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The Ultimate Sex Thread - 6th Edition

Hi there Pit Dwellers.

It was decided to put the "5th Edition" out to pasture. She had served us well, but over 10,000 intrusions has left her feeling her age.

Rightly or wrongly, though I am something of a new arrival, the powers that be decided I should be the one to create her replacement.
Thus, The Ultimate Sex Thread - 6th Edition has sprung forth from my e-loins.

So here we are in a brand new, virginal Sex Thread, that has only been violated by yours truly...so far. Fear not, as although you are getting "sloppy seconds" ad infinitum, there is a distinct advantage.

Unlike the average parent, I want this virgin to be thoroughly used.

I mean I want you people thrusting in here and ejaculating your questions, queries, worries and wonders, opinions and objections; till it's positively dripping with your collective e-juices.

Cuming up are some very useful bits from the first page of the previous "Sex Thread", all posted by hugely impressive persons.

So, my wanton posters. Lube up, grab hold and aim for penetration, but remember...

No Glove, No Love!

I have checked this with Primusfan and he is happy for me to post this link, take a look everyone

It is a website that is associated with a UK TV show called "The Sex Education Show", that has experts and real people talking and teaching teenagers about the real facts of life. Very good.

So, credited at the bottom (ooh er!).

Make sure that if you're asking questions you're as clear as you possibly can be and if you're unsure of a word for something try your best to describe it instead.

Try to check through the FAQs before you ask a question though, and if you have anything to add to the FAQs please let me know.

ALSO - please bare in mind that with some of the more... personal accounts described in the FAQS shouldn't necessarily be followed like a step-by-step guide. Everyone is individual and what you should be aiming for is something that's pleasing to you both without having to think about it all. It's nicer for it to feel natural, and not forced.

Important, but often overlooked, note - NEVER flush your condoms, or just throw them in the bin. Wrap them carefully and put them in the bin.

Q: When is it a good time for me to first have sex?
Q: Female anatomy?
Q: Breaking a girls hymen?
Q: Average size of a penis?
Q: Where is the G Spot?
Q: Where is her clitoris?
Q: Anal sex?
Q: STDs?
Q: Is there any way to make me last longer in bed?
Q: The menstrual cycle?
Q: When is a girl most likely to get pregnant?
Q: Avoiding pregnancy/pulling out?
Q: Fingering my girl doesn't work?
Q: Oral sex on a girl?

Rblotnicky's advice:
Q: How do I make my girl come harder?
Q: Can men have multiple orgasms?
Q: Really good tips for pleasing a girl?
Q: I need things to try on my man...
Q: Fingering techniques?
Q: So... my girlfriend's a virgin... help?
Q: Should I always use a condom?

Q: When is it a good time for me to first have sex
Well... if you know what's wrong with this statement:

Originally Posted by evilgerbil666
Can't be bad for your va jay jay, pee already comes out of it, why not have some go back in

...then you might just be ready.

Q: Female Anatomy?
A: The entire outside of the vagina is called the vulva. The large, soft outside lips are the labia majora, while the inside, thinner and more delicate lips are called the labia minora. High up on top, inside the inner lips is the clitoral hood, which when lifted reveals the clitoris itself, which can swell and become somewhat erect when stimulated. The small opening right below the clitoris is the urethra, where urine comes out. Below the urethra of course is the larger opening of the vagina. Between the vagina and the anus is the perineum, called the ?taint? in slang (?taint the asshole, taint the vagina.?). The G-spot is about 2 inches inside her vagina; it will be a rougher than the rest of her.

Q: Breaking a Girls Hymen?
A: Some girls will break their hymen by themselves, through physical activity, a tampon, or they may not have been born with one. It will usually hurt the first time she has sex, if she hasn't broken it yet. If you're going to have sex with a virgin, you have to be very gentle, use lube or make sure not to miss out on foreplay. If she complains that it's hurting her, STOP!

Q: Average Size of a Penis?
From many sources, it's this:
5.8 (14.7 cm) to 6.3 inches (16 cm) in length and 4.85 inches (12.3 cm) in circumference.

Q: Where is the G Spot?
A: It's a soft area that is a little bit rougher than the rest of her, about a third of the way up the front wall of the vagina and best located when a woman is aroused. It pulses slightly when touched with a finger. Use a 'come here' motion with your finger to stimulate it.

