thought it would be cool .

Primary influences are mostly Kraftwerk - the repetitive electronica style but I also threw in a bit of glitch in there due to the weird noises (such as the 'white noise' effect and 'buzzing' etc.).

C4C ofc .
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My solo stuff: Finlay Cable (Soundcloud)

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Haha nice mate. That's pretty neat for Guitar Pro composition.
The song was impressive as it was unique, but it's not my genre and not something i'd put on my iPod. :P

Well done.

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Absolutely beautiful... =D
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Dude, thanks for the crit. on my piece. Took me a moment to find out that you're a drummer -- or at least your info says you are on the forum -- and it definitely shows in this piece.

I'm a big fan of electronica, and I have to say that I've taken some influence from it in trying to discover sounds on my actual guitar (which is very interesting, leads to some strange shoegaze effects that give me bonerz.) But enough of that. Let's get to the crit.

Boot-up: Sounds very chilling, but also has that mechanic automation to it as well. I'm not sure if you know what I am getting at here, because these are abstracts that the music convey to me. I can't really provide any useful criticism here, other than...w00t.

Diagnostic-check/Virus Detected: Ooh, a little chill ran down my spine when it ran up to that. Still, not incredibly useful criticism to be given here.

Virus parts: Ooh, I like the little pad work there, at least, by sound alone, I assume it's pad. And the increasing use of glitchy sounds reminds me of some of Autechre's less...grating works. The only thing I find strange here is that it sounds very positive still, and not so much like there's a big problem within the 'computer' but more like there's a delusion and there are things going somewhat wrong that you can tell. Of course, this could be the intent.

Overall: The tones were very interesting, and it's particularly suited to those individuals who like to trip out while listening to electronica. I know a guy who'd cream his pants to this, the little druggie. The drums are very stable, very much like a machine, which is definitely what you are going for here, I can tell. Like I said, the viral parts seem a little too upbeat, but that's my own preference, and I don't know exactly what you were going for with this. Hell, I dunno if this is even derived from a concept, or if those are nice, fancy titles you used to separate changes within a song you just wanted to make.

Given that my subjective opinions, in an objective critique, aren't very pertinent, I'll have to give it a 9.5/10 or even a 10/10. Why? Because it's damn awesome, but I'm a critical person.

Thanks for your crit, and I look forward to more back and forths.
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Haha thanks .

Well with the viral parts I was kinda' going for irony - in that the virus is meant to be a good thing (hence the happier, soothing tone of it) and that perhaps it wasn't a bad thing as computer virus's are considered. I'll certainly be on the lookout for any of your future pieces .
My main band in which I play bass guitar: Touring Barcelona

My solo stuff: Finlay Cable (Soundcloud)
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Wow, that was very different.
I thought that was a great peace, very interesting concept and written exceptionally well.
I never thought anyone would be able to pull of a song about modern technology without making it lame and cheesey/dumb, but you've amazed me with this piece. Well done.
I also found it quite ironic that I got an error in guitar Pro during the first listening of this :|
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Cheers for the crit on my piece, I really appreciate it

Onto yours - this has got to be some of the best avant-garde I've heard. An unconventional method, a-typical instrumentation, and an amazing concept communicated even more effectively. Brilliant job from the get-go - definitely something I'd listen to frequently. The whole concept reminded me of Spastic Ink's Ink Compatible album - the one with the redneck trying to figure his computer out. :p

And to be honest, the whole piece - in terms of the programming, and the complexity and phrasing of the percussion (to which I must say, brilliant job, as it complimented the instrumentation perfectly while atmosphere while providing a definitive pulse) - reminded me very much of the Jarzombek brothers; of course, I'm thrilled!

Overall, the mixing was done wonderfully throughout, time signatures flowed accordingly and again, linked to the concept exceptionally well.
I love that the themes themselves had a very dominant atonal aspect, but remained surprisingly melodic throughout. And I also have to commend you for using recurring themes - whether it be the placement of familiar dynamics, as in first track's theme being used frequently with the other tracks complimenting and varying the concept; it definitely gave a sense of direction and familiarity throughout, while too linking the more similar components of the concept itself - and not once did it seem tedious or monotonous.

I'd go as far to say as in terms of atmosphere, there's an ethereal component (lolpun) in pair with the obvious sci-fi element of the piece. Strange, but the piece gives that impression to me. =]

On to the plus points; +1 for creative instrument names (believe, me, I chuckled heartily), and +1 more for the genuinely daring concept itself.
Overall, its a great avant-garde piece; even though you used conventional musical aspects in terms of definite time signatures and 12 tones, it was the concept, use of non-conventional instrumentation and odd structure/effects (which were composed brilliantly) that really demands recognition of this piece; again, I can't stress how brilliantly done this is!

I'm sorry I couldn't be too specific on anything, rather than praise the piece itself, but I hope this sheds some light

Thanks again for the crit on my piece, and if there's anything I can be more specific on in mine, please just let me know and I'll get back to you.

EDIT: I knew there was something I was missing! You panned the drums from 46-53, you sneaky bugger! Very nice effect there, and something I've been considering for a while now. Well done!


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It's fantastic !
Never heard anything like this, and the whole idea is very unique.
That all I can say
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Not really a crit but, this is awesome. 10/10. Loved the panning drums, I've thought about effects like that but never knew how well it works. Really good job here.
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