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thinking about quitting music...

hey all.
been feeling pretty down on music lately. havent been able to create in any way that feels good to me. few months ago my good tube amp blew out in an accident, then a few weeks later my ukulele was stolen out of my car. the whole thing has just brought me way down. I feel like music isnt as fun as it used to be, like its more of a compulsion. i think i just want to step away for a good long while. but that scares me, because its all i ever think about. i cant sleep at night because i think about the things i want to do, but am not able. i feel like if im not releasing music, i stop existing, i just lose my relevance as a person. but its not fun to make the music anymore. it stresses me out. im in that can't live with it, cant live without it kinda spot and i dont know what to do.

so, i guess why im here is to ask,
has anyone else ever tried to take a step away? what did you do, how does one live without being a musician?
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Take a week off.
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i cant remember
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dont do it man. you'll regret it at your deathbed
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yeah at this point in your life its probably not a big deal man. take a few weeks off and see if it piques your interest again and if it doesn't its not a big deal
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lol u dont have to quit just take a break.

if u dont want to do something dont do it
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First of all, sorry 'bout your ukulele and amp.

Anyway, I've managed to convince myself I'm crap at music before and almost given up many times, but then something always inspires me again and I keep playing.

I just wish I didn't hate my piano.

EDIT: Also one time I took an entire week away from both playing and listening to music, it actually helped a lot.
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Like other people are saying, take a week or two away and then come back to it. If it's something you love doing then you aren't going to be able to give it up for long. You are frustrated now but that will pass and I'm sure you'll find yourself going back to music!
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I'd say maybe back off for a while and stop taking it so seriously. Try to make it fun again. Make silly funny songs, remember what it is to play music.

I've been struggling with expecting way more from myself than I should, seeking perfection and being unable to obtain it, not feeling inspired and only being able to come up with anything by grinding away at it in a way that feels more like work than fun and still not coming up with anything complete. Basically, I've just backed off. I still play, but instead of hours a day I might pick it up for a little while every few days and I've got some friends that I just jam with once a week or so. Nothing super serious, just us having a good time playing some classic rock and stuff, and every once in a while when I feel like it I'll sit down and work on something by myself and really work my way through something.

You don't have to quit, you can just decide that you don't have to take it super seriously if that's not what you want. There's nothing wrong with that. Or, if you still want to go at it super strong, maybe it's time to pursue other directions with your music. Get into other styles, try some jazz or salsa or reggae or funk or whatever, just immerse yourself in music you're not used to and try to pursue it with a more playful attitude. You can always come back to your roots if you wish and no matter what style it is it's always great to have a wider palette of musical ideas to draw from. Alternatively, you can do both. Back off a little and also start embracing other styles.
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another red nightmare
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Dick Savage
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Iv dealt with something similar on and off for about 10yrs. I reached a point to where my playing became stagnant and i was down on myself for not reaching the really high goals i had set for myself. The best thing i ever did to help myself to perservere was to just relax and take a step back for a while amd built myself another axe. And in the process of creating my new instrument i had the urge to play it everyday because it was still out of my reach. Once it was finished the thing hasnt really been put down since. It boils down to lacking inspiration amd motivation. You just need a new muse man. Find a new artist tyat you enjoy and just listen to all their works and the bug will bite you hard. Good luck man and dont ever give up in the things you want.
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Yeah just take a step away. This works for more than just music too, it's why we have vacations from our jobs so we learn to appreciate the routines we have more etc. Unless you have a straight up shitty job, in which case life's tough get a helmet
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Baby Joel
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mate you're going through a depressive mood. happens pretty often, espcially if you've got crap like getting robbed. Things are boring, but they won't always be. I'd suggest, as hard as it is, to stay very active. Go outside for walks, read a book in the park, eat a pint of gelato, etc. Gotta take care of yourself, and changing scenery and exploring around your town or stuff, pretty good way to hold you on until things start to normalise
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You should quit and pick up a different hobby.

Everyone acts like quitting something is a terrible thing, but in reality it can free you from your own perceptions of obligation. It will give you a chance to do something totally different and see if you are more passionate about that or if you even miss doing music stuff at all. And if you really miss it, you just go back to it.
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sry m8 guess u just dont have wat it takes 2 RAWK
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Dick Savage
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Most people feel quitting something is bad only if that thing your quitting is something you love amd are passionate about. Only because our judgment and our mindset can get clouded and or bogged down with the stresses of life ajd tgen we quit something we truly live while in the midst and maybe never pick it up again and then have major regrets. I think everyones goal is to not have regrets and anyone who tell you they dont have any is either ignorant to them or lying. We should encourage people to stick it out during hard times. If everyone quit when the going got tough none of us would have any heros worth talking about and there would be no sensation in achievement. So on this particular subject i personally will not tolerate any cynicism or negative attitude as its not conducive to a happy existence either musicaly or otherwise.
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you dont have to make a big deal out of it or stop all together. just play occasionally when you get the urge, and it will seem more significant then forcing yourself to. What your going through is what happens to every musician in their twenties
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I've had moments like this. Most of the time music has nothing to do with it though. I'm just depressed and don't know why so I blame music.

Sit down and actually think about what is making you feel this way.
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OP, I feel the same way.

My band got moderate success and friends changed (the most cliche change imaginable from a band that suddenly gets even slightly famous) and started treating me like crap despite me doing all the work. ie driving to gigs, writing the songs, etc. On top of that I've been studying hard to not fail out of college. In fact the work and stress even changed me from playing guitar every day to playing only when absolutely necessary. I would only even touch my electric guitar in gigs.

So I quit the band (which was hard, they used to be my best friends. I'm only cool with one of them now. It really bums me out that my friends changed.) and I've been trying to make a solo album happen but it's been hard and un-fun and uninspiring. It's like I don't even know what I want to sound like anymore.

I've been asking the same questions to myself for some time now because it felt like every time I played guitar I was forcing myself out of fear of losing myself rather than doing it because I want to make beautiful music.

I think I'll take the break that these replies have suggested. I'm so glad I'm not alone. I hope you are as well.

tl;dr it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll
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