Q: Where is her Clitoris?
A: It will be about an inch or 2 above the opening of her vagina. If you run your finger from her vagina, up her labia, you will eventually run into her clitoris. It will probably be covered with a hood, which you can easily pull back to reveal her clit. It will probably be very sensitive at first, so be gentle.

Q: Anal Sex?
A: First - anatomy. At the lower end of the bowel, there are two distinct circular bands of muscles, sphincters, one is located about a 1 ½" above the other. These clamp down tight to prevent the passage of faeces or gas. The mucous membrane lining of the rectum is not as heavy as the lining of the vagina, so it can tear quite easily and it does not heal as quickly as the vagina. Because of the faeces being loaded with bacteria any tear is vulnerable to infection.
The vigorous thrusting that may occur during anal intercourse can tear the mucous membrane. This can develop into an anal abscess that can become infected - more about that in a moment. Also, if your partner has any of the sexually transmitted infections, then you could get infected through the tear.
The best prevention is "don't go there". But if you do decide to try it, you and your partner must talk about it beforehand and agree on these points:
1. Your partner must be very, very gentle, absolutely no forced penetration and no vigorous thrusting.
2. You must use lots and lots of good lubrication, (anal lube, not saliva).
3. Use a well-lubricated condom without spermicide, either on the sex toy or his penis. Spermicide can irritate the rectum.
4. Never shift from anal sex back to vaginal sex without changing condoms. Faeces can end up in the vagina and cause infections.

Q: STDs?
A: A few of them: gonorrhea (treatable); venereal warts (treatable if external, difficult if up in the rectum); syphilis (treatable); herpes (treatment, no cure); yeast infection (treatable); and HIV and AIDS (treatment but no cure.)

Q: Is There any Way to Make me Last Longer in Bed?
A: Kegel exercises can help strengthen some of the muscles that control the flow of urine and are used to treat urge or stress incontinence. Kegel exercises are done as follows:
-The muscles to be exercised are the PC muscles. These can be felt by purposely stopping the flow of urine in midstream and starting again. The muscles that squeeze the urethra and anus are the ones involved.
-Remembering what it felt like to control these muscles during urination, try to contract them when not urinating. If the stomach or buttocks muscles tighten, the muscles are not being exercised correctly.
-Tighten these muscles for 3 seconds and then relax for 3 seconds.
-The exercises should be repeated 10 to 15 times per session. Do at least 3 sessions per day.

Q: Menstrual Cycle?
A: The first day of a girls menstrual cycle is the first day that she starts menstruating. Every month, one egg leaves one of the ovaries on the 14th day, on its way to the uterus via the fallopian tubes. Meanwhile, in preparation for the egg, the uterus starts to develop a thicker lining and it's walls become cushioned (the endometrial lining). If the egg reaches the uterus and is fertilized by a sperm cell, it attaches to this cushioned wall.
Most of the time the egg just passes right through without fertilization. Since the uterus no longer needs the extra blood and tissue which made up the walls thick, it sheds them by way of the vagina. This cycle will happen nearly every month until the ovaries stop releasing eggs, usually several decades later. (Menopause).

Q: When is a Girl most Likely to get Pregnant?
A: Sperm survive inside a woman for 3 days on average, with survival time up to five days considered normal. The most fertile period covers the time from some 5 days before ovulation (on day 14) until 1-2 days after ovulation.

Q: Avoiding Pregnancy/Pulling Out?

Originally Posted by Imp
A: As far as avoiding pregnancy goes, a condom and birth control is a solid combination. I noted she listed pulling out as part of it, but when using a condom try not to pull out. Assuming the condom is not already broken (you should feel the difference and know if you are at all paying attention to what you are doing) the odds of leakage from normal use are significantly less if you don't pull out. Pulling out can lead to something that will ruin your night - It popping off inside her as her muscles clamp down. When pulling out you also increase the odds of catching the back on the vaginal inside curve and that will increase the chances of leakage. Use the thing as it was designed and you will be okay.

Written by ~Popapez~ - alterations made by RevaM1ssP1ss
Originally Posted by Cal UK
...that's what Skeet always says anyway and he's a sex god.

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These two particular questions were asked a lot. The first one, written by Popapez, the second, from an *adult-entertainment* site.

Q: Fingering my girl doesn't work!

A: Try doing it a few times without going inside of her at all. just try rubbing her clit. for some girls, their clit is more sensitive than their G-spot is. its going to be very sensitive at first, so I would start by applying a good amount of pressure on her clit, but go pretty slow in circles. once she gets turned on enough, her clit will get hard and you can go faster. I would mix that up with rubbing the side of her clit up and down, or rubbing the side of her labia up and down (this feels really good too). You can go down every once in a while to lube up, then go back up to her clit. Eventually, when she's turned on, you can lift her clitoral hood and rub directly on her clit, but do it very gently because it's extremely sensitive. Just brush your finger over it, hardly touch it at all. Hopefully she will be giving you signals (moaning and whatnot) to tell you what's really doing it for her.

If you want to go back to fingering, have your index or your index and your middle fingers inside of her, but use your thumb at the same time to rub her clit. This will send her over the edge.

Once she is about to come, don't stop what you're doing. Speed it up a bit. As soon as she climaxes, you have to slow down a lot and be really gentle again because everything will be really sensitive again. She should be shaking right after she comes. Don't stop after she comes either, just go really slowly because her clit will be extremely sensitive right after she climaxes. It will still feel really good for her for about a minute after she orgasms. but after this, she will feel numb and it will not feel pleasurable for her. You would have to wait anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes before you could go at it again if you wanted to.

The biggest thing is to mix it up. You cant be doing the same motions over and over again or they will start to become monotonous. When you first start doing one certain thing on her, it will feel really good. But if you've been doing it a while, it may lose its impact. As soon as you switch it up again, it will feel really good again for her.

If you still feel like this isn't doing it for her, then you might have to get your tongue in there...

Q: Oral sex on a girl?

A: Don't rush to the vagina as soon as you're both aroused enough to undress. Take your time - it will be worth the wait and will increase her arousal tenfold. Start with her neck and shoulders. Caress, kiss and lick your way down her chest, lingering on her breasts. I can not overstate how sensitive a woman's nipples are. When you circle her aureoles with your lips or fingers, then lightly (or not so lightly, depending on her) squeeze her nipples, she'll likely feel the vibration right down to her vagina.

Not too long on those nipples though as she may get sensitive quickly and you don't want to make her squirm... yet. Kiss the soft insides of her thighs, her calves, even her feet. By the time you get down to the vagina itself, she should be primed and aching for your tongue.

Do take your time and by all means, enjoy yourself down there. Its what you've been dreaming about, right? Savour the sight, the smell, and the glory of it all. Kiss it, caress it, rub your thumbs all over the soft folds of beautiful flesh. Are you getting the picture? This is no time to rush, you're not eating an ice pop here. Its not going to melt. Be slow and thorough. Trust me - she'll appreciate it.

Don't go right for the kill by starting off licking her clit. Men are results oriented, I know, and want to make her come fast. But its not all about the orgasm, its about the journey. So slow down. Lick her outer and inner lips first, with broad, flat strokes of your tongue. Lick around the inside of her vagina and, if you like, use your stiffened tongue like a mini penis, sticking it in and out of the hole. Lick around the bottom of her vagina and her perineum. If she's comfortable having her asshole licked - "rimming" - then by all means do so as long as you're comfortable as well. Many men and women find this highly erotic. Even if she's never had it done before, ask her if shell just give it a try. Hopefully she's open-minded and will let you. You may send her to heaven this way. Now, when all this 'prep work' is done, move your tongue up to the clit and even when you get there, toy with it. Lick around the clit in circles, lick over the top, around the bottom, all before you really get down to business, which is sucking her clit into you mouth and licking it fast with the tip of your tongue until she comes.

Do play with her anus, again, providing she's okay with it, which hopefully she is. It works like this: While your tongue is dancing on her clit, rub some of her juices around her anus. This double stimulation can be very arousing to her, and she's concentrating on your tongue so much that your finger doesn't matter, it just feels good. As she gets closer to climax, continue to rub around it until she's breathing heavily, getting very close. Now, stick your finger in the little hole just a bit, as far as the first digit perhaps, no more. In my experience, there's a very good chance that this will set her orgasm off like a time bomb, bucking her hips like they were on fire. Yes, the feeling of your finger in her ass can make her cum much harder, you'll see. Don't neglect her nipples either. With your tongue on her clit, reach up, over, whatever, and gently hold her breasts. As she gets closer, circle her aureoles lightly, as I mentioned earlier. But this time, as her breathing and body language announce her impending orgasm, squeeze her nipples. Believe me, some ladies will save you the trouble and do it themselves. They know the secret, that this extra stimulation will break the bank, sending them crashing into climax at warp speed. Her moans and cries will prove me right.

Do try different positions. They keep things from getting stale as a result of repetition. If you, as a lover, always keep her guessing what's next, what's new and what's different, you'll always be at the top of her list. She'll always look forward to making love to you. If you like the standard position, on your stomach while she lies on her back with legs spread, that's fine. I like it too. I had a girlfriend who lived for this position. She tensed her legs so tight when she came she nearly cracked my head like a walnut. And I loved every minute of it. But try this: You're lying on your back while she straddles your face, essentially the "sit on my face" position. It enables her to grind her pussy into your face as hard as she likes, which is always a treat. It also lets you easily reach up and play with her breasts. Holding hands is nice and tender, too, if you?re into that. Another favourite of mine is eating her from behind while she's on all fours in the doggie position. And here's a great one: she's sitting in a chair while you kneel in front of her, happily lapping her juices. She can keep her legs spread with her feet on the floor, or place them over your shoulders. Standing up works, too, with you under her spread legs. Careful, she may go wobbly in the knees when she comes.

Don't think I forgot about the 69 position. I think it's fabulous, with one drawback. Certainly, the more aroused you get, the more feeling and passion you'll put into your end of the bargain. But the closer you get to orgasm, either you or she will lose your concentration while you focus on how good it feels to you. Not always, I've known at least one girl who would keep giving me outrageous head right through her orgasm. And you can be sure I'm licking like a madman when I'm coming. Its just great to put all your energy into pleasing her, isn't it?

Do hum. It means more than you enjoying your efforts. When you hold her clit in your lips and hum, it works like a small vibrator, which is exactly what it is. The vibrations will spread from her clit to all areas, and make her tingle like a tuning fork. It may seem odd at first, but not when she feels it. You hum, she'll sing.

When she's about to come, you know you're doing the right thing. So don't change your approach just as she's gonna blow. If you're sucking on her clit and she's squirming and shaking, her breath coming in gasps, don't suddenly switch to licking her clit with broad strokes. You'll kill the flow. If she's just about there, just keep doing what you're doing until she cums. Variety is great, but when you're about to score a touchdown, don't change the play.

Her clit, which should you know by now is like a mini penis, is the centre of her universe. So make sure that you do get the best access you can to it. How? By pulling the clitoral hood out of the way. To some degree, the clitoral hood, which protects her clit like an umbrella protects you from the rain, will move out of the way on its own. But not all the way. Therefore, take your thumb and from the top of the hood, pull up so that her lovely little clit is fully exposed. Do it in the light at first, so you can see what its like when you're in a dark bedroom, closet, prison cell, basement. You know, the usual places.

Above all, do go for it! If you remember just one thing, its to lick, fondle and suck your way to her heart. There's no downside to giving her oral sex. No taboo, no mystery. If you want to be considered a good lover, its got to be in your repertoire. You'll love it, believe me, just love it.

Any alterations by RevaM1ssP1ss
Originally Posted by Cal UK
...that's what Skeet always says anyway and he's a sex god.

Member of the official GB&C "Who to Listen to" list

I support Shay van Fani

I can supply WD Music, ABM and AllParts products to UK builders at DISCOUNTED prices!

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Yeah, coz the pit has had sex.

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I like sex. That is all.

Oh and first page
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WHAT! Can't a guy have a bath without the whole world going crazy?
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im on the first page of the sex thread!!!!11!!1

i have 150 posts in the 5th edition, i intend to double it in this'n.
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Originally Posted by murray44
Yeah, coz the pit has had sex.


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totally unimpressed you deleted my first post.

lord knows silver has a gf
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I also like sex... a lot
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Originally Posted by DieGarbageMan
totally unimpressed you deleted my first post.

lord knows silver has a gf

This. I had THE first post dammit.

Jam-packed full of usefull on-topic info aswell, it was...
Originally Posted by Rabidguitarist
Because the government would look like dicks if they suddenly started legalising substances when they've spent millions of pounds on lying to us about them.

Little do they know, they already look like dicks.
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just general tips needed really. Any help?? Cheers
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who on earth needs a guide for sex?
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I like the very first post.
I think it's time for a change.

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Yay new sex thread! Just started posting at the tail end of the last one.
is too young to be versed in such grown up ways...

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I had sex today.
And the night before, yay.
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Carry on from the last one?
I'm in your forum distracting your searches.
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Well, Its nice to help out folk in here who are having troubles , Shame no one will help me with mine
Originally Posted by Bleurgh
Same. Mine's firm like mutton. Hers was soft, like pudding.

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Rblotnicky's advice:

Q: How do I make my girl come harder?
A: I find my girlfriend will come always, but to make her come harder, I usually like to keep her guessing. I'll go slowly, then fast for a split second, hear her breathing quicken for that short period of time and she just lays there concentrating on my fingers. Then I'll pull them out entirely. Then jam them back in quickly (make sure not to hurt her) and go quickly again for a couple seconds. Then stop, and so on. Usually do that for a little while, until either: A - She seems bored with it (happens sometimes) or B - She begs me to make her come. In which case I oblige happily. I find that if I mix intercourse with clitoral stimulation then it gets her off quicker as well. But that's just awkward for me. Sometimes I'll be going at it and I'll tell her to play with her clit 'cause its hot to see. That seems to get her off quicker.

Q: Can men have multiple orgasms?
A: Yes guys can get multiple orgasms. Through the use of special herbs and vitamins guys can achieve what is widely known as "the ropes". The ropes is increased sexual pleasure, stamina, and the amount of semen produced, thus allowing the guy to have multiples - otherwise its very uncommon.

Q: Really good tips for pleasing a girl?
A: I find my girlfriend gets really turned on very easily at certain things. Nibbling on her neck is one, and sucking on it and kissing from her neck to her chest and back. Also there's a spot on her back that when I press it, she is instantly dosile... and its really quite crazy. She isn't into much clit rubbing, or licking, or anything like that, but she likes the g-spot stroking a lot so intercourse is great for her. It seems not a lot of girls are into that as much as clit stimulation. I just have a unique girlfriend.

Q: I need things to try on my man
A: Try the whole thing differently. How you lead up to having sex is a big one. For instance, if you usually just make out then lead to petting, fingering, oral sex, then onto intercourse (like most of us do I would imagine) Try something different. My girl and I do things differently and love it. Right now my favourite way to initiate with her is if were alone and laying on a couch or a bed or something and maybe watching a movie or TV or whatever, I'll just take my hands and caress her all over her body, including her chest and inner thighs etc. This will really get her going. Then after about 15 minutes of this, I start to remove her clothing. I get her totally naked and make sure we have a blanket thrown over her and then continue it, paying a bit more attention to her genitals and breasts. By this point she's dripping wet and just aching for me to f*ck the sh*t out of her. So I continue by slowly making my way down her body with my hands while kissing her head and shoulders and neck and chest and whatnot (kissing all over her body is great, makes her feels loved as well as turns her on) then I finger her 'til she comes a few times. Only after then do I remove my clothing cause right about that point she wants me to f*ck her and she basically tears my clothes off herself.

I think if you tried something of that sort on your man that it'd really get him going. Keeping in mind that males are more visually stimulated than girls, so while you touch him all over his body, make sure to give him some eye candy, (take off your clothes and tell him that he cant touch you yet... that'd sure get me going) then proceed to get his dick rock hard, once he's harder, then maybe give him a little hand job while continuing to rub him all over and whatnot, move onto a blow job or something like that. Next push him onto his back and get up on top of him and rub your pussy with his dick. I love it when my girlfriend does this. It's the biggest tease ever when she rubs her opening with my dick, getting it all wet and whatnot, but not actually slipping it in just yet. Once you've got him breathing heavily and even begging for you to f*ck him the like, you could go even further by even slipping it in a bit very slowly, then taking it out, and then doing it again a couple more times then finally going all out, but at this point that could just be overkill lol. If you don't want to overdo it then mount and assume the 'girl on top'/'cowgirl' position. I will guarantee you one hell of an orgasm from him. The key is to take your time and keep it sexy. Guys love a woman who takes charge.

Q: Fingering techniques?
A: Well for the whole fingering techniques, one thing a lot of guys have to realize is that its not rocket science, every girl has a clitoris and a g-spot (unless they've been mutilated, or came out all different to begin with)

To find a clitoris is fairly easy. Feel around and you should feel something sort of roll underneath your finger. Be very gentle and what I like to do is sort of move in a circular, sort of elliptical motion usually clockwise or something like that, changing speed and rhythm often (don't let it get boring, only keep going steadily if its really getting to her and she's obviously loving it... you will know when this happens)

G-spot locating sometimes can be tough, because on some girls its smaller than others, but its pretty much always very sensitive and likes pressure and what not. insert a finger (middle finger is probably easiest choice considering its the longest finger... make sure it's well lubricated or it could hurt her) and hook it upwards as if you were to rub the backside of her clitoris. the g-spot is usually located around here, but in some instances its located further inside the vagina, just feel about in that general area for it. You'll know you hit it because the girl will feel a nice sensation that is different from any other in there and usually it results in a small gasp, flinch, or some sign of pleasure from the girl (pay close attention to her facial features and body language). If you start on her g-spot and she seems to be liking it, just rub it quick and depending on the girl, hard. Don't give up. You will feel a burning sensation in your arm muscles, just the way it goes. Get used to it buddy 'cause in no time you will have that girl coming all over your hand, just keep at it.

I like to sort of start off on my gf with a bit of clit rubbing, using her own wetness to lubricate my fingers so it doesn't hurt. Doing things like that help to further turn her on and make her body lubricate her vagina. Then I slowly insert a finger into her. She loves the g-spot the most, like a lot of girls do. I will insert my finger entirely once or twice to make sure its completely lubricated before I start doing any g-spot stimulation to make sure that my finger is good and wet so I will not hurt her. When I find that g-spot she is usually squirming and driving her her nails into my shoulders or back.

Encourage your girl to drive her nails into your arms or squeeze you like a toy and to let it out and what not. Nothing says "that feels good" like 5 finger nails digging into your skin, and an arching back of pleasure. Once this happens, just keep it up steadily 'cause what you're doing is working well and she is almost there, if she hasn't come already. A lot of girls will let you know when they come, or if they're close.

Q: How do I have sex with my virgin girlfriend?
A: The male and female bodies are designed to reproduce, its not difficult. If it's her first time, to make it more "intimate" you should just go missionary style, which is with her laying on her back with her legs spread for you, then you go on top of her (don't crush her) and insert your penis inside her vagina. If you struggle, let her aim towards her hole - she knows where it is best - and then slowly insert it. Don't hammer it right home 'cause if she is a virgin, this could hurt and even perhaps tear her vagina. Don't make that mistake, no matter how horny you are and how anxious you are. Just go slow and if she says to stop, then by all means, stop right away. Make sure your penis is well lubricated (saliva works, if she will blow you, if not then you might as well get some vaseline... that works too, or you can buy some intimate lubricant, which is what I use. Lubricated condoms work too, but I find sometimes that they aren't lubed enough - personal preference I guess) and make sure she is well lubricated. I can't stress this enough. If you think your penis is sensitive, then picture that times 10 and you get how sensitive a vagina is. Is she's dry, feel free to head south and continue the foreplay for a while longer, or apply some of that lubricant... once you're ready insert slowly... happy f*cking.

Q: Should I always use a condom?
A: USE CONDOMS... even if she's on birth control, never do it without a condom on. Unless your trying to have a kid, then by all means go commando on it, wear one. I can't stress this enough. The best form of contraception (aside from abstinence that is...) is a condom + birth control. If you're going take the risk, be as safe as you possibly can be, or you might just become a parent.

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...that's what Skeet always says anyway and he's a sex god.

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